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Chatlogs of the Penis Pump Sex Scandal '06 from the Penis Pump trolls.

jUmB0 logs[edit]

at snoopy's house:

<jumb0> ok so first i notice she has man hands
<jumb0> and im a soldier so im still gonna do it
<jumb0> and i notice that her neck is as big around as my leg
<jumb0> but im still gonna do it
<jumb0> so we get by her house and she wants steak and shake so i buy like a gentleman
<jumb0> and she orders double fries
<jumb0> that was the second sign of doom
<jumb0> so we get to her house and i swear to god
<jumb0> i felt like i walked into a room outta the texas chainsaw massacre
<jumb0> theres a big dent in her bed where she sleeps
<jumb0> and im kinda nervous but shit whatever
<jumb0> so she makes me massage her back and her ass
<jumb0> and i do it cuz im too nice or something
<jumb0> so after a bit of this she wants me to go down on her
<jumb0> but shes in doggy style position
<jumb0> and she wants me to lick her ass whileim down there
<jumb0> im og so im sucking the devils onion ring
<jumb0> and then i start eating at the y
<jumb0> but shes kinda big so i gotta get my face in it
<jumb0> and its hard to breathe so my nose is in her cunt
<jumb0> and i guess i was blowing air in there cuz after a bit she flipped over and let outa wicked queef
<jumb0> so then im going down on her and shes pushing my face all in it
<jumb0> and im kinda suffocating down there
<jumb0> but i keep doing my job and get her off
<jumb0> so i ask for some head
<jumb0> I had to think of everything but her and try my hardest but i got off
<jumb0> and then i go back down on her while im limp
<jumb0> and its ok
<jumb0> so i start hitting it soon enough and i had to summon all my might to stay up for the occaison
<jumb0> and eventually she squirts on me and said she didnt know if she came
<jumb0> but she got up to piss and im kinda happy about this
<jumb0> then i go to piss and im feeling guilty so i poured listerine on my dick to wash off the sorrow
<jumb0> this was a bad idea btw
<jumb0> so i passed out later and in the morning this sorta repeated
<jumb0> and im gonna cry myself to sleep for ever now
* r3my picks jaw up off floor.
<r3my> what kind of bitch are you?
<jumb0> i did it for the lulz r3my
<jumb0> i did it for the lulz

then snoopy:

<r3my> tell me all
<r3my> !!!
<r3my> last i heard she got there
<r3my> and we were all scared for him
<r3my> shes a nasty bitch
<[snoopy]> lulz
<r3my> im sorry though
<r3my> for jumb0
<r3my> :(
<[snoopy]> yea seriously
<[snoopy]> but...
<[snoopy]> It is funny
<[snoopy]> listerined hhis dick...gotta take a shower at my place
<[snoopy]> man
<[snoopy]> must've left stank odor on him
<r3my> ugh
<r3my> i hate her
<r3my> we all know about her stanky ass
<r3my> he was warned
<r3my> what an idiot
<[snoopy]> ugh.... I'm glad I know bout this chick now
<r3my> i told him not too
<r3my> hes an idiot
<r3my> i really hope he wrapped up
<r3my> brb joint time
<[snoopy]> k
<r3my> hahahaha
<r3my> back
<jumb0> heh
<jumb0> u like that
<jumb0> btw u knew i was dumb
<r3my> you were warned
<jumb0> i tossed a nut in a ho i didnt like
<r3my> yeah but eww
<r3my> i mean what you get out of it
<r3my> adderall at least?
<jumb0> well
<jumb0> i got off my girl
<jumb0> she swooped me up
<jumb0> and i rocked her
<r3my> you ate her out
<r3my> ...
<r3my> omfg
<jumb0> u read what i said
<r3my> are there any pics?
<r3my> yeah i did
<jumb0> im a soldier
<jumb0> no
<jumb0> she got one of me
<r3my> ppl think you joking
<jumb0> no thats all fact
<jumb0> every word
<jumb0> every single word
<r3my> goddamn
<jumb0> yea
<jumb0> live and learn
<r3my> well im sorry for you
<r3my> thats all
<r3my> listerine dick
<r3my> hahahaa
<r3my> you crazy
<jumb0> every single word
<jumb0> that shit went down
<jumb0> snoopy is saying she should have given me money
<jumb0> but imma be honest
<jumb0> i feel sorry for her
<jumb0> she isnt longfor this world
<jumb0> like
<r3my> how fat is she???
