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OP pic. The Roadmongler.

PLEASE RESPOND came from a joke user named Nick 710 wanting nothing more than to become close with a girl in his trig class. The post was actually copypasta from LUE. It appeared on /b/ on January 22, 2008 at 4:49pm

The Post[edit]

mybrotherisdu (6:28:38 PM): What's up, this is Nick from trig class.
XXXXXXXXXX (6:30:02 PM): oh heyy nick!
mybrotherisdu (6:30:11 PM): Need any help with math?
mybrotherisdu (6:30:19 PM): Or anything else?
XXXXXXXXXX (6:30:54 PM): nah i get it now
XXXXXXXXXX (6:30:59 PM): thx to you
XXXXXXXXXX (6:31:02 PM): =)
mybrotherisdu (6:31:20 PM): I do what I can.
XXXXXXXXXX (6:32:15 PM): haha
mybrotherisdu (6:32:26 PM): So, what's up?
mybrotherisdu (6:33:09 PM): How was your day?
mybrotherisdu (6:35:47 PM): Please respond.
XXXXXXXXXX (6:35:56 PM): it was good
mybrotherisdu (6:36:56 PM): Is your internet lagging?
XXXXXXXXXX (6:37:00 PM): for a monday atl east
mybrotherisdu (6:37:02 PM): I can help you fix that.
XXXXXXXXXX (6:37:39 PM): no im just a lil busy atm
mybrotherisdu (6:37:50 PM): Oh, sorry.
XXXXXXXXXX (6:38:12 PM): lol nah its ok
XXXXXXXXXX (6:38:18 PM): nothing major
mybrotherisdu (6:38:26 PM): Oh.
mybrotherisdu (6:45:03 PM): Hey, well btw I passed my driving test today and I'm going to get a car this weekend.
XXXXXXXXXX (6:45:13 PM): heyy i gtg
mybrotherisdu (6:45:14 PM): In case you ever need a ride somewhere.
XXXXXXXXXX (6:45:21 PM): nice talking to you
mybrotherisdu (6:45:23 PM): Oh.
XXXXXXXXXX (6:45:26 PM): bye
mybrotherisdu (6:45:34 PM): Well I'll see you 7th period tomorrow!
XXXXXXXXXX signed off at 6:45:36 PM


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