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This page is about an attempted an hero.

Pikacat39 (aka garbear-pigpopo, also known as Deadsunday / Cokepop) is a girl mixed between HinaUchi and Outlaw she is also a lonely 11 year old and a wannaba Tranny and a furfag. she is also bisexy. Pika is only interested is using people and getting free art, as well as rubbing her vagina over her sex slaves for a month before cheating on them. She always dates on the internet because no one loves her irl, She has only 263 watchers, but She has awesome anatomy skills

The ugly bitch
She tried to look hot, but she actually just looks like some scene wannabe.

the Lovers

This selection is for Pika's sexslaves for short periods of time and no one gives a flying fuck about it


back in May 2012 her first known lover is a boy named Sparky, who is in fact a brother of Grin, a dude who is popular among furfaggots for being spottedfire-cat's boyfriend. Pika only really liked this boy to get famous and become friends with her furfag idol, Spotty.

Apparently, Pika made some bullshit excuse that she never knew Sparky was Grin's brother. Pika told everyone on her Skype that she knew Grin was related to Sparky, then started dating him. BAWWLETED picture Pika then ended her relationship because she was bored and went to find another person to play hide and go fuck with

Pika also cheated on Sparky two times and started rumours about Sparky cheating on her.

Baww-leted Picture

Sophie and Matt

4 hours later after the Wonderfulrelationship with her penis-pal. Pika decided to get with a 15 year old gurll Called Sophie. she also decided it would be funny to date another person, Kat (now called Matt). she switched week from week from different vagina. she then got caught and decided to stay with Sophie, but STILL cheat on her with Matt, then decided to go with Matt after leaving sophie, heartbroken as usual. [this can be proven through pages 10 - 14 on her DA]

Just after 2 hours she decided to leave her Wonderful boyfriend and try to get her dirty hands on someone else.


she decided to make Deviantart-favicon.png Fangkittyartist her own by making a false skype chat which shows Fang's current boyfriend using her, only this was one her her pathetic attempts to love someone. this ended after 3 days when Pika cheated on her with Kat. Pika bawwed for Fangs return, which in reality, she only wanted free art. Fang didn't give into her demands. Pika then gave up to find a new fuckbuddy


She got with chick named Cassidy now and claimed she loved her for 1-2 months, but she was taken.

XD yeah I've liked her for like 1 or 2 months but she was taken



just after 3 days Cassidy left Pika, Pika (AGAIN) Bawwed and cried for her only loves return. then again it never happened.



she was with a girl named Carley, whom has cheated on her many times. Carley grew tired of her shit and left Pika Pika didn't like this so she decided to lie after cutting and "trying" to Commit Suicide to Make her pet feel sorry for her. It didn't work.

  • Pika earned the "you tried" Sticker*

Matt... Again?

Sometime later (by sometime I mean 2 minuets later) Pika decided she still loved her trans* friend Matt and decided to give him everlasting Love (and totally not cheat on him), but Matt only dated her because she felt sorry for the poor girl, I mean no one other than her 8 year old whiteknights like her. Few days later they broke up, Pika started to hate matt and made rumours he was cheating on her :'(


15 girlfriends later, Pika decided to get together, TWO FUCKING DAYS LATER (with shows how much she loved Matt) with a person she claimed so know it real life (with was never proven and we all know was a lie, so surprising right? unfortunately we know nothing of Tez, the only thing we know is that she was a dumb bitch to say yes to Pika asking her out :o(


Not even knowing each other for even a week; Pika decided to get her dirty hands on a girl named Nimo. Pika made up the fact that they have been together for a month, even though last month she was with Tez. Nimo smarted up soon and went for someone else leaving Pika bawwing and CUtting SOOBBSSS// as usual


Now it's Ashton. Ashton was dating Pika for about 2 months. Ashton couldn't take the crying and pain so she eventually left Pika. Ashton left her knowing she was going to cheat and just gave up. But after 2 or 3 days they got back together like that. Knowing the Pika-whore she is, she would have begged Ashton back. Ashton is now her current victim to this day. we are all hoping to the day she stops dating for good