<r3my> i wanted pics
<r3my> FFS
<jumb0> okthose pics she has online
<jumb0> two years old
<jumb0> a lot can happen
<r3my> HOW FAT?
<jumb0> she was like i weigh 170
<jumb0> but it was no 170
<r3my> bullshit
<r3my> hahahahha
<r3my> im 160
<jumb0> and she smokes like a chimney
<r3my> ew
<jumb0> and eats way too much
<jumb0> and takes too many meds
<r3my> oh dude
<r3my> you shouldve got some meds
<jumb0> fresco melt and double fries
<jumb0> who says i didnt
<r3my> haha good
<r3my> i was askin
<jumb0> i swiped her shit when she left the room
<jumb0> im cold
<r3my> hahahaha
<r3my> good
<r3my> what else
<r3my> details!!
<jumb0> llemme think
<r3my> the fucking!!
<jumb0> i told u about the dent in her bed where she sleeps right
<r3my> YES
<r3my> hahahahaha
<jumb0> when i was trying to sleep
<jumb0> it was like i was getting pulled into a black hole
<jumb0> she wouldnt turn on the lights cuz she is so selfconcious
<r3my> pancake makeup?
<jumb0> she swore up and down she didnt have no dick rot
<jumb0> and i told her i would kill her if she was bullshitting
<r3my> ...
<jumb0> heh
<r3my> you didnt use a rubber?
<r3my> D:
<jumb0> lemme think here
<r3my> omfg.
<jumb0> yes but not for oral
<r3my> oh
<r3my> whew
<jumb0> who gets head with a condom
<r3my> yeah they taste like shit
<r3my> but shes a skank
<r3my> anyways
<jumb0> lets see
<jumb0> it was so hard to nut in her
<r3my> hahahhhahahha
<jumb0> that i couldnt the first time
<r3my> o god
<jumb0> but dont go breaking her heart
<jumb0> srsly
<r3my> you are much too soft
<jumb0> im not out to hurt anyone
<r3my> pfft
<jumb0> she was the epitomy of unemployable irc addict
<jumb0> :(
<jumb0> but yea
<jumb0> i dunno how i feel
<jumb0> i wouldnt do it again
<jumb0> and  told her i had a good time
<jumb0> and just now
<jumb0> i swear to god
<jumb0> i found a pube in snoopys keyboard
<jumb0> ack
<jumb0> id callit a youthful disgression but im too old for that
<jumb0> it was a mistake
<jumb0> dont be hating

MissLaVey logs[edit]

<misslavey> so he paypals me gas money, and i drive there
<misslavey> pick him up
<misslavey> and refused to look him in the face
<misslavey> we stop by steak n shake and get something to eat, and it was a regular order of fries, not double. his not-so-thin self ate half of them anyway.
<misslavey> we're back at my house waiting for my friend jason to stop by to pick something up, and jumbo wouldnt stop trying to get me to fuck around with him
<misslavey> so after jason leaves, he tries stepping up his game, and i kept delaying and delaying, by telling him i wasn't "relaxed" enough
<misslavey> so i'm sitting on the bed dicking around on my laptop, and he was being really touchy feel with me, playing with my hair, rubbing my ass, telling me i'm beautiful and to stop being so shy, etc
<misslavey> so finally i'm just like fuck it, maybe a massage will help me get comfortable with him, and hopefully in the mood
<misslavey> i lay on my stomach and he starts rubbing my back and butt, and eventually he starts eating my ass and going down on me
<misslavey> the oral sucked. he really had no clue how to do it, so i kept trying to give him instructions, but he still couldnt do it any good
<misslavey> i just eventually grabed his head and grinded myself into his mouth in the hopes i could get myself off. somewhat worked. i had like, a mini-orgasm and then light up a cigarette, popped on the tv and sat across the bed from him
<misslavey> after a while, he bugged me to turn off the tv so we could mess around more, and i did so.
