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Take him away Danno
Otto wants to say he did it for the lulz but dying for a piece of shit poster like this ain't worth it. Ever

Otto Warmbier (his last name is pronounced Warm-Beer) was an over indulged retarded Americunt from Southern Ohio who felt that, when all his classmates were going to European countries like Germany and the Netherlands to celebrate their graduations from High School and recent hire by their parents into the family business, as a Capitalist Jew he felt he'd be safest in communist countries like China and North Korea because, historically, Communists have always taken such good care of their Jews.
He wasn't in North Korea for more than five minutes before he felt the need to live up to the cliche of a Greedy Jew and was quickly banhammered by North Korean police when he tried to join other Stupid Ass Ohio alumni like Michael Fay, when he stole a propaganda poster of Kim Jung Eun.
The North Koreans quickly sent him to a Fun Camp full of games like sleep deprivation, drugs, water boarding, electric shocks and "I bet you'll be hungry enough in 3 weeks to eat that". He was released 18 months after his arrest and died on 19 June 2017 to become a martyr to libtards who have changed stance again and are now blaming Obama and his policy of kissing North Korea's ass for Otto's death. They can now be heard tapping their bongs in unison on the White House lawn demanding that The Great God General strike North Korea with his electrified, palm of death.

Otto Warmbier was only in prison for 5 minutes when Kim Jung started singing this to him



Possible CIA Connections

What kind of information can an untrained, 18 year old SJW visiting third world shitholes on their parents credit card even discover about a secrative country like North Korea other than how many shitty Tv Channels they have running "You Too Fat. Why Kim Jung Eun needs you to starve for North Korea" early morning exercise propaganda or how fast it took them to get the runs after drinking the water? Better techniques like America's nanobot eavesdropping devices are in use and have been dropped on that country from satellite since the 60's when JFK prioritized it with his domino theory. Even better, China has been hosting a pay website for world governments to watch. For the low, low price of 10 million American Dollars a month they can watch China's comedy site titled, The Laughable State Secrets of North Korea. At 5 million American dollars and 10 thousand rolls of toilet paper an month, there's the still popular Russian web series of World's Dumbest State Leaders And Their Secrets but most people will agree it has gone downhill since the loss of Danny Bonaduce.
If Otto had any connection to the CIA it would have been as a dead agent, where his goal would be to go to a country and die in a horrible way to upset the American population, mostly those with liberal sensabilities to bring about a change in policy, but let me repeat, Overindulged, rich, Americunt libtard. The days of the rich making sacrifices are way over. There are no more actors like James Stewart and Clark Gable who have pride in their country and join the military at times of need like war and actually fight. Now all we get are so called heroes like Trace Adkins and Tom Hanks who think singing a song for a commercial to get his cut from a corrupt veterans group or starring in a movie about military urban legends is somehow equal to a soldier fighting in a foreign land.

Look at this smile. You only get a smile like this pleasuring yourself to torture porn


How you say we bad? We take Otto see Dennis Rodman. He watch brack man jump with ball.


—Kim Jung Eun on Warmbier's treatment

Otto Warmbier's Father Tries To Shift The Blame

"He used the word free," Fred Warmbier, Otto's, father said suggesting why his son would want to go to North Korea. "The sales man was just so slick. He knew all the right words to draw my son into making a bad decision. This company wanted to make North Korea look safe and civilized to the world but they needed people to go there. So enter the slick sales men with their unresitable words like free and reduced cost."
Still looking to shift the blame off his son Fred continued, "It's that worthless nigger president. If he had any balls he would have went in there and saved him. But No. For 18 months all his administration told us was not to bring up our son. They were taking care of it. They said they were bringing him home. If the mighty giant slayer and bare hand warrior were President, I would still have my son."

Interesting Facts about Otto Warmbier

  • All around cliche evil Jew. Sent more money to Israel than he ever paid in taxes to The US. Has been to Israel every year on Kibutz since he was 13. If he had actually stuck with Israel and not gone fanboy hoping to get the Asian gash he would still be alive.
  • His parents actually offered obsene amounts of money collected from friends for their son's return. Like most rich people, they responded with the predictable WHO? when asked about other Americans being held as prisoners in North Korea.
  • Forever disappointed his mother when he graduated High School only second best.
Most fanboys want to believe that all Korean girls look like the girls from 4 Minute. This is what they only want you to see. Like the rest of the world, 90% of their women consist of fat, toothless hags that have no idea what a bikini wax is.
  • Otto's friends have suggested that his fascination with the K-Pop Group 4 Minute may be the reason why he went to North Korea, unaware that North Korea's idea of beauty is more slant eyed, yellow and the women having horizontal vaginas because they are not trying to cater to a Western audience.

Kim Jung Eun is a fag.


—Otto Warmbier's last words

If video game legends are true, he will have his revenge.

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