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PROJECT CHANOLOGY/Feb10 Media Archive is part of a series on

Project Chanology

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Breaking News[edit]

Shawn Lonsdale, long time critic of Scientology, found dead in his apartement in apparent suicide. - Scourge of Scientology dies in apparent suicide R.I.P

Breaking News of February 10th IRL raids[edit]

Sydney[edit] "The group is a loose confederation of about 9,000 people" -- EPIC WIN


Epic Coverage on FM104 on Scientology

All News: All The Time[edit]

News of Anonymous' activity spread quickly, first through chat rooms and forums, then blogs and online news sources before finally being reported in old media. The initial response was largely positive and the PROJECT was even dubbed an act of "hacktivism", a portmanteau of hacking and political activism. Many people were glad to see that someone was finally taking on this dangerous organization even if they disagreed with the methods being used.

I understand your concerns about Scientology. However, I do not favor revoking Scientology's tax-exemption because I oppose raising federal taxes on any individual or group, even when I disagree with elements of that group's political agenda. The precedent of tax-exempt revocation may some day be used to justify raising taxes on other tax-exempt groups, including religious organizations.


—Congressman Ron Paul

I will firmly believe this is fail until the 1st media coverage. So, go ..... do something big, cause your "army" will get smaller everyday.



I consider Anonymous to be a modern version of the Yippies from the 60s. Anonymous promotes a serious and important message while simultaneously satirizing themselves and pissing off the mundanes a.k.a. those who aren't batshit crazy. This movement is only the tip of the iceberg for Anonymous' future influence on modern society. Personally, I'd like to write a book about the group some day.


Some dipshit

The Church of Scientology did not immediately respond to a call for comment.

you may have heard [of] Project Chanology, but I'm pretty sure that if I link you directly to anything on the *chan-related sites, my bosses will personally come throw my non-clear self into the nearest volcano



This is some scary Matrix shit!


Perez Hilton

...for all their supposed higher-brain functions, compliments of L. Ron Hubbard's questionable teachings, they can't win this one.

A group of internet savvy kid vigilantes has, to some extent, already beaten them



The Huffington Post

If you would like to help spread our word to your own media so that they can cover us too, here's a handy little form you can email to them.

Dearest Media, The following is a warning to the Cult of Scientology. It is being sent to you in order to warn the masses.

On February 10th, 2008, the second stage in the war against Scientology will begin. All across the world, we will strike as one. We will continue our protest for as long as it takes to bring them down. We, Anonymous, are taking a stand for humanity. We are taking a stand for freedom of speech.

We are Anonymous. Anonymous is legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We ALWAYS deliver.

And we're coming for you.

Signed, Anonymous. January 29th, 2008

Old Media & Related[edit]



A small group of Ottawa young people took part in a global protest against Scientology Sunday by ambushing staff at the church’s Rideau St. centre.

About a dozen youths stood across the street from the centre as one of their members made his way up to the second floor of the street-front office.

Covering his face was a picture of Rick Astley, a British singer best known for a string of pop hits in the 1980s. In his hand was a portable stereo.

“Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down,” the young man sang as he danced in front of a church staff member in a meeting room. “Never gonna tell a lie and desert you.”

The majority of the protesters wore some form of mask or covering over their faces in order to protect their identities. That was one of the suggestions put forth by Anonymous, an Internet-based group which has recently publicly declared war on the Church of Scientology.

Australian National Broadcaster Coverage[edit]

Epic Media Watch story regarding the 10th Raid - Inserted editorial from Anonymous

News of Anonymous raids local TV stations[edit]


Channel 2 Action News - Scientology Protest

They said they didn't want to be followed afterwards... I dunno what that's really about.


G4 Attack of the Show - Internet War

Anonymous are a group of Hackers who meet up and communicate over the internet using Frappr Mapping software!


G4 Attack of the Show - 2/10 Protests Report

This time the Church of $cientology is not facing a single entity


CBC News : Anonymous

Today, Church Members filmed the protestors, but it's new opponent is not a single entity, and this is a new type of war. Epic Win!

User-Ranked and Traffic-Based News Sites[edit]




New Project Chanology Video: "Scientology's Threat"

Scheduled Radio Broadcasts[edit]

Broadcast on Thursday, Jan. 31 at 9-10PM EST will include CHANOLOGY Discussion MP3 Stream:

The imminent demise of the Church of Tom Cruise will be discussed, and I'll read the wiki verbatem.


—NPR Radio Host

  • They will be accepting calls: 315-781-3897*

I called those homos. They blasted shitty pop music, talked about about groceries and college food, and didn't know shit about anon. This is epic fail. I asked about the CoS and anon and they had nothing.

PRINT EDITION of The Economist '[edit]

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CoS Economist vs anonymous chanology scan 952x1552.jpg

PRINT EDITION of The Guardian[edit]


  • Note to Amerifags: This is as significant as a full-page article on page 3 of the New York Times or the Washington Post, i.e., very. --Schwarzesonne.gif»⇔«¿ 10:01, 4 February 2008 (CST)
  • Sweet, Anon has the world's attention. But let's shoot for the big one: FRONT PAGE OF EVERY MAJOR NEWSPAPER ON EARTH. HedgeJew 05:54, 5 February 2008 (CST)
  • Saw it too. I appreciate the way that they neatly preserved Rules 1 + 2; surely /i/ and /b/ have not infiltrated the Grauniad? --Mr Treason

Newsweek : The Passion of ‘Anonymous’[edit]


Online Magazines[edit]


How to Rockstar

Anon Blog[edit]

The First to Break the Story[edit]

Moonspeak coverage[edit]










Comedy Websites & Misc.[edit]


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