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The temple of everything wonderful about this great country

The Wendy's Superbar is made of win, obesity and your childhood.

For those too young to have ever experienced a Superbar:

Ah yes... the Superbar... Like 4 or 5 dollars for pasta with meat sauce, tacos, garlic bread, MORE tacos, MORE pasta, GARLIC bread, MORE TACOS, MORE PASTA, MORE GARLIC BREAD, MORE TACOS... And finally a little bowl of chocolate pudding to finish it off...


Anonymous, 4chan /ck/

Operation: Superbar is potentially the greatest undertaking to ever flit across the goldfish-like attention span of Anon.

Greater and beyond petty concern such as catching internet paedophiles, hacking politicians and dismantling the richest and most powerful cult in history (outside Catholicism), Operation Superbar aims for nothing less than the return of the greatest buffet the world has ever known that newfags may know it's splendor and the thin may cower in terror from their own inadequacy.

The return of Superbars, which were tragically taken from us because the company was too pussy to carry on operating a shared cuisine environment in a culture where people are suing because their goddamn coffee is too hot, represents the greatest opportunity to change the world for the better with which the internet has ever been presented. This operation is indictive of the fact that the people of teh internets are mature oldfucks.

The awesome thing about this is that it's so much bigger than Anon. Imagine if we can all get five NORPs we know who have good memories of the Superbar to lend support to this. And if you're telling me you don't know five people who thought the Superbar kicked ass, you're a fucking liar.




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