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"I thought a sheep was a bad choice for the 'furry' perversion, so here's my fox version." Translation: I'd rather stick my wiener into this fox, 'cause sheep are just dirty.

Pedofox, aka Yiff Fox of the Pedopals, was a derivative plagiarism of Pedobear (though all the Pedopals were "plagiarized") from some years ago. It may be making a comeback, and thus begin generating some lulz (especially if trolling and Photoshops were to become involved). Time will tell.

Pedofox: Birth, Life and Death[edit]


In early 2005, a furry on DeviantART named Jiffy Squirrel, who was obviously familiar with 4chan's classic Pedobear mascot/meme, decided he didn't approve of the character Furry Sheep in the pedo-spinoff Pedo and Friends (see right). Determined to generate a more suitable replacement, he fired up ye olde Photoshop and began tracing a pre-extising work -- in other words, doing the same shit that furries are famed and reviled for. His bastard child of a creation was named Yiff Fox, and soon posted online to DeviantART. The critical reaction was about what you'd expect from a forum frequented by those who spiritually consider themselves non-human/think the idea of fornicating with animals is pretty cool: "Awww so cute!" Viva la faggotry.

Surprisingly, it would take over a year before someone, a commenter named fieldmarshal, came out and said this fox thingy was obviously ganked from Pedobear (though another guy with a Cockmongler avatar had earlier remarked, "Too bad you don't [sic.] make this.") Fieldmarshall naturally redubbed "Yiff Fox" the far more appropriate moniker "Pedofox." A few lulzy comments were made in the otherwise short and unremarkable thread (see Gallery), and most people thereafter referred to the character as Pedofox. A few days later, Jiffy Squirrel "Editted description to denote linage," whatever the fuck that means.

Sometime after this, Pedofox was re-appropriated for the 4chan Pedopals lineup, though he was identified as "Yiff Fox" because Pedobear does not tolerate competition for delicious loli. He would more or less die in the bowels of /b/, and until recently was presumed to be yiffing in hell, where all things furry go (see Mexico).

Pedofox Reloaded[edit]

It's even creepier if they already know...

Last Thursday, a crack Google image search team spotted offender Pedofox on the front page of an under-construction furry website named under his old alias of Yiff Fox. Apparently, he faked his own death and is currently taking advantage of his mentor Pedobear's lifetime incarceration for CP to snatch the underaged furries of the Internet for himself. One can only marvel at the brazen genius of his plan, in particular his targeting of a specific subculture where the bar for deviancy has already been placed way the fuck down. Well played, Pedofox, well played!


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