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The irony of this is she, Permit Patty, sells Marijuana which is unregulated, then had the balls to bitch about a kid selling water without a permit


—ED Staff

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I  did call police, but not on anybody


—Permit Patty

Permit Patty (Powerword: Allison Ettel), former CEO of TreatWell Health - a Cannabis products company - could have saved her career and reputation had she been partaking in some of her company's own merchandise when she decided to get pissy and call the rollers on a little 8-year-old black girl that was selling water on the sidewalk near AT&T Park in San Francisco, California.

I'm sorry about the incident, it had nothing to do with race


—Permit Patty

This decision, while not an easy one, is in the best interest of [the company's] patients.


—TreatWell Health Spokesperson

The Making Of Permit Patty[edit]

What started it all
The water bootlegger herself

It was a hot day in the San Francisco Bay Area. Permit Patty, suffering from what she claims were "woman's issues" - either she was having her period, was feeling fat, or was just out of chocolate - found herself unable to concentrate on her work. Outside her home office was a little girl screaming at the top of her lungs that she had water for sale at $2 a bottle, because, according to her mother, she was trying to earn money to go to Disney Land.

I'm used to hearing a lot of noise, but not ... shouting and yelling in a continuous manner. It was completely repetitive, every second,


—Permit Patty

Claiming that all she wanted to do was ask the girl to maybe quiet down a bit so she could get some work done, Permit Patty said she was accosted by the girl's mother who immediately began to vent about infant rights, how the sidewalk belongs to her, and how her daughter has a right to sell anything she wants, including her deliciously tight, coal-black sphincter.

Claiming that all she did was ask the girl to either leave or to quit shouting so much, she was once again informed about the unwritten Street Laws by the girl's mother and that she had a right to sell water. After a short argument about needing a sales license, Permit Patty claims she only called 911 dispatch to see if she was correct that health codes required a permit for someone to sell bottled water on the street. Yes, the shady cunt thinks 911 is her personal google.

Yes Dispatch said confirming Permit Patty's suspicions.

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Permit Patty Ain't Nothing But a Bitch According To Erin Austin[edit]

We're ok with selling water if this is the end result.

According to Erin Austin, the mother of Jorden Rodgers, the 8-year-old girl selling bottled water at $2 a bottle, "Jorden was as quiet as a Black Family in a movie theater. "

Trying to play on the many black memes that have died off quickly such as #BlackLivesDon'tMatter, #ShotInTheBack, #TheyCalledTheCopsOnMe-AfterINicelyAskedForTheirWalletsCuzI'sBlack or #ChokeMeTilICan'tBreathe, Erin promptly went straight for the race card saying that Permit Patty only called the police because her daughter was black and wouldn't have done the same if her daughter were white or a Jew selling water on the sidewalk.

Erin Austin insinuated that Permit Patty couldn't give a shit about her daughter's life and her whole goal was to get her shot by a police officer because cops have nothing better to do than shoot little Black children selling water at a 200% mark-up.

Just the fact that she called the police on a child, that's evil, but to call on a child of color, knowing that people have been killing black kids. That says to me you don't care about my child's life.


—Erin Austin: Concerned Mother


The Moral Of The Story[edit]

If you're a highly paid executive in a business where bad press can kill your job and make you look like an asshole, don't go up to a person and give them a piece of your mind if you have a problem with them.

Keep your fucking mouth shut and just call the police if you think they're doing something illegal and you won't end up on Youtube having people calling you a racist, you stupid attentionwhore.

Once that video goes viral and news sources discover your Power Word, face it, your life is over and all your experience will do is get you a job salting French-Fries, if you're lucky. Don't self dox, cunts.

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