<misslavey> i gave him head, and then he went down on me for a couple mins til he got hard again and we started fucking
<misslavey> after like 10 mins i realied that i really wasnt enjoying myself, so i told him i had to get up to go pee, i came back after a couple minutes then told him i was tired and just wanted to go to sleep so that i could wake up in a few hours to listen to opie and anthony
<misslavey> realized the next morning that my dad decided to take the day off, which was both a blessing and a curse. i was glad that it would be a good excuse for us to not have sex, but it was a curse because my parents havent seen me with an ugly dude before and i didn't want them to think i lowered my standards
<misslavey> he wanted to fool around more during the day so i figured what the hell, since i had been putting it off all morning. he went down on me again, and we fucked again, but i let him finish this time.
<misslavey> we watched tv for a while and then he took me out to dinner, and then we headed back to toledo. halfway there he grabs my hand, starts massaging it, then whips out his cock and puts my hand on it and has me jerk him off
<misslavey> mind you, the whole ride home he had been telling me he had a good time, and kept asking me if i did.
<misslavey> i think he could tell i was completely annoyed by being around him because i was really irritated by the fact i had to drive an extra distance to take him to a friends house
<misslavey> so i dropped him of in some really run down area. as he's gettin out of the car, he asked me if we could do it again before he gets shipped off to bootcamp, and i told him "yeah, probably not" and he slammed my car pretty hard and walked away, and i sped off as fast as i could
<misslavey> like 15 mins before i get home, he calls me nd asks me if i was getting home safely or whatever, and i told him i wasnt home yet and that i'll talk to him online
<misslavey> i get home, scroll up and see that a fucked up "story" about what happened being told from a different nick, so i called him
<misslavey> when i was on the phone with him, he was trying to tell me that it was his friend making stuff up, but i knew it was him because he was correct about going dow on me in the doggy position and him blowing air into my cunt. he finally admitted that he had said it and that he didn't know why, and he asked if i'd still wanna see him
<misslavey> i said "probably not" and we hung up
<misslavey> i bitched at him online quite a bit about it, and apparently he was just trying to get himself attention, and he admitted tht he talked shit because a couple people had joked about him meeting me. ALSO because someone told him something pretty dumb and him being a fucking retard, he believed it.
<misslavey> [22:30] <MissLaVey> like i said, i didn't say a damn thing bad about you
<misslavey> [22:31] <MissLaVey> you had no real reason to go and fucking lie to people
<misslavey> [22:31] <jUmB0> i know
<misslavey> [22:31] <jUmB0> sometimes my inner asshole comes out
<misslavey> [22:31] <jUmB0> i think it was because i was told i got aids from you
<misslavey> [22:31] <jUmB0> not that you said it
<misslavey> [22:31] <jUmB0> but someone else did
<misslavey> ..that fucking blew me away, that someone in #pp4l says that and his dumbass thinks "omg,really?"
<misslavey> [22:37] <MissLaVey> if you had just said "dude, it was awesome", people wouldnt be making fun of you over shit you said yourself
<misslavey> [22:37] <jUmB0> ha
<misslavey> [22:37] <jUmB0> thats true
<misslavey> [22:38] <MissLaVey> they'll be like "haha! you fucked a girl you described as huge with man hands!"
<misslavey> [22:38] <MissLaVey> they *wouldnt* have said "haha, you fucked a girl who was totally awesome in bed"
<misslavey> [22:38] <jUmB0> yea
<misslavey> [22:39] <MissLaVey> maybe the military will knock some sense and maturity into you
<misslavey> [22:39] <jUmB0> ha
<misslavey> [22:39] <jUmB0> i was attention whoring
<misslavey> [22:40] <jUmB0> infamy is its own form of celebrity<misslavey> so he basically admitted to making up shit just for attention, and i don't think anything i said made matters any better, which is why he continued to keep saying shit in an attempt to win over r3my
<misslavey> [23:03] <jUmB0> im regretting the whole thing more each minute
<misslavey> [23:03] <MissLaVey> ditto
<misslavey> [23:04] <MissLaVey> though, i think i did the moment i agreed to anything
<misslavey> [23:04] <MissLaVey> i think you could tell that i was fairly apprehensive
<misslavey> [23:04] <MissLaVey> and had to convince myself i wanted to even do anything
<misslavey> [23:04] <MissLaVey> hence me telling you several times that i had to get confortable, that i felt tense, etc
<misslavey> [23:04] <jUmB0> yea
<misslavey> [23:05] <jUmB0> i could tell there was something on your mind
<misslavey> [23:05] <MissLaVey> i just wasnt completely feeling it
<misslavey> [23:05] <MissLaVey> which is why i wouldnt kiss you either
<misslavey> [23:05] <jUmB0> yea
<misslavey> [23:06] <MissLaVey> i didn't really have to pee either =\
<misslavey> [23:06] <jUmB0> i thought as much
<misslavey> [23:07] <jUmB0> i wasnt pushing your buttons i take it ?
