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Osomatsu is a cartoon from the 60s, which got a sequel in the 80s, and a third series in 2015. The series stars the sextuplets Osomatsu Matsuno, Karamatsu Matsuno, Choromatsu Matsuno, Ichimatsu Matsuno, Jyushimatsu Matsuno, and Todomatsu Matsuno (In descending birth-order).

Osomatsu-san (2015)[edit]

The Matsuno brothers are all grown up and now have individual personalities, but they're all virgin NEETs. Choromatsu always talks his brothers down for not looking for work, meanwhile he only pretends to look for work and just faps. During Jyushimatsu's adolescence, he completely lost it. All six of them have fallen into the "Black world of Demons", the "Shitty Dark Hell" caste of society.

The Shitty Sextuplets[edit]

Osomatsu - The Red Ranger. Has no actual character traits other than being the oldest.

Karamatsu - Painful.

Choromatsu - An Idol Otaku with a Jiishiki-Raizingu (Rising Self-awareness) and several masturbation-based nicknames.

Ichimatsu - Furry who pretends to be emo.

Jyuushimatsu - Baseball enthusiast who's completely sane.

Todomatsu - Otherwise known as 'Totty'; Todomatsu is a social media addict with a fetish for belly-button wrinkles.

Other Characters[edit]

Totoko Yowai - The north of the Matsunos' dick compasses.

Chibita - Oden-stuffing dwarf.

Iyami - "Sheeh"

Hatabou - Manchild billionaire who rapes people with giant flags.

Dekapan - Scientist who frequently wanks.

Dayon -


The girlymatsu's are shitty genderbend versions of the Matsunofags

Osoko: She's a buisness woman who's bitchy

Karako: Tan. She smells like a sack of shit. Bet she sells her dirty panties to Jyushik.

Choroko: An annoying Fujoshi.

Ichiko: Exactly like Ichimatsu except her breath stink.

Jyushiko: A wanna be nigger

Todoko: Exactly like Todomatsu. For whatever reason tumblr thinks she's a tranny.


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