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Pic Related Puppy is a fleeting 4chan meme that came from a thread started on /b/ in July of 2009.

It is told that on this fated day, beside the OP's image was written "pic related" and, for once on /b/, the foretold relation of this sacred pic to this most epic of threads was truly accurate. This "pic related" was, although unbeknownst to the humble OP at the time, the Dalmatian puppy whose name was given to us by a Mandate of Heaven in what was expected to be simply another of the 'post ending in xx decides xx' cancer threads on 4chan's random image board.

But this WAS epic. Epic to a degree which no /b/tard could have forseen. There is an unfortunate, and necessarily ironic, twist to this most epic of wins however. The gods have shown their disfavor upon us by making this memetic messiah of the race most hated and accursed by those who make teh internets their home and trolling their fare: DOG.

His name was Pic Related, His face was dog. He was destined to be and always will be.[edit]

OC in my /b/? OP promised pictures of Pic Related's engraved collar, considering the win in this thread, OP will deliver and it will be posted here.

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Instant Gratification Dog[edit]

Pic Related also, like so many others, spawned some pseudo Advice Dog instant gratification memes.

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