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Alright! PAW Patrol is on a roll!


—Ryder's signature chanting

This is the PAW Patrol.
Future Furry in training.

PAW Patrol is a Canadian CGI animated show from the same guy who brought you Bob The Builder for Nickelodeon. The show is basically like any other cartoon featuring talking anthropomorphic animals and was likely made to create more furries and other stupid shit like that. Somehow, it managed to become very popular to the point of being yet another cash cow for the same network that already milks another popular cartoon. The show, despite being aimed at preschoolers is yet another target for autistics, pedophiles, and babyfurs.

Besides creating the next generation of furries, this show's only other purpose is to sell toys even though that's quite obvious by the design of the characters. The show tries hard to be educational, but ultimately it only exists for those two reasons as just explained. PAW Patrol was also likely created as an excuse for Keith Chapman to show off his "inner furry" side without getting butthurt. That or he knew that talking dogs combined with other stupid shit would equal to more profit.

What the show is about[edit]

Premise of each episode[edit]

The show takes place on Adventure Bay, a town which is basically full of idiots who clearly have no idea how to manage it. Each episode revolves around six rescue dogs (or as the show likes to say "pups") lead by a young boy named Ryder who despite his young age somehow has the skill to solve ALL of the town's problems while taking care of the pups. Each pup is supposed to resemble some real world job like that's creative and that said pup owns each of their own vehicle. Ryder gets a call, sends the pups to do the job, and that's pretty much every episode in a nutshell.

Catchphrases of the PAW Patrol[edit]

Each member of the Paw Patrol has their own "catchphrase" which say they in every episode.

PAW Patrol, ready for action, Ryder, sir!


—Chase, the police pup says this line every time they meet to do their "missions".

I'm fired up!


—One of Marshall's catchphrases.

Don't lose it, reuse it!


—Rocky's catchphrase.

Rubble on the double!


—As clearly stated, this is obviously one of Rubble's catchphrases.

This pup's gotta fly!


—Skye's main catchphrase.

Let's dive in!


—Zuma's main catchpharse.


The PAW Patrol[edit]

Description picture

A 10-year-old boy who apparently lives on his own and takes care of everyone's problems. He's an inventor kinda like that other genius kid Nickelodeon owns and is pretty much the only human in the show with a brain.


Known as the "police pup" and the main lead of the PAW Patrol, Chase is a German Shepard who is Ryder's main "partner". He is by no surprise the pup who is chosen the most often. Some fans say he has a crush on Skye for some fucking reason.


The fire pup who by no fucking surprise is a dalmatian. Is very clumsy and is often there just for "comedic" reasons.


The construction dog who is a english bulldog. One of the youngest members of the PAW Patrol and is yet another character who is there for the sake of comedic relief, And snowboarding-related bullshit.


This pup serves as the recylcing dog and is a gray and white mongrel. He is often afraid of water for some reason.


Serving as the "aquatic rescue dog" (in other words the water dog), Zuma is a chocolate laborador who "loves getting wet" unlike Rocky


This pup serves as the aviator and was previously known for being the sole female member of the PAW Patrol. Feminists used to bitch about her being the only female until Everest was introduced.


The snow pup who is obviously a husky. One of two of the members of the group not to live directly with Ryder. Parents of greedy children bitched about Everest toys not being made as soon as she was introduced until they were released about 8 months after she was introduced.


He often serves problems in the jungle and is yet another member who is only called for such emergencies. He is a brown and white chihuahua.

Robo Dog:

Some robotic dog that Ryder himself invented. Doesn't serve much purpose though.


Other Characters[edit]

Description picture
Cap'n Turbot:

Some biologist who is often at sea and calls the PAW Patrol constantly. Sometimes is even considered a "member" despite not being directed involved in every mission.

Mayor Goodway:

The idiotic mayor of Adventure Bay who obsesses over her "pet" chicken Chickeletta. Often has a butthurt rivalry with some other mayor in the show by the name of Mayor Humdinger.

Mayor Humdinger:

Essentially the main "antagonist" of the show. Owns a bunch of kitties which he called the "Kitty Catastrophe Crew". Often the cause of many of the problems the PAW Patrol has to fix.


A young tomboyish girl who operates the Adventure Bay Pet Parlor. Basically, she's the one who cleans and grooms the PAW Patrol. Katie also owns a cat named Cali. Like Chase and Skye, some fans like to ship Katie and Ryder together even though it's obvious that they are just kids.

Alex Porter:

Your typical averge little kid and the grandson of Mr. Porter. Very rambunctious and impatient and loves school for some reason. Despite being a human, he likes to imagine himself as part of the PAW Patrol.


Some dude who claims himself to be a great snowboarder. Owns a ski resort which is conveniently called "Jake's Mountain". He also happens to be the owner of Everest who lives with him despite being a part of the PAW Patrol.

Farmer Yumi and Farmer Al:

As their names clearly state, this couple happens to be the farmers of Adventure Bay. Yumi, while clearly being a farmer also happens to be the pups' "Pup-fu sensei". Both her and Farmer Al usually do what every typical farmer does including caring for livestock and growing crops. As with the rest of the adults in the series, they are one of the main people who ask for the PAW Patrol to help them. Usually because their livestock won't cooperate and listen for some fucking reason.


Ryder's 10-year-old pen pal who lives in the Jungle and like Ryder likes to go on adventures. Much like how Jake takes care of Everest, Carlos is the caretaker of Tracker. Aside from that though, Carlos isn't that interesting of a character.


The Fandom[edit]

As with many cartoons aimed at a younger demographic, Paw Patrol is yet another example of a show that is obsessed by autistic basement dwellers who are into other shit like My Little Pony, Furries, and the other Nickelodeon cartoon with a cancerous fanbase. As such, Paw Patrol has it's own share of cringey fanfics and other shit you'd expect from these kind of people. Some fans also like to say Chase and Skye are a couple even though the show is for fucking preschoolers. Of course, this comes as no surprise since shipping fictional characters is nothing new and only proves how autistic these kind of people are.

Marshall Gone Missing[edit]

This specific fanfiction is quite well known to most people who know what Paw Patrol is. As the title pretty much sums it up, it's just a fanfic about Marshall running away and shit like that. For some fucking reason, it became quite "popular" with fans of the show because of how much they love Marshall and feel he doesn't get loved enough by the rest of the PAW Patrol even though that obviously isn't true because it's a kids show. Archive today-ico.png If you are interested in reading it, click this link. Encyclopedia Dramatica is not responsible for the AIDS you might have gotten reading this.


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Videos relating to the fandom[edit]

Yes, creepypastas of Paw Patrol exist.
How the fuck did this get over 32 million views?!
YouTube Favicon.png Pkrussl explains more of the Paw Patrol cringe on DeviantArt
Seth Green is a huge fan of Paw Patrol, And sand-nigger cats.

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Some Notable "Fans"[edit]

Videos Relating to the show[edit]

Theme Song to Paw Patrol
Jim Gaffigan if he was on Paw Patrol.
The show became so popular it got it's own TV Movie somehow.
The typical kind of toys that Paw Patrol promotes to kids.
This kind of shit makes up a big part of the YouTube channel.
Just an example of what goes on in a typical episode of Paw Patrol.
Yes, this is a real thing.
Birthday party today, furry cons tomorrow.


PAW Patrol Shit About missing Pics
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