Pika is currently known single and crying because she can't have Bstars 1cm Dick in her wet pussy. Bstar is 20 and Pika is 11 :( Pika can't face the fact that their love will never be


Once again our Lovey Pikacunt has found her one True Love Deviantart-favicon.png cibibot. this poor girl has no idea of what Pika can and will do. Pika also states that she is MARRIED to another girl. Deviantart-favicon.png carlee--vantaas. I hope Pika knows that having two relationships will end badly for everyone :'(

Carley again

seems like our little slut has found a new lover, suprisingly its Deviantart-favicon.png carlee--vantaas (the girl Pika cheated on her many times with matt) I don't think Carley has learned from the last time :'cc silly mistake girl - you're going to get cheated on. Now she is saying she is "singu, but other relationship status is she's married to Carley "STATUS: singu other status:married to: =L-E-S-B-I-A-N"

So is she single now?


Now she is with a chick named Frosty . god dam does this chick ever stop dating? god, she's just like another hinauchi. Hopefully frosty will dump her because you know shes just using her for fame and art - and just gonna cheat on her lmao

Drama Llama


The deleted comment screencap.

To spice up more drama, Pika made a call out journal about Fang, she made some Bullshit Lies which earned her ass-pats from her 8 year old white knights. Fang commented on this is journal about the truth and Pika removed the comment then Pika baww-leted the journal and it is never spoken of today.

Trannies and BStar

Pika seems to think she is a boy now, the push was Matt and a popular known women through furags, hinauchi's boyfriendd Ethan. Now she claims she's female again.. She only wanted to be male because "she felt like a male" without seeing someone. Oh, pika you can't diagnose yourself. which, is another reason why we all hate you.

PIKA OBTAINED A FRIEND, Battlestar, whom is in his 20. She goes to him every time she's butthurt or has a problem he goes by the names people use for him, Bstar, Boobstar, Bjstar, Bastardstar, and Bitchstar. Pika , or Gary, also has a crush on this poor soul, the only reason for this is because Bstar is friends with Cry (chaoticmonki). This seems to be a continuous thing for Pika, using people to get famous/art. Bstars skype is peaches770 and battlestar700


After most of her relationships Pika claims to cut herself and apparently has tried to kill herself. Welp. She was lying. There has never been any proof she does any of this. Pika also claims her mother beats her, and her brother molested her. The fact that Matts brother has molested her is quiet ironic. She says her father is dead as well. Somedays she calims she's being bullied everyday and some she is really popular at her school in belgium. We all know she is an ugly cunt, so no wonder she is getting bullied.

I cheated for fun

Messages Pika apparently cheated for fun/entertainment, now she is a wonderful girl right, but as you see she had nothing against Ashton and Fang, but she cheated on them with Matt. Dam this girl is so confusing, no wonder no one likes her.


Welp the stupid cunt found out she has an ED page. http://garbear-pigpopo.deviantart.com/journal/okay-so-ovo-368357004 (the journal) or incase she deletes over butthurt here is a quote

lol some fggts wrote an encyclopedia and i laughed so hard

it's just so funny because they think they know the real me XD lol



. We all know the real Pika, but someone seems to be hiding it :'c


Pikacunt put all her "artwork" in storage. she claims the reason for this was "moving accounts" , but we all know she wanted to hide the proof to make it look like her ED page is lying :'c oh baww, she then made a journal because we got her private infomation and everyone was bawwing. all the baww comments are found in this journal: http://garbear-pigpopo.deviantart.com/journal/okay-im-going-to-kill-this-person-UvU-369025301

The Secret account

After "leaving her account she got rid of all her dramama pictures to make it look like she is good person Deviantart-favicon.png deadsunday IS HER NEW "SECRET" account shhh don't tell anyone though ;)

Pika has finally told everyone on her old account that she moved to her new one. its not like anyone cares about her though, other than her 8 year old fans who want to kiss her ass for being such a Nice Girl. we're sorry to DA... they have to keep this girl.

As of 1/13/2015, deaadsunday is gone. It seems even her secret account wasn't safe.




  • Blagbf Dead.
  • publicpikacat39skype Dead.
  • dvrwatch Current,





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