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PTSD Clarinet Boy's image was originally uploaded to a 4chan thread of 'images we don't know why we saved'. He was once a cheerful proud young lad but his now grave face hints that at some point in his life his psyche was fractured beyond repair. Slowly, as he opened up, his sayings started revealing more about his haunted military past in which he witnessed horrors beyond belief. He has a strong emotional bond to his clarinet, which is his only reminder of his once naive and perhaps the only truly happy time in his life. He was renamed PTSD Clarinet Boy to reflect his persona and later added and removed 'Veteran' after seeing posts of 'MOAR VETERAN', although oldfags refer to him simply as Clarinet Boy or Fatass.

It has been speculated that the real clarinet boy is this bullied teen who was left brain damaged after attempting suicide, but so far no evidence has surfaced to establish a reliable connection.

In the war, he had to choose between life and death. He chose the clarinet. He once spent four days on a hill with his men and ate six of them. He hears voices in his head, and they are always chewing something. He wrote a song for every man he killed and shall play one for you. He buried his parents separately. He had gazed into the abyss and the abyss had gazed into him. In space he can hear you scream. He can count to suicide. He once asked a girl out and she said maybe. He shits on the chest of fun. He had a dream once, and a dream was all it was. He has now become death, the destroyer of worlds. He wants to start a band, if you're available.

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