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Paul Joseph Watson
Oh Boo-fucking-hoo, Twitter and Facebook is getting you B& for acting like complete retards. Grow the fuck up, that isn't censorship, that's a private company exercising its right to banhammer whoever the fuck they want when they want.
An insight into Paulie's motives

Paul Joseph Watson is a shitfaced, Northern Britbong, guy-liner wearing douchebag who hasn't washed his hair in several months. He's one of Alex Jones' more reasonable reporters, and to prove it, he has a crush on science and finger-banged her on prom night. Last Wednesday, Paulie declared war on Feminism, Social Justice Warriors, non-heterosexuals, black people, Muslims, anyone that cares about equal rights, and even your mom. Paulie's strategy on battling the evil SJW army is to go on YouTube and bitch about it, rather than going out and doing something about it. While he may seem like yet another MRAtheist, he is sooooo much less than that, in the sense that his videos can be easily pwned by anyone with an elementary school education, and considering the fact that he's fairly popular, his lolcow potential is at least 100 points. When he's not busy beating his wife, Paulie can be seen beating feminists providing further evidence that we need third-wave feminism more than ever.

Humble Beginnings[edit]

From Paul Joseph Watson to Paula Joseph Watson.

Mr. Watson began publishing videos about conspiracy theories when first signing up for the shit site known as YouTube. However, after realizing that he could attract a loyal following for hating on women, Mr. Watson turned his focus from batshit insane conspiracy theories to copying YouTube Favicon.png RockingMrE's schtick of bashing feminists and people he disagrees with. Pretty soon, Paulie got the attention he was looking for and with an army on non-critical-thinking idiots at his disposal, he can now harass whomever he wants.

Standing on his Soap Box[edit]

Paul is just the proto-typical Anglo-Saxon white cis gendered over-privileged male whining about sharing half a per cent of his earnings with the feminazis. Just like thunderf00t, he decided to speak out against the injustice against his gender. While Mr. Watson's videos might seem reasonable at first, after thinking about it for more than 30 seconds, said videos can be seen for the shit that they are. Even a complete dumbass like David Vincenzetti can tear apart Paul Joseph Watson's stupidity, which is sad considering Vincenzetti's very existence is an epic fail in-and-of-itself.

Paul Joseph Watson Projecting
Mr. Watson has never heard of critical analysis.
Mr. Watson going full Nazi, while using bullshit statistics.
Mr. Watson hating the Muslamics.

Paulie Fails at Science[edit]

Despite getting a boner for science, Paulie fails to understand even the rudimentary aspects of the scientific method. Rather than using science as a tool to understand the world, he uses it to confirm his pre-conceived notion of how the world works. Even morons like Rebecca Goldstein and YouTube Favicon.png thephilosophytube could debunk this fucktard. For any of his fantards who think that Paulie has an IQ score above that of a feline, kindly take the time to read scientific literature for once in your lonely, pathetic lives.

Paul Joseph Watson fails at shoe-horning a narrative for women
adultery and his Lamarkian interpretation of evolution.
Paulie showing his love of science by denying Climate
Science's most successful theory.
Paul Joseph Watson should take
an introduction to statistical theory
Paul Joseph Watson gets owned by
YouTube Favicon.png Libertarian Socialist Rants
EazyOneMe exposing Paul Joseph Watson


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