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Pastor Anderson, his German wife and eight (at last count) home schooled children.
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By unanimous proclamation, Pastor Anderson has been named Honorary Chaplain Emeritus of both 4 Chan and the Marcab Fleet.
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Pastor Steven Anderson is the pastor of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe Arizona. The church is run out of a store front shared with his fire alarm business. He has no formal training as a minister but he has memorized most of the King James Version of the bible so STFU. Opinions differ as to whether he is batshit insane, the greatest troll ever, or just awesome. There can be no debate about the fact that he is an endless source of faggot butthurt, LULZ, and internet drama. The video that made him famous:

“The Good News is there's 50 less pedophiles in this world” — Pastor Steven Anderson">
H8 speech or GR8 speech?

Partial List of People, Groups, and Things he would like to see killed or destroyed:

Faggots, Caitlyn Jenner, Scientologists, The movie American Sniper, Jews, Mormons, The French, Japanese basement dwelling video game players, People who DON'T deny the holocaust, Jihadists, The NIV Bible or any other version of the Bible than the KING JAMES VERSION, Barack Obama, Obama's mom, Sublimnal Advertising, The Border Patrol, Iceland (a nation of bastards), the Dead Sea Scrolls and Birth Control, Interracial marriage, Martin Luther King Jr. The Kabbalah, Animal rights activists, Vegans, Pope Francis, Women who wear pants, and the Eagles of Death Metal.

What Pastor Steve Loves

Zsuzsanna Anderson the wife of Pastor Anderson. Before the "wear and tear" of 8 kids.
His Hot German wife.

He is also inordinately fond of the King James Version of the Bible.

Quotes From The Pastor

Like a famous political leader, Anderson if friendly and likes to wave to people.
I suffer not a woman to teach, not to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.


— Anderson quoting the Bible and telling women to STFU.

I really just want to give my wife a ton of freedom! Cook what you want!


— Pastor Anderson expects a MEAL not a sandwich!

If the Bible condones slavery, then I condone slavery...


— Some of that ol' time religion.

If you’re a homosexual I hope you get brain cancer like Ted Kennedy.


— Because sometimes AIDS is not enough...

If you listen to Tom Cruise talk about Scientology it's obvious this guy is an imbecile.


— Stating the obvious...

Do not be deceived! LDS is the church of Latter Day Satan!


— He REALLY h8s Mormons.

And we thought Ireland was bad!


— After talking to Australians.

The wars that are being fought in the Middle East have nothing to do with protecting us here at home.


— Surprisingly anti-war statement.

Catholic priests are some of the biggest pedophiles. No one should ever set foot in a Catholic church.


— Good advice.

The media will show you the “Love Conquers Hate” signs, but they won’t show you the signs that say things like, “WE’RE GOING TO RAPE YOUR SISTERS AND MOTHERS.”


— Commenting on protesters at his church.

The only acceptable opinion now is to be pro-Sodomite. Anyone who does not support the homosexual agenda runs the risk of being blackballed to the businesses who serve us.


— On being cut off from Paypal.

It's funny how the biggest insult you can think of to call me is a homosexual. That's because deep down you know that homosexuals are filthy faggots.


— On the inevitable claim that he is a closet gay.

Successful Troll Videos Are Successful

These videos seem to be intentional trolling attempts.

Anderson and his 7 year old kid make fun of Obama.

Idiot feminist whore gets BIBLE schooled.

Irish radio interview.

Is Australia Sodom or What? (TL:DR Yes.)

Iceland Nation of Bastards. Epic balls deep butthurt.

Born this way? No, just a bunch of sick fucks.

Burn in Hell Robin Williams.

Every Christian should own a weapon.

Sirius Radio Experiences Serious Butthurt.

Ignorant TV interviewer gets owned.

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