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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
BREAKING NEWS: Amethyst had tried removing this section of the article to avoid getting trolled for being Paradise' white knight. Be sure to send her your kind regards
I am Diamond FEAR ME!!!11
Did we also mention that she's so vain that she compulsively must flatter herself. PROTIP: God hates retards.

Deviantart-favicon.png Paradisefreedom (AKA Deviantart-favicon.png Diamond-Inuyasha) is what you get when you raise your child to believe that they are a "special little snowflake", and that their behavior is entirely someone or something else's fault. Deviantart-favicon.png Paradisefreedom is the 43 year old spoiled brat from that place we all know and love. She/It is a furfag of epic proportions, complete with normal art, a disgusting fetish and being a total drama queen.

Paradisefreedom been around for quite some time pissing people off, but somehow has not been granted the honor of an Encyclopedia Dramatica article until now. It’s no secret that she’s into some pretty fucked up shit (like dog cocks and horse vaginas), and somehow equates drawing such as "insults" and "hate art" towards any and all who defy her rule. Yes, she will draw porn of you if you dare speak out against her disgusting ways.

In the past she has been involved with LadyHisoka, no wonder she acts how she is she must have used the bitch as a rolemodel for how to deal with trolls and EncyclopediaDramatica!

Did we mention that she’s 43 years old and has the mind of a 13 year old? Unfortunately because of her 'mind of a 13 year old', she does not have a lot of new and lulzy content for the moment. She seems content on spewing rhetoric of her trolls being basement dwelling nobodies and pedophiles.

The Tard Herself!

How she thinks she looks
How she actually looks.

The not at all chromosomally deficient state of Kansas brings us the artist we all love. There’s no doubt that she’s the furry counterpart of Chris-Chan, only even less likable and with more virgin fueled rage. Basically she is Chris-Chan ten years from now, complete with going through andropause. She has equal or worse hygiene, and disgusting fetishes too.

As you can tell, she is a very attractive person in real life (and online for that matter). She claims to have a mental disability which gives her the mind of a 13 year old, and therefore it justifies her acting like a model citizen online. She also doesn't have a job, which gives her plenty of reasons to make her life priorities based on the internet.

This photo was taken in the 1990’s, before deviantART was graced with her presence, so she probably is as fat as Shay and will probably die due to complications arising from a Diabetic Overdrive shortly, seeing as how she sits on her ass all day and collects welfare.

As to why she has a service dog, it is most likely because of mobility reasons. She has a severe lack of coordination and tends to waddle while she walks, so when she starts tripping over it’s the dog’s job to make sure she doesn't fall over again and hurt herself. Many of her dogs have become an hero within the past 20 years of working for her. She will deny it all though because we all know to trust ANYTHING she says, amiright?

Hey Bitches, what’s up? To introduce myself, I am one of Robyn-Lynn’s “druggy neighbours” that she endlessly bitches about and I’m here to clear our reputation before people start trolling her in real life. Yes if you are wondering, I had the misfortune of living in the same fucking neighbourhood as this woman who has caused insane amounts of drama there (up until last year when I relocated to go to art school). Wait, you thought she was only dramatic online? LOL, you guys have no idea what it’s like to deal with her in person!

First off, she lives in the suburban areas of Kansas: probably the least ghetto neighbourhood there is in the state, no idea why she would lie about that other than probably trying to gain online pity. Secondly, yes she has a service dog because she has ass-burgers syndrome which severely affects her coordination (most likely because she weighs 350 pounds). Last but not least, she is indeed in her 40’s and has the social skills of a toddler.

So anyways, when I first knew her in early 2004 I decided she was an okay person to be around- hell, I thought she was kind of cool because at I was 13 at the time and was sick of my parents (who are her age) being uptight towards me. My parents kept telling me that she was as nutty as a granola bar but I digress, she was after all in her 40’s and had the same obsession with Inuyasha as I did. Heh, I remember when we used to exchange Inuyasha fan-art with each other- it was kind of fun I guess. I used to go over to her house every Friday night just to watch Inuyasha with her, back when you could say she was moderately sane.

Things were fine, even though I progressively stopped hanging out with her all the time (because of school work, had a boyfriend, got in the drama club… basically I had a ton of shit to do) I still stopped by time to time to say hi. Because of this, I was pretty oblivious of her degrading characteristics until some time in December 2011.

