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Paper Mario is one of many Mario rehashes that was once an RPG and is now used by Nintendo to troll their retarded fans. In this totally original game, Mario must save Peach with the help of a ragtag team of furfags.

The Games[edit]

  • Paper Mario 64: Peach gets kidnaped by Bowser and uses the Star Rod to do evil shit. tl;dr typical RPG but with a Mario skin.
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door/Super Paper Mario: More or less the same shit as PM64 with the typical Peach gets kidnapped by X and if if not stopped, X will kill everyone bullshit.
  • Sticker Star/Color Splash: We'll get to that.

Sticker Star And Color Splash[edit]

Because Jewtendo was bored one day, they made the brilliant idea to troll the fans for the lulz in the name of Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Colour Splash. This made fans BAWWW and blame Miyamoto, the real culprits' (the devs of Paper Mario) partner in crime. You can see the results yourself.

Paper Mario And The Buthurt Rage

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