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The 4chan wallpaper, a handy road map for beating a dead horse OTI.
Example of OC that quickly failed after attempted promotion.

Probably the most elusive thing on the internets because it requires enough brain activity to form a coherent sentence from one's own ideas and base knowledge that will be forced to endure the scrutiny of Assholes that are only looking to find a minor mistake in your reasoning. As most of the internets copy and pastes passages from Wikipedia articles as their responses, Original Content is a rare and precious resource. More rare than ivory-white dog turds, as valuable as gold is to the Jewish Male and nosejobs to the Jewish Girls, welfare, WIC and foodstamps to the single black woman working on pushing out her 6th kid, and CP to 7chan.
It's almost ironic that a medium like the internets that brags about how original and unpredictable it is can be so intolerant and unwelcome to it because it requires a learning curve to become familiar with and doesn't have the established message board hierarchy of naming one person, usually the creator or owner, the expert and every member answering back with Ditto or some other form of ass kissing designed to acknowledge the site "EXPERT" as the authorized source.

The Comfort Of Familiarity[edit]

The internet and the familiar, old meme
Nothing can be new until it gets old first. Say Arkham and most will reply Batman and not Lovecraft

Original content, or as it is referred to as "OC", is what the cutting-edge dramatician uses to generate lulz. The purest and most intoxicating lulz can only be acquired through the generation of original content. All lulz generated through documented and established methods are cut with such impurities as old meme, unfunny, and AIDS. Most attempts to generate lulz through original content fail, because most people OTI are fucktarded or aspies.
Everything was, at one time, original content, even our old friends Goatse and Tubgirl. Since the invention of the tubes the internet has been a filthy recycling ground for everything IRL. Popular culture enters the greedy mouth of the INTERNET HATE MACHINE and is mangled within the putrid bowels of legion. Out the other end comes a stream of garbled junk that becomes a repost of a repost of a repost, leading to hordes of gaiafags/newfags swimming in the collective shit of Anonymous, thinking they're bathing in the ambrosia of the gods while the rest of the internet moves on to bigger and better things. Attempts at actively promoting the creation of original content rarely work as people only want what they are already familiar with.
Original content, when used in conjunction with satire by someone with half a brain, is the anti-GRIDS. It is, therefore, what ED needs moar of. Ironically, most original content is thrown out becuase it is not an old regurgitated meme from a chan board, and winds up slipping off the end of the earth while everyone focuses on the same unfunny copypasta.
Original Content is also a term tossed around by old fags to refer to their old copy pasted memes. Like nothing will ever be as funny as typing scroll up or emailing someone a video of a dancing baby over your AOL connection.

Original Content And The Internet Artist[edit]

A contradiction of terms as nothing on the internets is an original creation whether it be Art, writing, music or poetry. The only time creativity can be seen on the internet is usually when it is there only to document something that has happened or is happening in the real world. Such examples include news sources chronocling the newest Sick fuck to go on a killing spree and posting pictures of them playing Picasso with a Hooker's inside. This week's genocide occuring in some piece of shit, fly bitten, starving African country along with pictures to document the human rights violations along with articles that somehow make it America's fault or news about the next block busting movie from Hollywood.
Creativity on the internet, or its lack there of can be summed up in 5 categories. Outright Plagiarism, the mashup, the homage, the top ten list and porn.


See Tracing

Are you a lazy ass, self entitled, Daddy's Boy piece of shit that lacks talent, imagination and the common sense that G-D gave to even the dumbest of retards but wants to be recognized as a creative genius by using other people's work but will ultimately ruin their name for all time while getting themselves unofficially black-listed from ever being allowed to work in the creative fields like Nick Simmons? If you answered yes, than Plagiarism is the creative answer for you.
In the internet art world plagarism is called tracing or recolouring, tracing and recolouring is pretty much the staple of the internet art world as this how many so called internet artists, like Doopie DoOver, DeterminedToDrawUT or any random person calling themselves an artist on the internet, make their shekels E-Whoring for money on patreon and DeviantArt. By offering MS Repainted and flipped images with a copy and pasted image inserted so they can say that this is an original image with a straight face, idiots are willing to part with their hard earned money because they actually believe they are helping these people MAKE IT when all this is is an elaborate scam to shit out a couple of images every month for $25 donations because they refuse to work.
While this might be a widely accepted practice on the internets for begging purposes, the only originality that does come from tracing is the lulz it creates from all the animosity and resentment generated from the butthurt felt by all frustrated kiddies when someone actually succeeds and makes it mainstream from tracing. Like a bunch of distressed, angry, fat girls looking to get revenge on the prom queen for being thin and pretty, these failures can't stand the idea of someone succeeding by using the same techniques that they are and so have to sabotage them at any and all costs by exposing them as the fakes they are.

