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The Pernicious Developers (Also Known as Arcane Sky and Arcane Zayne) are a Group of Professional Hackers who started up on sometime in Mid 2012 when Sky wanted to show off his l33t h4x0r skills and make some money, like the money hungry pig he is.

Zayne right now

The Rektage and Unrektage of the P.D.[edit]

A year or two after they started the group, they both got their Dox leaked on Death Row. This caused the Pernicious Developers to become angry and started their own LOLFAIL DOXBIN (Which you can see [ Here]). The archive is almost exclusive to HackForums members dox because everytime sky gets pissed off at something, it is almost always something on hackforums. On October 22nd 2014, Sky got repfucked and banned from for major harassment against members. He became majorly butthurt and posted Based God Omni's dox and ssn on the website. Which only made it worse for sky and got the Permanent Ban Hammer (or as they call it on hf, Account Closure). He has then been stealing dox from Doxbin and posting them on his site. On November 7th, When Doxbin was seized by the feds, he started spamming other forums like ubers and leak (because he can never access hf again) saying that it is "the official doxbin replacement". This has caused a fair bit of drama between doxbin users, and Jack James Knipe (aka Sky) getting his dox expanded (See DOX) yet again.

Fun Facts[edit]

Some of the activites of the pernicious developers include:

  • Threatening to Swat Little Kids that don't give them money
  • Taking credit for other peoples work
  • Stealing content from doxbin
  • Scamming
  • Doing Skid things

How to be Like the Pernicious Developers[edit]

  • Dox everyone that you see
  • Troll everyone you can't dox
  • Talk shit on twitter about everyone you can't troll
  • Dox everyone you can't talk shit about

More Info[edit]

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