Back to the story, I came back in 2011 to talk to her and all she would talk about was how some internet trolls were “harassing” her and how “mean” they were to poor little her. She then proceeded to whine to me about how they apparently “abuse mentally disabled” people- now being somewhat oblivious to the situation I just smiled and nodded because I learned that she wasn’t the type of person who was worth arguing with. I’d hate to admit it but I ignored my gut feeling that something didn’t add up…

Well anyways I returned in May 2012 to her coming back and telling me that one of the “trolls” was a “pedophile” who, and I quote, “made her do a child rape RP”. Again, something was amiss about her but this time due to a smaller sense of patience I told her to just ignore them and that if this was really the case then one way or another they will be caught. Instead of listening, she kept going on and on about how the trolls got under her skin.

Once again, after hearing her rants about it over and over I told her to give it a rest and just report them… but she seemed more content with complaining than actually doing anything. At this point, I still had no idea on the full story of this situation except for it being to do with some e-Drama she got herself into… and had been involved for MONTHS mind you. Bloody hell, normal people let it go in usually a week or two.

Robyn-Lynn didn’t take kindly to me telling her to let it go. I admit it wasn’t nice of me to yell at her, but I was legitimately sick and tired of her going ON and ON about that you know? How fair is it to subject the same person who is worried about their art to endless whining? I don’t think it’s fair at all.

Anyways, she went to the FUCKING COPS and made a false claim of me being a meth head that molested the neighbour’s fourteen year old son. Um, what the fuck?! It was damn good thing that my parents were very good friends and knew that Robyn-Lynn was full of shit when she made the report. Robyn-Lynn told the cops that she apparently saw my meth-lab in my basement (LOL, when I don’t even have a basement) and witnessed me feeling up the neighbour’s 14 year old son. Um, yeah… so anyways the case ended up being dropped and I was let go due to having my own family and my neighbours watching my back.

Needless to say, I pretty much told her to fuck off and never contact me again. To this day that bitch STILL thinks she’s entitled to my forgiveness: poor retard doesn’t realize that I don’t hand out something as sacred as forgiveness like candy.

So why am I typing this up? Because I recently came across her ED article (for my final art project, I needed inspiration to make satire) and was absolutely not-surprised that she acts like this online as well!


—From one of her apparent "drugged up" neighbours

Her Attitude

Even Tumblr users are baffled by her being 43 and acting like a 12 year old

ParadiseFreedom has the online social skills of DivineAngel and the attitude of snapesnogger except, believe it or not, with even shitter art and a two faced personality. If you dare to speak out against you, she'll make up false rumours about you thinking that her Christian God would approve- however, because God hates retards she will inevitably burn in hell.

Despite her claims of hating liars, it's pretty clear that from even visiting her AIDS infested DA page that she is a pathological liar: in otherwords, she lies about people she hates. She's most likely doing this to gain the approval of WBC.

She seems to hold the belief that there are plenty of people out there insane enough to forge fake screencaps in order to make her appear to be a bad person. So in order to prove it, she has a tendency to delete everything to appear innocent. However, she does not realize that the trolls have made sure to screencap everything before it gets deleted. Paradise also likes to censor FUCK. Like it FUCKING matters if the word FUCK is censored FUCKING anywhere, you god dang dirty TROLLS!

She only hides them so she can continue to appear to be a sweet, wholesome Christian to the lay people of drama.

A fine example of the outcome of her attitude. Last Thursday, she was handed a ban from furaffinity. Proving that even furfags can't take her shit. This was the fallout.


Sometime in 2008 she was called out on her obvious tracing of Inuyasha screencaps on Livejournal, which resulted in trolling of epic proportions. Experts believe that she asked kindly to have anything about her removed and even claimed she had learned her lesson. Wanna hear the surprising part? She hasn't learn anything since 2008. What a shock.

She was called out here

Unfortunately, because Paradisefreedom has a habit of deleting-fucking-everything, we have to rely on this gallery of traces saved before the BAAAWLEETION.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

White-Knights in Shining Armour

Of course, because she draws KAWAII wolves all day she has quite a few white knights who are willing to defend her every action, no matter how much of a fucktards she is acting. As of April 18th 2013 ParadiseFreedom has NO whiteknights remaining who are willing to defend her. DISREGARD THAT, SP is back.



