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Operation: Lights out

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Operation: Lights Out started on the 1st of September 2010 by a couple of Anons, claiming /b/ should prove itself once more. This was done by bringing Rick's new song Lights Out to the top of the ranks and achieving general Win.
RefreshThis links to Google and YouTube were posted in threads to maximize the amount of buttrape coming from /b/. Help was asked on the other other boards but with little to no success,but generated quite the amount of lulz. Bring justice for the man who has provided us all with many lulz by one of the most popular memes.

What You Need To Do[edit]

1) Like, Favorite and Subscribe to the Youtube Video.

2) Purchase the song at Itunes or Amazon

3) Load this page For Google and this for Jewtube.

4) Share the video! Post it on Facebook, Myspace, Digg, 4chan, etc.

5) Like Rick Astley on Rick Astleys Facebook Page

6) Lightroll anyone you see, everyone must see the rebirth of Rick Lightroll'd

7) Load this Request bomber to make lights out to Guitar hero

8) Lightroll Bieber fans with this video



1. CTRL+C the URL






If each of us does this for just 10 minutes a day it would do wonders. But since we're not jews, niggers, or worse, double nigger jews, we should do this for at least 26 hours straight.


Background On the Song[edit]

Rick returns with his first single for 17 years. The YouTube video was shot at the Manchester Evening News Arena and was directed by British Comedian Peter Kay. The song was written by Andrew Frampton and Rick Astley. Beside achieving general Lulz, a lot of Anons like the song, too.


On the empty streets of this snowing town
The melting shadows fade
And the dark is creeping up on me again
In between these sheets were I lay you down
I tried to find some rest
So I reach out for the switch but why pretend.

Cause I can't turn the lights out now
I see your face
No, I can't turn the lights out now
My heart will break
Cause everything I see will end up killing me
All over, all over again so I can't turn the lights out
Turn the lights out

There's a clock that stopped ticking by the bed
The second you were gone
And it feels just like my heart stopped beating too

Cause it's hard to keep those promises
I made when I was strong
And now I'm haunted by the ghost of you

And I can't turn the lights out now
I see your face
No, I can't turn the lights out now
My heart will break
Cause everything I see will end up killing me
All over, all over again
So I can't turn the lights out turn the lights out

It's so hard holding on
It's so hard that you're gone
It's so hard holding on
Don't you know? don't you know?

I can't turn the lights out now
I see your face
No, I can't turn the lights out now
My heart will break
Cause everything I see will end up killing me
All over, all over again
I can't turn the lights out, turn the lights out

So I can't turn the lights out, turn the lights out

General Win[edit]


Rick Astley's music, more commonly known as if Chuck Norris got killed by Cthulu and was reincarnated into music, may cause spontaneous miracles and/or events related to the paranormal to the listener.

Some true stories from the video's comment page...

"I was always bummed out as a kid. I was thinking of ending it all when I heard this song. Soon after, I devoted my life to training animals. I became known throughout the world for my prowess. Anyway, I now live on Mt. Silver with my favorite Pokemon. Thanks, Rick Astley!"

"After listening to this song, I got laid 43,000 times, punched a bear in the face, became president of the world, cured cancer, and made contact with an intelligent life form from outer space. All thanks to you, Rick Astley!!!"

"I saw a white light when I was hit by a truck last yesterday. Then Rick did the lights out and I returned on earth, without a scratch."

"I was blind, but rick cured it!!!!"

"I was being killed, beaten into the ground. While I lay twitching in the corner, my attackers ask me, "Any last words?" Thinking I was going to die, I ask them if I can listen to one last song. They agree so I grab my iPod from my pocket and play this song. All of a sudden I find a new found power. I stood up and I realized I could feel no pain and my fists were red with flames. With one swift blow I knocked the lights out of both of my attackers. To this day, no one ever fucks with me"

"This song ressurected my dead girlfriend and now shes giving me a blowjob, thanks Rick Astley"

"So there I was, loaded gun pointed towards my temple. Browsing the internet hate machine for the last time, I came upon a link leading me to this video. All of a sudden I didn't have the urge to take my life. All of a sudden life had a purpose. Thank you, RIck."

"This girl I like never, ever, responds to me when i try to talk to her. Just ignores me. So I was listening to this song, trying to relax. I hear a pop up noise from my facebook. It was the girl, I practically fell out of my chair. She said shes sorry for never replying and she really wishes we would talk more. We talked for ever, as long as I kept replaying this song. Thanks Rick, I have a date tommorow at 8. Hell yeah!"

"I was in wheelchair before i listened to this song and as Rick began to sing i felt a sensation in my legs and as the chorus rang out i flew out of my wheelchair and took my first steps in 10 years. THANK YOU RICK ;)"

"Six months ago I was at an all time low. I'd lost my job, my wife left me, and life had lost all meaning. I was in the mall, buying a rope to hang myself with, when this song came on. I started to sing along, when the most beautiful woman I've ever seen approached me. She told me she heard me singing, and wants to go get some coffee with me. Now we're married, and I'm working for her dad in a job I love. Did I mention we're starting a family? Thank you, Rick Astley. You saved my life."

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