<misslavey> [23:07] <MissLaVey> hm?
<misslavey> [23:07] <MissLaVey> oh
<misslavey> [23:07] <MissLaVey> yeah, not really
<misslavey> [23:07] <jUmB0> i thought so
<misslavey> [23:07] <jUmB0> but didnt wanna say anything
<misslavey> [23:08] <MissLaVey> it may have been more mental than anything
<misslavey> [23:08] <jUmB0> maybe
<misslavey> [23:08] <MissLaVey> i wa trying to convince myelf i was enjoying things, but it didnt work too well
<misslavey> [23:08] <jUmB0> i was kinda losing focus at that point too
<misslavey> [23:08] <jUmB0> way too much is going on with me right now
<misslavey> [23:09] <jUmB0> and i wasnt feeling the one night stand
<misslavey> [23:09] <jUmB0> its hard for me to just fuck someone without a connection
<misslavey> [23:09] <MissLaVey> i'm somewhat use to it, though i hardly ever have one night stands
<misslavey> [23:09] <MissLaVey> i thought it would have been bad if i did all that driving for nothing
<misslavey> [23:09] <MissLaVey> so i felt obligated to fuck
<misslavey> [23:10] <MissLaVey> tried to make it worth my while
<misslavey> [23:10] <jUmB0> yea
<misslavey> [23:10] <MissLaVey> i think it was a matter of attraction level
<misslavey> [23:10] <jUmB0> the head was good tho
<misslavey> [23:10] <MissLaVey> i dont like facial hair
<misslavey> [23:10] <jUmB0> for me at least
<misslavey> [23:11] <jUmB0> the sounds made it
<misslavey> i'm really thinking that if i didnt keep saying bad things to him, that he probably would have shut up
<misslavey> [23:31] <jUmB0> heh
<misslavey> [23:31] <jUmB0> we did have fun
<misslavey> [23:31] <jUmB0> or i did at least
<misslavey> [23:31] <MissLaVey> yeah, when we werent fucking
<misslavey> [23:31] <MissLaVey> haha
<misslavey> [23:31] <jUmB0> o
<misslavey> [23:31] <jUmB0> icey
<misslavey> [23:31] <MissLaVey> orl this morning wasnt too bad though
<misslavey> [23:32] <MissLaVey> was pissed that my dad took the day off
<misslavey> [23:32] <MissLaVey> oral*
<misslavey> [23:32] <jUmB0> well
<misslavey> [23:32] <jUmB0> i do love eating some tang
<misslavey> [23:33] <jUmB0> but everyone is different
<misslavey> [23:33] <jUmB0> but its all good
<misslavey> [23:33] <jUmB0> im not ashamed of anything
<misslavey> and then a little later he says..
<misslavey> [23:47] <jUmB0> so u still mad at me ?
<misslavey> [23:48] <MissLaVey> why
<misslavey> [23:48] <jUmB0> just curious
<misslavey> [23:49] <jUmB0> im thinking maybe i didnt get aids and herpes and syphilus
<misslavey> [23:49] <MissLaVey> you're an idiot if you think you did
<misslavey> [23:49] <jUmB0> heh
<misslavey> [23:54] <MissLaVey> i'm just really bothered that people i've known for YEARS are quetioning me about the shit you've said
<misslavey> [23:54] <jUmB0> heh
<misslavey> [23:55] <jUmB0> i didnt realize i would be taken seriously
<misslavey> [23:55] <jUmB0> or at least
<misslavey> [23:55] <jUmB0> that serious
<misslavey> and a little later again..
<misslavey> [00:09] <MissLaVey> i actually would have considered seeing you again if you didnt say what you did
<misslavey> [00:09] <MissLaVey> i was expecting to come home and ee you lie about GOOD things
<misslavey> [00:09] <jUmB0> :\
<misslavey> [00:09] <jUmB0> i should have
<misslavey> [00:09] <jUmB0> but like i said
<misslavey> [00:10] <jUmB0> i was mad at myself
<misslavey> [00:10] <jUmB0> and u became a target
<misslavey> so basically, he's an inexperieced, immature retarded looking fuck who makes shit up all because of irc 'peer pressure' of all things

Military Update logs[edit]

(@vap0r) MissLaVey. so did you get jumb0 kicked out of the military?
