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Some loser posted the story of his fucked-up love life on /b/. With his rant, he posted a picture of his cat, Peter.

Obviously, /b/ didn't emotionally partake, but it fell in love with Peter. Plenty of image macros featuring Peter have been created since. When on /b/, try not to insult Peter's divinity, doing so will result in much drama.

Pete, like all famous cats, shares in both the gift that is to be an enamored cat and the curse it is to live your life in the spotlight. He has done nothing important. He hasn't induced any lulz, he hasn't rallied anons to epic raids, he hasn't motivated masses of pimple-faced basement-dwellers to modify currency in an effort to troll the "man". No, he has done none of that. In fact, the only thing Peter is guilty of is...well, being fucking cute. I dare you to find a cuter cat. I double fucking doggy dare you.


On the warm spring evening of 4/09/09, and a certain /b/tard decided to post a random picture of his beloved feline companion. The original thread has disappeared into obscurity, but the ripples made into the stream of life by his actions are still felt throughout the 4chan community. Quickly, newfags united with very little opposition by the armies of oldfaggotry and adopted Peter The Cat as their new reigning king of cats and savior of humanity. To this day, Peter The Cat(or Piotr for the russian-folk) is widely accepted as /b/'s King Of Cats.

The Duality Of Peter[edit]

Photoshopped Eyelashesbrows
Admiralcat v.s. Peter

On 4/13/2009, it was revealed to the masses, through clever detective work, that admiralcat and Peter are in fact one in the same. The following picture outlines similarities in the bed sheets. Also, the same had been said before based on their similar fur patterns, yet was debunked that same day because admiralcat has two streaks of black fur on the upper part of his eyes. A few days later, the original 'shopper of the admiralcat picture came forth and revealed that the second black streak on admiralcat's left eye was photoshopped there to give the appearance of an angry, yet determined, cat headed to his submarine to invade Amerika. Also, Lenincat.

Also, some cables in the background of both pictures were observed as being similar enough to warrant evidence.

If these allegations hold true, it would mean that Peter is A)bipolar B)in command of your armies and nuclear arsenals. That would make him, quite literally, the most dangerous and the cutest cat of all time. Clearly defining his position as rightful king of the cat throne.

Peter - Revealed

Famous Quotes[edit]

randomly posted cat that a few people named and decided would be the greatest cat ever. It caught on, somewhat, and all the newfags think it's an epic meme and will spam it until it is ruined forever


—Anonymous on the history of Peter




he is king






Fuck your brushie bat, i love Peter the Cat!



Its fucking Peter

King of all cats :3




hes got a goatee





Peter is awesome.

What's the deal with the rest of this shitty thread?







sut the fuck up everybody

give the fucking cat a break! let him be , he is just a poor cat! don't worry peter , i got your back!


—A supportive Anonymous

forced cat meme is forced

forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced forced cat meme is forced


—A jealous Anonymous

Peter for president!


—A patriotic Anonymous

Ich bin Schnappi das klein krokodil.



There's no such queen.

Only Peter.



—Anonymous arguing against Boxxy's Queen status.

i am more convinced by the small black patch on lower nose/exactly the same fur pattern/black on chin than by the couch covering.

well whaddra know. double meme cat


—Anonymous on finding out that Peter is commander cat and they have a double meme cat.

Righteous Pictures & Видео[edit]


Gallery Of противоположности, а равно About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Гимн Lenincat[edit]

Lenincat YTMND[edit]



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