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Animated version
The ancient Egyptians' version


I am unsure if you are aware of the problems that your "Incident with the bird" picture has caused on the popular technology website slashdot. Many users of this site's messageboards are posting links to and making text based representations of a bird on a man's penis. Frankly, while I am pro-freedom, this type of photo sickens me. Could you please move the location of the bird page on your site to keep slashdot readers from seeing things that are completeley unrelated to computers and technology? I'm not asking you to remove the content, just to relocate it.

FYI the text representation of the bird is:

  < )
  ( \

with a link to the offensive site ( underneath, these "Penis Birds" are posted by Penis Bird Guy, Penis Bird MAN and several other users


Andrew J. Tosh

Twitter e-penis bird

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