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Operation Fat Fuck

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Bobby Hill aka Steele Richardson

Late on the evening of September 7, 2009 and well into September 8th, /b/ broke free from its own cancer and joined together in what could be described as an orgy of lulz as they set out to viciously raid and ruin the life of a fat, retarded redneck named Steele Richardson. It was dubbed by the raiders as Operation: Fat Fuck, also known as Operation: Bobby Hill — given the target's uncanny resemblance to Hank Hill's portly, dimwitted son.

Crimes Against Humani-/b/

Dip: In. Dox: Out.
Bobby Hill drops his own docs.
File:Bobby Hill gay.jpg
Bobby Hill, self obsessed homo.

One wonders what would enrage /b/tards to the point that they'd mercilessly rage upon a 16-year-old boy from the shithole backwaters of the otherwise fine state of North Carolina. Long story short, it was /b/'s hatred for the ignorance and, well, do they ever need a reason? Someone had stumbled upon Steele Richardson's Jewtube account, richardson701, where the weight-challenged Wild Bill posted videos teaching people how to properly chew tobacco, or "dip". Annoyed by the slow, stupid drawl of the hick, the /b/tard posted a link to the video in a RAGE thread, and comments were made on YouTube insulting the inbred jackass. Supremely butthurt and feeling the urge to become an internet tough guy, he told Anon that if they had a problem with him, to get the fuck off the computer and fight him, man to Bobby Hill. HE THEN PROCEEDED TO DROP HIS OWN DOX, including his home address, followed by his phone number, just in case people needed turn by turn directions. What he didn't anticipate, however, was that he was inviting a clusterfuck of epic proportions that would plague him and his family all night long.

The Original Videos

Grizzly mint baby, all day long.


—Bobby "Steele" Hill

...stick it in our assholes and shit...


—Bobby "Steele" Hill

See da buh-bull? Pop da buh-bull.


—Bobby "Steele" Hill

The Raid Begins

After the dox were posted to /b/, Anon decided they'd descend upon him like the thousand nations of the Persian Empire. Shipping boxes and pizzas were ordered, his e-mails signed up for all sorts of mailing lists, and hell, some nearby North Carolinan /b/tard stumbled upon an escort service and found it in his heart to send Bobby Hill a whore. A very brave anon posted the following ad to Craigslist: "Loves to be fucked up the ass while being called 'Bobby Hill'."

You may help by ordering him more pizzas and continuously calling his house phone (see docs section). You can even record your phone calls for posterity, if you're so inclined, as someone has done so below.

Calls Recorded:

Hank gives a personal offer of a smack-down! Never mentioned his address, but don't worry we already have that. He also a nigger hater.

1st call

Hank is a nigger who was hanged for raping white women. Not Bobby's real Dad???

2nd call

FAIL caller fails at calling.

3rd call

The Docs, Posted by Bobby Hill Himself!

 His YouTube account:
His Photobucket:
His Aim: richardson701
His e-mail address: [email protected]
His MySpace:
His Facebook:
Father's MySpace:
Mom's MySpace: Closed.
Check on NC Local News

Dad Gets Butthurt

Hank Hill (second from left), as per usual, being a drunk piece of shit.
Hank Hill's reaction to the /b/tard raids.

As often happens in a raid where family phones are called, Steele's fat, drunk fuck of a father, Hank Hill, got pulled into the shenanigans and decided to ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH as he got more and more perturbed by the /b/tards. These conversations led to some very lulzy soundbites, where some callers pretended to be nigger.

I'm not afraid of a hacker, I have a friend that works for the FBI!!


—Fat Father

I don't want to have people calling and asking my wife what she is wearing!!


—Fat Father

You're not a nigger, you don't even SOUND nigger!


—Fat Father



—Fat Father

The Apology Videos

After Bobby Hill's parents got involved, Bobby Hill soon posted a very apologetic video on YouTube to try to stave off the on-going invasion so he wouldn't get grounded, spanked, or have propane and propane accessories shoved down his urethra. The apology video, which included an instance of shoe on head, had him apologize to AnonTalk, a worthy scapegoat for the escapades given their continuous spam of /b/. Of course, he had to end his video with an obscene insult, and them good ol' country boys at /b/ didn't take too kindly to that and decided to keep on raiding anyway (not like they'd have stopped after one apology video anyway).

In the second apology video, which was shot in a depressingly dark room, Bobby Hill had to perform the Truffle Shuffle from the seminal 80s classic The Goonies. Although the quality of the second video isn't as great as the first given the lighting of the room, some cinema buffs might consider it befitting as it gives a grim atmosphere that mirrors the dark events that had befallen Steele Richardson that day. This led Bobby Hill to offer a weak apology to /b/ and eBaum's while pleading for mercy. Watch as he nervously jokes and tries to retain a shred of his dignity while Truffle Shuffling.

A CHALLENGER APPEARS: (skip to 7:05)

Gallery of Raid Lulz

Gallery of Bobby Hill

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