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Hey, look, Pedobear's not lonely anymore!

Pedopals, a 4chan creation, was based off of an idea to give the lonely Pedobear some more friends. The idea for making more of these freaks came from the mind of a /b/tard, and evolved to a super-brainstorm session amongst the /b/tarded. Roughly OVER 9000 of these were just cheap imitations of Pedobear, mostly by loser Metal Gear Solid fans.

Official Pedopals[edit]

That's some good shit!

Unofficial Pedopals[edit]

Little boys make Shotacat purr.
Hetero Dog, Futa Cow, and Shota cat making an appearance in Dora the Explorer. Yaoi cock also features but is not shown.
  • Yellow Fever Panda
  • Bestiality Person
  • Interracial Dalmatian
  • Necro Vulture
  • Tentacle Squid
  • Incest Possum
  • Hentai Wolf
  • Anal Seal
  • Bukkake Bat
  • Oral Ocelot
  • Dominatrix Duck
  • Masochist Mallard
  • Colon Cougar
  • Venereal Beaver
  • Fisting Falcon
  • Prego Panda
  • Anal Antelope
  • Masturbation Manatee
  • Horny Horny Hippo

New Pedopals[edit]

  • Retard Sloth
  • Rape Hamster
  • Hypoxyphilia Llama
  • Chloroform Coyote
  • Latex Toad
  • Cumshot Panda

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