(@f1re) what ????
(@vap0r) i dunno
(@vap0r) oi just remember her sayin soemthin about contacting the military
(@f1re) kicked out of the
(@f1re) what
(MissLaVey) no, he's just being worked extra hard while there :x
(@vap0r) and all this shit was about to happen
(@f1re) WTF
(@f1re) are u serious
-── mode/#pp4l [+b *!*olormeonc@*] by f1re


<MissLaVey> you do realize he stole shit from me, right?
<MissLaVey> he stole pills i NEED for pain management
<MissLaVey> and he also lied to get into the military
<f1re> dont be snitchin
<MissLaVey> dont be stealing
<f1re> lied to get in the military
<f1re> i see how thats your business/problem
<f1re> :\
<MissLaVey> i'm from a military family
<MissLaVey> i have oodles of respect for the military
<MissLaVey> i dont want total shitbags getting in
<f1re> fine
<MissLaVey> he lied about being a druggie
<MissLaVey> just to get in
<f1re> uh
<f1re> dont u do drugs
<MissLaVey> nope
<MissLaVey> i dont even drink
<f1re> pills dont count
<MissLaVey> nope, because they're prescribed to me
<MissLaVey> for legitimate reasons
<f1re> oh if they are prescribed they arent drugs
<f1re> true
<MissLaVey> lets pretend that you broke your neck
<MissLaVey> and someone stole the pain pills you needed
<MissLaVey> would you be ike "oh, that's okay"
<MissLaVey> wow, you're very bitter
<MissLaVey> someone snitch on you in the past?
<f1re> uhhhhhhhh
<f1re> ya
<MissLaVey> yeah, that's why you're pissed
<f1re> yep
<MissLaVey> have someone steal something from you and see how it feels
<f1re> it's happened plenty of times
<MissLaVey> let them steal your money too
<f1re> um
<f1re> im not even bothering with this anymore
<MissLaVey> so yeah, get pissed because i thought about calling the military
<f1re> seeya ok
<MissLaVey> "oh noes, she wanted to call the military! lets ban her!"
<f1re> thats what i said too
<MissLaVey> i'm banned just for THINKING about snitching
<MissLaVey> lawl
<MissLaVey> you're sticking up for a shady guy because of an irc bond
<MissLaVey> lawl
<f1re> im not sticking up for anyone
<f1re> im removing snitches
<f1re> and stupid bitches
<f1re> gettin riches
<MissLaVey> wait, who did i snitch on?
<MissLaVey> oh please tell me
<MissLaVey> i'm dying to know
<f1re> were done
<f1re> this is boring
(@clay) wait
(@clay) so in that link
(@clay) etc
(@clay) thats two different people
(@clay) i thought it was two pictures of that guy
(vap0r) LOL
(@clay) one of him being a guy and one of him being a woman
(@clay) doesnt it look like a tranny
(vap0r) you serious?
(vap0r) well
(vap0r) ya
(vap0r) but ahha
(vap0r) are you serious?
(vap0r) ahaha
(@clay) yes
(vap0r) i have to add that quote
(@clay) shes got so much makeup on i figured she was trying to cover stubble

An Epic Discovery logs[edit]

[10:15] * Now talking in #politics
[10:15] * Topic is 'Tony Snow, Ive read and listened to your pov for years. We love you, Speedy recovery!'
[10:15] * Set by FreeTra3d! on Tue Mar 27 09:19:29
[10:16] <JupaSaur> Harsen the brit government lied about attacking iraq. the brit government is just as bad as the iran gov. it is just that we like the brits better than the iranians
[10:16] <Eeyore> Harsen I hope you and I get to share a nice big bomber together
[10:16] <gopp> Harsen the british
[10:16] <orangepop> hey MissLaVey
[10:16] <Harsen> Eeyore, I'm straight
[10:16] <L0c0> blah
[10:16] <Demopubli> gopp Sorry if fasctual info can't back up your claims, I can, sorry
[10:16] <L0c0> lunch time
[10:17] <f1re> MissLaVey: hey'
[10:17] <f1re> sup qt
[10:18] <MissLaVey> hi
[10:18] <f1re> they was talkin about u in pp4l
[10:18] <Harsen> alright I gotta run
[10:18] <mongo`> gopp do you suck up much?