UPDATE: The war with Paradise has started up yet again, Paradise had apparently wished death on an unborn child, and also hoped it would miscarry, and Takura would not stand for such comments from the retard. A journal was made against the furfag, which started the next war between these two. Now said journals have been deleted, because some tards wanted Takura to 'shut up' and not defend a helpless unborn child. Paradise of course thinks its perfectly ok for her to spew such cruel things, but if anyone does it against her, It's oh so wrong and evil to do. More lulz will be updated as they happen!

Takura is one of the first noteworthy White Knights to mention because there is a history of some epic lulz between her and Paradise. When she’s not sucking up to Paradise, she’s talking about her behind her back. An art school graduate who works at Kohl’s makes it a priority to endlessly bitch about shit nobody cares about on DA, most likely because no one in the animation industry needs another Tartlet that draws lion king re-colors.

Her on and off relationship with Paradise has not gone unnoticed, considering that just a couple months ago she claimed to have been on bad terms- lulz! Some sources say that she might be a possible tracer, but until any real proof can be brought on it’s best to leave it at speculation. Ironically, she hates on weeaboos but she approves of Paradise's zoophillia and furfaggotry. At least most weeaboos are fuckable!

Update: She also forged fakecaps for the furfag out of revenge for being mentioned on the article.

Here is the reason why she's friend with Paradise- she's equally (if not moreso) fucktarded. As it seems, Takura actually believes that Paradise has a lawyer because of teh cyber bulliez and changing your IP address is cyber-crime. It seems to be your classic case of retards feeding retards fantastic ideas.

Oddly enough, when Takura made her journals regarding her being so "sick of the dramas" and "keep me out of your dramas", all she did was repeat the same shit Yumi had been saying for weeks on end!. As she currently stands though she has reacted inappropriately, which caused her to inevitably moral-fag and give into Diamond's demands. Perhaps there's more to the relationship between the two than we at ED thought...

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


My dog has been kidnapped by Fabulous-Husky on deviantART.png
Proof SP is, much like Paradisefreedom, a dog fucker

BREAKING NEWS: [As shown here, he literally believes every lie ParasiteFreedom tells him, while completely disregarding the fact that PF faps to the thought of baby-fucking]

UPDATE: his "alt" on furaffinity.

ParadiseFreedom's most persistent and the most fucktarded white knight of her he tends to be quite a drama queen who makes TL;DR journals about how his life sucks and trolls get under his skin.

When SP is not fucking dogs, he is repeating ParasiteFreedom's lies and reposting her artwork on deviantart in hopes of winning some loose pussy. He tends to disregard any logical arguments brought up to him and instead decides to suck Parasite's transexual cock instead, because afterall birds of a feather flock together.

It is also noteworthy to mention that he is friends with a fellow greedy dog fucker to feel a sense of validation in life. He requires this because at the end of the day, no one with a pussy would ever consent to sex with him due to how deformed his cock is from raping too many collies.

In this Tartlet's journal SP is exposed for being the cowardly, lying cunt that he really is. Epic lulz!

He also currently resides on Inkbunny, a site notorious for defending cub porn.

It is suspected that he and Paradise is secretly the same person. Suspicion of this rose during the Blanking saga that he participated in.

If he truly is a real person, then the least that can be said about him is that he's been smart enough to keep his mouth shut and do nothing ever since this ED page first appeared. Diregard that, the retard STILL insists on spreading the same lies Paradise does in some attempt to white knight her.

Another interesting point to bring up is his conflict with Fabulous-Husky. SP actually kidnapped this poor faggot's dog to hold it hostage. It turns out that SP's lust for Brychen's fabulous cock is the reason why SP is so daft and sexually frustrated. The fate of the dog and Brychen is unknown however if you see this awesome fag, please let us know. We seriously hope that SP hasn't kidnapped Brychen as well.

Did we mention that this dog fucker also has stirred up drama with another furry because she didn't draw multi-boobed furry chicks and then proceeded to harass her over it? We're not fucking kidding either. He then spammed her tumblr when he got butthurt over GreyMuzzle blocking him; we can't make this shit up!

SP, much like Paradisefreedom, suffers from a severe case of butthurt and is also a pathological liar.

