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The Internets evolution
of sign holding faggotry.

Pet shaming is a viral mommy-blogger style pet meme that first took off on Tumblr and quickly spread like a cancer through the tubes.

It's a derivative parody of socially-detached, autistic attempts to try and say something profound by taking a picture of your ugly ass along with some socially inspiring inanity or condemning concern about the state of affairs in the world poorly slathered up on a piece of computer paper or a marker board for the more discerning attention-whore. Which in turn is a derivative of humorous panhandling posters used to acquire sex, booze, drugs and money by appealing to people's sense of humor, in turn making them stand out more and in turn increasing the odds of getting free stuff.

The very first known example of pet shaming originated from blogger Nobody Cares who was quickly catapulted to e-fame and is now widely known all across the tubes for his incredible contributions to pet lulz. He has likewise made tons of money and acquired numerous bitches as a result of said e-fame.

That was a joke son, you missed it.

The Cancer Spreads[edit]

Pet Shaming Fursona Hurr Hurr.png

Originally it was just dogs and then came cats and before long even the fur fuckers started joining in with horribly unfunny drawn versions featuring their favorite fursonas, sparkle dogs and Sonic recolors. As usual, once a meme starts circulating through the feral dog fucking furtard community you know it's pretty well peaked and it's time to consider chemotherapy.

In addition to being slurped up and shit out by the furry community it has likewise been picked up by the money making opportunists of the tubes who have started churning out sites solely dedicated to pet shaming and of course completely overrun with eye raping advertisements to try and milk the meme for all its worth.

And of course, not surprisingly, it has also developed a following of overly retarded social justice retards who have become overly concerned about the poor pet's welfare and how shaming them on the tubes could lead to PTSD triggers and bullying behaviors. Oh noes! And of course, where there's attention whoring SJWs you have lesser news media sites just waiting to shovel up the shit into their reader's mouths along with some clever click-bait headlines...


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