[10:18] <gopp> dam femnist corrupt our men
[10:18] <f1re> and i couldnt resist
[10:18] * gee-wolf ( has joined #politics
[10:18] <gopp> suck up
[10:18] <f1re> i needed to see u
[10:18] <MissLaVey> heh, imagine that
[10:18] <f1re> its been so long
[10:19] <MissLaVey> i've been on vacation
[10:19] <fordnut> they put a fucking hijab  on this British woman???
[10:19] <gopp> JupaSaur but you have no proof I am lying
[10:19] <f1re> oh really
[10:19] <MissLaVey> mmhmm
[10:19] <f1re> he always brings it up
[10:19] <MissLaVey> bf and i drove from MYC to key west
[10:19] <gopp> JupaSaur I on the other hand have proof your saying incorrect stuff
[10:19] <f1re> i think ramprat is jealous of some aussie guy u got
[10:19] <gopp> MissLaVey how is rehab
[10:20] <MissLaVey> gopp: i don't drink or do drugs, i've never been to rehab
[10:20] <fordnut> bloody fucking hell
[10:20] <MissLaVey> nd yes f1re, my bf moved here from australia
[10:20] <f1re> 19:19 -!- ramprat [] has quit [Quit: °ShowDowN v12 PrO° since 1996:]
[10:20] <gee-wolf> MissLavey went to the scientology rehab "narcanon"
[10:20] <f1re> he got scared when i said i was talking to u
[10:20] <f1re> he wants u
[10:20] <gee-wolf> you got addicted t prescription painkillers
[10:20] <Demopubli> GOPP Do you think the polls are correct about Bush's approval rating?
[10:20] <MissLaVey> heh, my bf nd i harassed scientologists on the trip
[10:20] <gopp> Demopubli not 100%
[10:20] <gee-wolf> and miht I say your drug free lifestyle is takin you places too
[10:20] <gopp> :)
[10:20] <orangepop> MissLaVey sweet  did you take pics?
[10:20] <f1re> hate scientology
[10:20] <Demopubli> gopp Why?
[10:20] <gopp> Demopubli polls can lie
[10:20] * f1re ( has left #politics
[10:21] <Eeyore> MissLaVey try it with pentacostles sometime
[10:21] <MissLaVey> they had a table set up on NYC streets and he randomly started yelling at them
[10:21] <mongo`> gopp: republicans can lie too
[10:21] <MissLaVey> and he took a piss on the side of a scientology church in columbus
[10:21] <Eeyore> brb
[10:21] <mongo`> gopp: anyone can lie
[10:21] <Eeyore> nick Eeyore_AFK
[10:21] <gopp> MissLaVey I don't  drink or do drug
[10:21] <fordnut> i hope this lights a fire under the the UK public's arse
[10:21] <Demopubli> gopp 33%-34% by two ,differerent sources seems to me to be close to accurate
[10:22] <fordnut> the Brits can get down when they want to
[10:22] <orangepop> MissLaVey's website is awesome
[10:22] <gopp> mongo` you make it sound like liberal don't lie
[10:22] <gopp> Demopubli where is that source from
[10:22] <gopp> how did they take the test
[10:22] <mongo`> gopp scroll up
[10:22] <Eeyore> orangepop link please
[10:22] <gopp> and what test did they use 
[10:22] * moderatum sets mode: +v ShadowWRK
[10:22] <gopp> who was the population
[10:23] <Demopubli> FOXNEWS, See the questions for yourself
[10:23] <orangepop> MissLaVey might get mad.  I will let her link it
[10:23] <gopp> good
[10:23] <Eeyore> MissLaVey link please
[10:23] <mongo`> well foxnews always lies
[10:23] <gopp> I don't watch fox news
[10:23] <gopp> it could be true
[10:23] <gopp> who knows
[10:23] <MissLaVey>
[10:23] <MissLaVey> those are our vacation pics
[10:24] <MissLaVey> any pictures containing me, him, or our friends are in a private album
[10:24] <orangepop> that's not the website I have
[10:24] <Eeyore> MissLaVey great photos thank you. captures many US towns well. reminds me of York Beach maine whihc I particualry love
[10:25] <MissLaVey> Eeyore: we pln on travelling more once we rebuild our funds
[10:26] <Eeyore> MissLaVey do chck out york beach maine and Portsmouth N.H.