See Nick Simmons

Gallery Of Tracing About missing Pics
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In MUSIC, plagiarism is most oftenly refered to as sampling or Rap. This is when you lift a piece from a song and claim it as your own creation, or like the DeviantArt kids and tracing, you add an extra beat or two, thinking that you've made it sound like something new and differant so you can claim it as your own original creation.
A good example of this would be Vanilla Ice lifting from the Bowie/Queen collaboration Under Pressure and trying to claim it as his own.

Since a lot of Money is invested in acquiring corporate music libraries, such as the Beatles library and a return on their investment is expected, you will get your ass handed to you and have every penny taken from you as over-educated Jewish attornies take you first to court and second - to the cleaners for no other reason than just for the lulz like they did with De La Soul when they took them for over 2.5 Million Dollars for their unlicensed sampling of the Turtles song You Showed Me.
Rap "artists" tried to whine and cry saying that if the music business has its way it will kill the creativity of Rap music but as best said by Mark Volman from the Turtles,

Sampling is just a longer term for theft. Anybody who can honestly say sampling is some sort of creativity has never done anything creative.


—Mark Volman

If you do insist on sampling, expect to see some original ideas such as getting held out from a window 35 stories in the air by your ankle by a big ass, angry, steroid shooting, recently released from prison, corporate ape that introduces himself to everyone as Shug.

In Writing, plagiarism isn't the worst thing you can do. Original Content is, perhaps, the worst sin a Journalist can committ working for a News Source.
Stephen Glass is probably the most famous for this as when he was writing for The New Republic he outright fabricated stories. He tried to convince the public that he was in on a teenage computer hacker that was holding a company hostage and making demands like a Ferrari, a lifetime subscription to Playboy and a million dollars to free their computer network back to them while the company's executives ran around kissing his ass and answering his every demand.
While this bit of FICTION might have gotten past the lazy, fact checkers at The New Republic and convinced all the Old people that it's because of hackers that everything costs so much more these days, it was groups like Anonymous, or anybody who knew anything about the internet and computers, that saw Glass' article for the imaginary piece of shit it was and called foul. By explaining the glaring obvious mistakes in his article that this "So Called" 1337 hacker was making, such as being dumb enough to use AOL for their email account and Glass' claiming that there was a huge, 1337 hacker convention at a convention center that happened to be closed on the day he named and no one seemed to remember - especially the Convention Center's employees, Stephen Glass was called out for being the liar he is.
What lesson should we take away fron Stephen Glass? For starters, IF YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE SOMETHING UP KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT! Stephen Glass sabotaged his career pretty much the same way Nick Simmons did and went Completely Batshit Crazy just like the before mentioned when he was caught, calling it a conspiracy and even going so far as accusing The New Republic editors of rewriting his article before print to set him up because they were jealous of his talent.

The Mash-up[edit]

The Mash-up is probably one the more original techniques in the internet's tool box for creating Original Content in that if it is done right, it is almost invisible but when it is done wrong, a lot of lulz can be had and butthurt caused from pointing it out.
Let's say you're Nickelodeon's Butch Hartman and you really love Neil Gaiman's Death Chick but the Bastard won't lend you the rights to use her. Just mash her up with another character you like and you have a totally original character. It doesn't matter if people can see it's origins like Death's make up style, Gene Simmons' boots or penchant for wagging his tongue because this Original Character has the excuse of being based on more than 1 character and if the writer or creater is smart, they will admit to the mash-up when asked, saying that they are and have always been huge fans and it was done as an HOMAGE.

