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But it is Fur Faggotry
Deviantart-favicon.png PikaPetey was your average emo furry artist who made his claim to fame on Derpibooru, a site dedicated to the many magnificent works of art created by the brony community for everyone to adore. It wasn't until one fateful day when one of it's many users committed the most atrocious act anyone can perform in any artistic community: They critiqued his artwork unfavorably. Consumed with an intense amounts of jimmies rustled by the irreparable damage to his ego he became the greatest troll to ever grace the cesspool of bronydom. Most of his "trolling" consists of responding to any post that even mentions his name with a poorly drawn strawman argument proclaiming he is the only morally upstanding citizen who does not indulge in clop.

He also spams the image boards with multiples of the same shit drawings/animations without tagging them properly so he can shove his crappy art down the throats of people who have blocked his shit. When he inevitably gets banned he is not above playing the victim and going emo afterwards to garner sympathy (by posting moar shit images) from his fans who gather around him to give sympathy. He will shamelessly use these bouts of "depression" to plug his shitty streams. It should also be noted that one may summon him on derpibooru at any point and time by simply mentioning his name despite the fact he is supposedly so busy with all of his projects.

Peteys "Art"[edit]

typical response to comments on his shit
Pete's supposed primary art medium is hand drawn animation but his most prolific medium is strawman arguments against Anons who he disregards as people because people never say anything disparaging under a username. He is not much kinder to people with usernames who critique his art. Most if not all of his works contain or refer to Bronies or Ponies and his inherent desire to have sex with them while making fun of them.
Is this the good Art?
or is this it?
fuck it, I give up trying to find the good shit.
When people tell him his troll art is shit he will defend himself saying that he can draw better, and that his good art is displayed somewhere else, wherever that is, it's clearly not his deviantart page. Even stuff he posts that isn't made to make him look like a completely unlikable douche is the same shit over and over again; ponies making faggoty buck tooth grins.

I've managed to convince the brony community that's all I can do... tee hee!!!


PikaPetey - trying to convince people into thinking he isn't complete shit

Remember over 9000? Petey sure does, and he has totally breathed new life into that well loved meme

Petey and Critique[edit]

Pictured here is one of Petey's comics with reaction images inserted between each panel. The image seen here is the image that drove him down the dark path of trolling and being a huge bitch. The original comic was created as therapy for coping with death of his sister who killed herself after he raped her crab ridden cunt.

Petey regards any critique that is not overwhelmingly positive as hate (just as any other tartlet) and will usually respond with a poor drawing questioning his critics artistic abilities. In the event that he questions someone with greater artistic ability then him he will often retreat behind a wall of white knights to defend his non-existent honor.
can't touch this
Only until someone calls him out on his cowardice will he emerge to say he doesn't need their help. He will then resort to being edgy by drawing his fursona like a rejected Tim Burton monster acting like the victim of bullying. Much like Chris-Chan He also blames his asinine nature on an serious case of PTSD from watching his sister off herself. This is accompanied by him directly asking the very people he tries to troll for sympathy, and being the kind people bronies are, will indulge him. The smart people will keep ripping at him until he goes and does something retarded that gets him b& for a few days giving them respite from his bullshit.

Petey's Ban History[edit]

don't fuk with me m8, I ben banned liek seven times. I wil rek U feggit
Unlike most people, Petey actively seems to seek bans in order to fulfill his need to be seen as the misunderstood, fursecuted artist that everyone bullies just to be dicks. When Petey can't get a ban through his usual method of image spamming and general faggotry he will actually goad the mods into banning his fat ass with drawings directed towards them. during his b& time he posts on tumblr retelling his heroic battles with derpibooru mods and the insatiable cloppers and asking people to watch him be emo on his live streams.

Petey's Stance on clop[edit]

Anyone who does not kiss Petey's ass and praise him as the lord of all that is artistic is in fact a clopper. Petey maintains a moral high ground and does not enjoy nor draw any from of clop images.

Things that Piss Petey Off[edit]

  • Ask if you can commision him to draw clop
  • Talk about clop
  • tell him his work is shit compared to any other animator who actually animates.
  • call him out for hiding behind his pathetic drawings.

But please... Be gentle, he's sensitive[edit]

Samples of his pleas for pity.

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