[10:25] <MissLaVey> orangepop: i hve several sites
[10:26] <orangepop> MissLaVey this one is my favorite.
[10:27] <MissLaVey> Eeyore: i'll consider it, we avoided new englnd this trip simply because it was out of the way
[10:28] <orangepop> hey why did you take it down MissLaVey ?
[10:29] <MissLaVey> orangepop: you can try to guess the new dir if you'd like
[10:29] <MissLaVey> heh
[10:32] <orangepop> MissLaVey k I'll look.  brb
[10:37] <orangepop> MissLaVey
[10:37] <MissLaVey> ?
[10:37] <orangepop> I found it!
[10:37] <orangepop> What do I win?
[10:37] <MissLaVey> congrats
[10:37] <orangepop>
[10:38] <Eeyore> haha
[10:38] <Eeyore> she looks familiar
[10:38] <Eeyore> she is a sex trade worker?
[10:38] <orangepop> lawl
[10:38] <orangepop> who knows
[10:38] <orangepop> nice titties tho
[10:39] <Eeyore> havent seen those yet
[10:39] <Eeyore> still looking at her familair looking little twat
[10:39] <Eeyore> always nice to see that first :*)
[10:42] <orangepop> MissLaVey you there?
[10:42] <MissLaVey> mmhmm
[10:43] <Eeyore> MissLaVey excellent stuff thanks :*)
[10:43] <MissLaVey> no prob
[10:49] <orangepop> MissLaVey you have any more pics to share?
[10:49] <MissLaVey> nah, not really
[10:52] <orangepop> MissLaVey who's finger is that?
[10:53] <orangepop> MissLaVey you there?
[10:56] <MissLaVey> i'm here
[10:59] <orangepop> MissLaVey oh ok.  I thought I was lagged.
[10:59] <orangepop> so who's finger is that?
[10:59] <MissLaVey> nobody you know
[10:59] <orangepop> oh :/
[11:00] <orangepop> you got a big clit is it sensative?
[11:02] <orangepop> MissLaVey ?
[11:02] <Eeyore> orangepop with any luck she is making new movies
[11:03] <orangepop> INORITE
[11:04] -> [MissLaVey] PING
[11:04] [MissLaVey PING reply]: 1sec
[11:06] <orangepop> I think MissLaVey is busy on cam.
[11:06] <_3Josephs> ewww
[11:06] <Eeyore> orangepop lets hope
[11:06] <Eeyore> brb
[11:07] <MissLaVey> no, i'm busy talking to bf
[11:07] <orangepop> MissLaVey was it your boyfriends finger in the movie?
[11:08] <MissLaVey> no
[11:08] <MissLaVey> thats way old stuff
[11:08] <orangepop> Thats messed up.  Does he know?
[11:08] <MissLaVey> yes, he knows
[11:08] <orangepop> wow you guys are swingers.  That's cool
[11:08] <MissLaVey> he doesnt give a shit that i was with someone else 4 years ago
[11:08] <orangepop> so SRSLY you got a big clit is it sensative?
[11:09] <MissLaVey> no, not swingers.
[11:09] <MissLaVey> we didnt know eachother 4 years ago
[11:10] <orangepop> MissLaVey I see.  All cleared up.  But RLY... you got a huge clit.  How sensative is it?
[11:10] <Yaakov> FreeTrad3: Would you please ban that loser?
[11:10] <FreeTrad3> Which one ?
[11:10] <Yaakov> orangepop
[11:10] <orangepop> what?  
[11:10] <FreeTrad3> I see now
[11:10] <Yaakov> Scroll up 3 lines or so.
[11:11] -FreeTrad3:#politics- orangepop has been Shitlisted Porn Ads!
[11:11] <orangepop> sorry I will clean it up
[11:11] * FreeTrad3 sets mode: +b *!*
[11:11] <FreeTrad3> Porn Spammer
[11:11] * You were kicked by FreeTrad3 (orangepop)
[11:11] * Attempting to rejoin channel #politics
[11:11] * Unable to join channel (address is banned)