It is no secret that SP has an obsession with collies too the point where he cannot fap to yiff unless the anthro in question has multiple boobs. In fact throughout his time on SF he has used his journals as a mean to harass artists who were more than kind enough to give him free artwork in the first place.

I need to stop using live stream.

I waited an hour for a slot and even filled in a form with all the details needed and a reference. The artist ignored the details and the ref.


I thought why ask if you're not going to follow them? Why waste my time and bandwidth on your stream if you're not going to put the work in?

I asked for a collie and I got husky, I asked for flat chested and I got B cup, I asked for a skirt lift which I didn't get, I asked for no panties and I ended up with panties, I asked for pubic fur which he started then though f*ck it, I asked for lower teats showing which his refused, the ref had a tail which he failed to add.

I was disappointed to say the least as 8 out of the ten things I asked for he f*cked up.

And when I pointed this out he said if I want the details I'll have to commission him. Like hell I will, I won't waste my hard earned money and hire an artist that can't follow simple instructions.

Does he really think I will trust him now?

I'm not greedy and I know any free work is at the artist's discretion, but come on, he got everything other than the pose and the theme wrong.

Bad enough to make these mistakes but worse to want money off me for him to do it right.

One I will never hire you now, two I won't recommend you when someone asks for an artist, in fact I warn them not to use you.

Its so sad as everyone I've used on SF has took pride in their work.

It just seems live stream is hit or miss.


A little message to any artists that offers free requests.

When someone takes you up on your offer of a free request odds are the person is judging you, your style, speed, attention to detail and how well you listen and follow instructions.

Now where some of you think "Its free so don't complain." their thinking "Hmmm, can't follow simple instructions, refuses to listen and if this is how they handle a simple request how is he/she going to handle a detailed commission? Not worth hiring and I certainly won't recommend you to anyone I like.


—From one of his journals on SoFurry

As it can be noted, SP has a sense of unwarranted self importance which is tied in with his severe case of self-entitlement. He, much like Parasite Freedom, has an unhealthy fixation of animal genitalia while he denies being a dog fucker

Here is his rather hypocritical blog where he calls Zenia a bully for not only NOT drawing multiboobed characters but also because his favourite yiff author GreyMuzzle "turned against him". Many lulz are to be found with this butthurt blog

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Yumi-Misaki Was probably her most active White Knight for a while, complete with posting on the forums whining about Paradise's ED article (as well as bitching about it in her journals) she had threatened to kill herself if this article did not come down.

A weeaboo who is in a sissy fight with Amethyst while they both hunger to suck on Paradise's cock. She writes terrible Inuyasha fanfictions and recolors screencaps.

As of recently, however, she has had enough of Paradise's autistic ways and told the bitch to fuck off.

Whether or not Yumi is a troll or has truly reformed is a source of mass debating.

Her Cousin, Damaku

Damaku is an interesting case because not only does he no longer white knight her as he used to, but it's pretty clear that he has ceased giving a shit about his inbred cousin.

Judging by the fact that he never blocked MOTS, as ParasiteFreedom DEMANDED he should, it's even moreso clear that he truly does not give a crap about the shenegains PF gets herself into anymore. This is most likely because unlike the good ol' days, he has better shit to deal with than the latest person who has called out Parasite on her bullshit. Juding by him not responding to her spamming his page, it is possible he has a much better head on his shoulders than PF does and also refuses to bend over for her every whim because he's aware of how emotionally manipulative she is.

We at ED feel nothing but sympathy for the fact he has to put up with the retard IRL and online.

It is unknown whether or not Damaku has seen Parasite's child porn and beastiality blogs, but it should be linked to him for great justice!

The blog of Lolicon and Beastiality!

Go here to see the various blogs she made

Go here to see the various blogs SP has made

Her main blogHer "new" main blog

Future site of a public shaming blog

Yes we get it Diamond, you LOVE dog cocks. Now quit trying to shove Andersen's down the throats of people you fap to, sick fuck
What all of her porn looks like on the blog

Paradise/Diamond-Tranuyasha suffers from severe cases of butthurt whenever others point out her disgusting behaviour. Her "revenge"? She makes blog posts, on blogspot a blog website so shitty that it can crash the toughest of browsers, dedicated to the beastiality and child porn she draws. She is only familiar with loli-anatomy, and as such she faps to the thought of lolis gettin' raped by SP- who in turn faps to this shit.

