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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
PMRants protecting his virginity.

PMRants (aka Phil Mason) is exactly like your average YouTube vlogger. He does videos on pop culture which includes doing videos on American Idol and more irrelevant stuff. He also finds it acceptable to make rant videos on 12 year olds. In context this is a man in his early 20s ranting about people who haven't even hit puberty yet. After doing a video on a popular YouTuber he does a follow up video responding to the feedback of the video. Knowing that the video is going to be controversial, he tends to do these videos consistently. In order to keep being relevant he does videos on the hip trendy things even going as far as to become a movie reviewer. This way he is able to talk about the current movies and is still able to make money. In recent years, he has shifted away from reviews and now mostly rants about topics that everyone already talks about way too much, like music, religion, politics, and modern technology.

YouTube "Career"[edit]

Phil fits the exact criteria of a ranter which includes being overweight, being pissed off all the time and never laughing at anything or even smiling at all, overusing the F word (we mean both "fuck" and "faggot") just to look badass, having messy hair, being a massive CBS and TheAmazingAtheist fanboy, shitty thumbnails and thinking his videos mean something. This is proven by the fact that he has acts like a bigshot and even has a "How To" video on his channel which shows you all of the steps in becoming a terrible ranter like himself. This ego started after being plugged by two shitty ranters leaving him with a bigger fanbase than the two of them. Despite what many of his fans would like you to believe Phil's videos take little to no effort and look poorly made. This is even more lulzy given how PMRants films on a professional camera and still winds up making shit quality videos. Phil started off doing videos (for or against) popular YouTubers in a desperate attempt to get popular while throwing in some videos talking about movies here and there. If you were lucky he would change it up by doing a rant on a musician which would include a lot of hyperbole and personal attacks while trying to act morally superior. All of these lulzy attempts at trying to be YouTube famous makes him a certified lulzcow.

PMRants teaches you how to rant.
The reason why Phil is still a virgin.
PMRants and CammehYaBams beating a dead horse.
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PMRants finding and using a thesaurus. (1:03)

The Top 10 Worst Youtube Channels that Everyone Watches[edit]

In both of these videos PMRants not only paves the way for videos of chubby teenagers copying him but also picking the obvious choices. Both of these videos are predictable and unimaginative making this video no different than the chubby teenagers that copy this video. He even admits in his video that his video was a rip off of Marc Mues's Top 10 Worst YouTubers. Making his fans rip off's off a rip off. Ironically enough the reason he says he didn't want to include Fred in the video was that no one cares about him anymore while including Justin Bieber, CopperCab and The Annoying Orange on his list. Since Phil doesn't comprehend irony (or never will) both of these videos will stay up on YouTube along with all of the rest of his videos.

Responding To Stupid Ass Comments[edit]

NOTE: He's a Macfag.

In a desperate attempt to appeal to his idol, PMRants decided to steal his series "Let's All Laugh At Fanboy Comments" and rename it to "Responding To Stupid Ass Comments" so he can't get sued for plagiarism. In these videos he goes over comments written by haters and responds to them in a joking and often aggressive way. He also exclusively focuses on the stupidest comments to reassure himself that his haters are only morons. He tries to add a comedic slant to his videos. This is when he finds a comment that he knows he can't refute so he decides to make fun of the way they misspelled certain words, insult their intelligence or make a joke to avoid having to respond to criticism. The reaction to this series has been mostly positive and even got noticed from Tobuscus. Further proving that the only people who watch those videos are his 12 year old fans.

Fucking Disgusting[edit]

Loose Skin[edit]

Being a fat fuck his entire life Phil had enough of the hurtful comments being made about him online so he decided to shape up and attempt to do some physical exercise. Being a total fucking idiot Phil didn't know how to manage it and ended up losing weight too fast. The result is disgusting, sagging skin which only normally starts developing when you're well past age 40. These are the photos you don't want to end up being online...

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Pooping His Pants[edit]

Gotta go fast.

Most normal people wouldn't do videos confessing to having problems going to the bathroom ... then again, who said PMRants was a normal person? According to himself he has trouble getting to the bathroom on times and has even admitted to shitting his pants. This only adds to our suspicion at ED that Phil Mason has a diaper fetish. In his video explaining that he has rampant diarrhoea he compares his struggle to Sonic The Hedgehog drowning. Giving us some more lulzy material he explains how he gets terrified socializing because he doesn't want to poop his pants in public. Nobody knows why Phil is worrying as he barely leaves his basement in the first place. Phil says how he combated this was by taking Steroids which lowered his immune system but managed to make him poop his pants less regularly. Our best assumption is that due to his lack of social skills he doesn't understand that telling your YouTube audience that you're depressed because you poop your pants might not be the brightest idea since it is the easiest thing to make fun of. Phil is practically begging people to make fun of him at this point with all of the material he puts out there himself. We wouldn't be surprised if Pamperchu is a fan of his videos or vice-versa.

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