Take Neil Gaiman's Cute little death girl.
Put her in Chris Chan's hug box and smash her together with Gene Simmons
And like Butch Hartman, you get Ember McLame

On the other hand, let's assume you're a retarded High School student and were giving the assignment of creating an original character. You like Sonic and Pikachu but the teacher won't let you use them because they're not your property. Use the mash-up and you have the totally original character of Sonichu.

Take an unheard of video game character
Use polymerization to combine it with another unheard of character
And boom, you have the world famous Sonichu

See Sonichu
This is the mash-up gone wrong not because it is more than obvious of the origin of its creation but because it relies so heavily on the original source material to exist as a character that it can only, at best, be referred to as a parody.
As the internets is populated by 98% Autistic fuckwits and the remaining 2% consists of all around cynical bastards looking for something to point at and make them laugh, the biggest mistake anyone can make is to go online and actively defend such a Hell Spawn of a creation. Unfortunately, like every meme on the internet, this is another old and played out drama that's only still relevant because Web Kiddies like Super Planet Dolan think they are being so new and doing something original on the internet by trying to reignite an uninspired, overdone, tired and cliche meme that makes everyone yawn because they missed their chance to be a part of it when it first appeared back in the days of dinosaurs and dial-up modems.

The Top Ten List[edit]

The Top Ten List is what you do when you have enough ethics to know better than to steal and are smart enough to know that you lack enough artistic talent to fake it enough and convince people that your tracings are your own original creations.
Why it remains popular is because of the ease of creation. No real talent is needed. In the case of doing a list of the Top Ten Sailor Scouts, all you need are a couple of pictures, a short bio of the character and you can rank them however you want. In the case of the educational video where sites like Super Planet Dolan and WatchMojo.com try to convince their viewers that they can do more than make idiotic videoes rating such injudicious topics like "The Top Ten Underaged Actors They'd Like To Fuck" by becoming inspired by Science Channel or NOVA specials like, What Would Happen If The Earth Were Captured By A Black Hole? Or, What Would Happen If The Earth Stopped Rotating? and creating their own version of it.
For them, this serves two purposes. One: The episode pretty much writes itself as all they need to do is take a 55 minute Science Channel episode and reduce it down to the most important and relevant information. Second: If they're ever called on plagiarism, they get to say, "They already had the idea but found the episode when they were doing research."
Top Ten Lists and their bastard children - the educational show are in short the Special Education version of copy and pasting a Wikipedia article to turn in as a report You were assigned.


Are you a sick as shit, Slime bag, fuck up with no scruples, talent or imagination but you sure as shit love Money? Then PORN is more than likely right up your creative alley.
As it takes very little imagination, most porn is usually based on a movie the producer liked, say Jaws, and gets rewritten to be about a whore with steel dentures getting revenge on the football team that raped her in High School by biting their dicks off one by one. If that requires too much creativity, then you can always refer to the old stand-by plots of the Pizza Boy, Plumber or The Cable Guy and film 45 minutes of fucking after a short exposition. If that's even too much for you, you can just sign up for a live chat and charge people to watch as you schlick.
Porn doesn't need a plot, making it the go-to genre for the uneducated, jobless fuctards on DeviantArt and Patreon trying to Whore out a living by selling pornographic comics and images to horny pre-teens over the internet because who really wants to understand the why of Sailor Moon's cat fucking her 3 ways to Sunday when all they just want to do is just jerk off to it.
Like all other things, originality is the enemy of porn and should never, ever be attempted. Like a Fanboy or SJW writer trying to introduce a Mary Sue character into a popular comic, any attempt at change will be met with anger and hate.
If you want to see how irate fetishists can be about their porn, go ahead, be original and include other fetishes. Give the Furries an introduction to the latex or diaper fetishes and see how they react.
Porn has found a safe home on the internet because like the meme it is collected, sanctified and passed around a million times over with every person who has ever looked at it thinking they are the first in the world to have ever seen it and have to send it out to their entire address book.
2 Girls 1 Cup wasn't even a thing until it had become a cliche by inspiring like minded productions such as 2 Girls 1 Finger, 2 Girls 1 Pitcher, 1 Guy 1 Jar or 8 Girls No Cup and is still used by web kiddies as a gross out video unaware that anyone who was on the internets when Obama was first elected to office in 2008 has already seen it and all the other videoes that have copied it's concept.

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