CP AND Beastiality?! We can't make this shit up. However, since we cannot repost it on ED you'll have to see the blog yourself to view her CP. She believes that by drawing those she is drawing "hate art", however we all know she's both a zoophile and pedophile.

Various times had she relocated the primary blog or renamed it to something else. Likely stupid tactics employed by her to hide from the trolls. Although now it seems she has DELETED FUCKING EVERYTHING, except for her main blog. Her buttbuddy, SP, has deleted all but two of his blogs as well.

A famous tactic employed by diamond/paradise is to create a blog to further spread the truth about those who dare to attack her for no reason. The blog itself is 100% factual and 100% serious, and is thought by paradise to be the equivalent of her ED article against those filthy assholes that dare attack her for no reason.

Someone should probably remind the stupid bitch of the golden rule when it comes to trolling: We are NOT your personal army, faggot.

It should be noted that this blog of hers not only would kill her case if she were to attempt to sue ED or any trolls, but it shows just how much of a hypocrite she is for the following reasons:

  • She claims to hate liars, but she compulsively lies about others in an attempt to dehumanize them
  • Hates it when she gets "stalked", but goes out of her way to find out personal information against others
  • Claims that the trolls are abusing her for being mentally disabled. Now let's go by her logic: Technically, she's abusing TaishoBee for having epliepsy and MOTS for having autism- making Paradisefreedom a major hypocrite of epic porportions
  • Thinks that a lawyer will take her defense to get this article taken down, but doesn't realize that by feeding the drama she's not being "abused" in any shape or form- just being a fucktard who should kill herself.
  • Calls other people perverts, but draws yiff art- AKA, ANIMAL porn!
  • Calls other people pedophiles but stalks people young enough to be her own children.

We have made an educated guess that in order to appear to be innocent to the virgin ED reader she will remove the blog that shows what a psychotic, hypocritical, retarded bitch she really is.

However, if a raid were to ever happen it will be far too late to do that.


An artist's rendition of how a newly improved Yumi-Misaki feels about Diamond

Recently, ex-lolcow Yumi-Misaki has kindly told her viewers that she doesn't want to be involved in other people's drama. For those who have been keeping tabs on this article know exactly who it is Yumi is referring to. Take a wild guess who!

Natrually, Mr-Malkov replied to her journal commending her for not being such a fucktard. Thinking she was on the Cyberpunk Fag's good side, she inquired for his side of the story instead of immediately attacking him.

For some reason, Paradise thought it would be a good idea to launch another outlandish claim against Mr-Malkov

As shown in the above comment thread, it's evident that Yumi is getting pretty sick of ParasiteFreedom acting like a complete thundercunt. Whether or not the lulz will grow depends on just how much retardation Yumi is willing to put up with.

She also called out one of Paradise' retarded friends recently, this is getting interesting.

Here a brave user calls out Paradise on the fact that she continues to allow trolls to get under her skin. Here she also admits she's a crazy bitch who should be thrown into a mental institution. She still thinks that ED doesn't know that she IS "Thepunisher13", further show casing her overall intellegence.

It should be noted that Paradise tends to be very delusional when it comes to dealing with trolls. As far as she's concerned, anyone who dares to defy her tyranny is a troll and should be immediately banned with the wrath of the banhammer. She also believes she can distract attention from her by pointing to other trolls. Too bad she didn't do her research as to how well that worked out for a fellow disabled user online.

Since Yumi hasn't deleted anything, there are many lulz to be had on the comment threads.

UPDATE: Turns out Yumi got sick of the autistic retard, proceeding to block her and all of hr friends. She made it a priority for it to be known that she wasn't going to turn back on her choice either It's pretty clear that she won't pull an amethyst-sparkler and go crawling back to Paradise either.

"Mental Disability"


As you can tell at this point, Paradisefreedom has a tendency of hiding behind her mental disability whenever she’s expected to be held accountable for her actions. Too bad she doesn’t realize that there are many people with mental disabilities who aren’t whiny perverted cunts like her.

This is the type of behavior that she displays through her memegenerator account where she goes by “thepunisher” (or sometimes Mr-Malkov in some pathetic attempt to frame people who are sexier than her).

