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Phantasy Star (Weebspeak: ファンタシースター) is a shitty turn-based JRPG that was originally released in Japan on December 20, 1987, for the Sega Master System and was later brought to North America in November of 1988. The game has been included in many of Sega's numerous compilations and has been given two different Japan-only remakes; Phantasy Star Generation: 1 for PlayStation 2, which was released on August 28, 2003, and Phantasy Star: Deluxe Edition for mobile phones which was released on September 21, 2004.

The game is notable for being the first entry in Sega's poorly managed Phantasy Star series which spawned two sequels, an overpriced doorstop, numerous spinoffs, and eventually created and unleashed the cancer known as MMORPGs with the release of 2000's Phantasy Star Online.

Phantasy Star was developed by a bunch of the same Japs who would later become known as Sonic Team and was created to cash in on the success and popularity of a shitty 1986 RPG called Dragon Quest.


Alis Landale (Alicer Landeel)
A Mary Sue who possesses the best stats out of all the characters, she's basically just Luke Skywalker with a vagina. She's on a quest to avenge her brother and assassinate Lassic.

A talking cat who can turn into a giant, flying, talking cat if he eats nuts.

Odin (Tyrone)
The typical powerhouse character who can't use magic and relies entirely on physical attacks. Hilariously, he's actually weaker than Alis.

Noah (Lutz)
An Esper who looks like a girl and acts like a bitch.

Trolling Phantasy Star Fags[edit]

  • Point out that the game is literally just Star Wars with D&D monsters.
  • Say that Phantasy Star stole Espers from Final Fantasy VI.
  • Say that Phantasy Star ripped off Final Fantasy II.
  • Say that Phantasy Star ripped off Final Fantasy IV.
  • Say that Phantasy Star ripped off EarthBound.
  • Say that Final Fantasy is a better game.
  • Call Alis a Mary Sue.
  • Refer to Noah as she/her.
  • Say that you don't play games that feature female protagonists.
  • Say that Phantasy Star III is a better game.
  • Say that Phantasy Star II is a better game.
  • Say that Phantasy Star Gaiden was a great sequel.
  • Point out that Alis murdered Algol's benevolent leader after he was possessed by Dark Falz instead of freeing him from the possession.
  • Say that Alis is a ripoff of Rey.
  • Insist on referring to Alis as "Alicer Landeel"
  • Say that Phantasy Star Gaiden officially retconned Alis as having purple hair.
  • Say that Ghost Lion had a better female protagonist.
  • Refer to Terra from Final Fantasy VI as "The first ever female protagonist in an RPG."


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