Take a look around at her images, and then take note of how she hides behind just about every excuse in the book for the fact that she is a failed abortion. She makes a lot of memes about how people are picking on her because she has a mental disability, a typical tactic of hers whenever she gets told to act like a normal human being for once in her life.

Take note moralfags: her disability doesn’t even begin to excuse the way she behaves online, so quit trying to enable her! Nor does it excuse her hatred of cats.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


She appears to be under the belief that because trolls take pleasure in kick the autistic that it gives her the right to make false accusations of pedophilia and animal abuse. Experts have made the educated guess that she is more likely guilty of those two crimes which is why she makes the accusations in the first place.

Paradise claims that it's because of her mental disability that she was never able to hold down a real job due to it causing "too much stress", however she is able-bodied enough to go on a computer, make shitty drawings and bitch endlessly about her stoner neighbours.

However, with a huge economic collapse coming soon it's unknown how she will be able to handle being cut off of welfare as the economy's last attempt to save itself. The Answer: Many lulz will ensue.

Sick Fuckery

You think it would have been a warning sign for the poor sap to run, but it wasn't

If you take a look at her Inkbunny account (notorious for posting cub-porn everywhere… do you see a pattern here?), you can view all the yiff-art she does for her Zoo-Fur ALT account, SP. Oh fuck it, just in case she deletes-fucking-everything, we’ll repost it here:(Just a heads up, she CAN and WILL make a fursona of you AND draw porn of it, forever making you reconsider living in this cruel world.)

However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. She also LOVES childporn and underaged porn!

As of recently, on her porn blog she has been drawing what can only be classified as lolicon, mainly the star of her pictures involves TaishoBee's EIGHT YEAR OLD character giving head, getting pissed on, fucked by Paradise' service dog (who then proceeded to become an hero afterwards) and much more that lurks the depths of Paradise' sexual fantasies. The fact alone that Bee is a fictious eight year old girl raises a few eyebrows. Surely the only reason Paradise draws lolicon is because she is incapable of drawing attractive women who are over eighteen- this is due to the possibility that Paradise has a tendency to become very jealous of women who aren't fat and balding like herself.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Like all other tartlets and white trash, the threat of legal action is overly common. As a matter of fact, Paradisefreedom has a million lawyers so you better watch out! It's [illegal to troll her] too! In all seriousness though folks, it is a trait inherited from her ass pall DivineAngel. She threatens constantly to pursue legal action for her "artwork being stolen" and being bullied by big, mean people on the internet. I mean some stupid girl on myspace killed herself after being cyberbullied, so Paradisefreedom is protected by cyber bullying laws. She even admits so here.

"Love" Art

Throughout all of this though, the trolls are not all bad people. Here is us sending Diamond/ParadiseFreedom our love!

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand She's Gone!


In a shocking turn of events the deviantArt administration decided to rid their horrid website of yet another tartlet. Paradisefreedom is banned, hopefully forever. In typical fashion, deviantArt makes it almost impossible to tell if an account has been banned for deactivated. However, we have an inside and unnamed source who claims to played a part in getting the bitch banned from deviantArt.

As usual though, her white knight is quick to take up on the defensive and play damage control. SP jumps up to claim Paradisefreedom left deviantArt on her own terms because the trolls made her too mad. He also claimed to be disappointed in the staff and is planning to deactivate and leave too.

Either way, both possible outcomes are very lulzy. This makes two of her "safe havens" she has been removed from, respectively deviantArt and furaffinity. This leaves her with only some backwater furfag websites that will accept anyone willing to fuck a dog or touch a child

Links to her Accounts

Make sure to send her your regards:

[email protected]

[email protected]

All of her known accounts:

Deviantart-favicon.png diamond-inuyasha Primary Deviant Art account;inactive (BANNED :D)

Deviantart-favicon.png paradisefreedom Other Deviantart account (ALSO BANNED)

Deviantart-favicon.png colliefan SP's account (probably Paradisefreedom too)

Her Youtube Channel

Her Blog Her new Blog Her latest blog, full of the truth

Her SheezyArt

Her soFurry account

Her usual tumblr account

Other tumblr account, check out the faggotry


Moar Inkbunny

SP's inkbunny, notice the bestiality and CP in the favorites

Furaffinity-favicon.png diamond13 LOL BANNED

(13 seems to be a reoccurring theme)

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