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PixelBee has a penchant for glamor shots.
Someone call child protection services, this woman cuts like a 16 year old girl and still tries to bring up children with our taxes? NO WAI!
Fatty; you left crumbs on your face.

PixelBeeProductions, or Gina, is a YouTube lolcow, pathological liar, schizophrenic, deadbeat mom, suicidal low-life, dramatist who has an internet lawyer, and waaaay too much time on her hands. She is essentially the definition of white trash, and has an ugly alligator mouth she uses to suck doctors' dicks for uppers. She is best known for her lack of eyebrows, teeth, and that crumb on her lip from the car she ate.

She is an unfit parent, child abuser, and called out on YouTube in the past by wily EDiots. She claims of having underground connections with YouTube and MySpace, stating she has been mailed the IP of the "hackers" from them. Gina May was so desperate she lied to herself to give her the impression that she had power over her past foolish decisions. Obviously uneducated, unstable, and too preoccupied with finding her next fix, she's unaware that most people know she's full of shit.

She's infected with at least 100 diseases, mostly from eating rotten shit she finds in crab-restaurant dumpsters. Everyone hopes she gets cancer and dies, or kills herself. The lulz from the subsequent tribute videos would be massive.

The Battle of PixelBeeProductions

Gina May lies on the interweb to give people the impression she has an advantage.

The battle of PixelBeeProductions was a short and swift blow to the unprepared YouTube militia.


Her docs were found via her site's (dead) whois by Internet Detectives. She was given two friendly, non-threatening phone calls, lasting only a few seconds in length. On the second call, it is alleged that wattagecat claimed he was from the Internet Police and wanted to talk.


Sargent Smith with the Fucking Police Department and Internet lawyers were notified, and Wattagecat was summoned to e-court.

(view the transcript at PixelBeeProductions/Transcript - if removed. go here and view "cancer patient LOL!!! new") TL;DR essentially shes buying a dog and getting some curtains.


A few days later, the butt-hurt PixelBee deleted her YouTube videos. Although this is a part of her regimen, since she is in desperate need of attention.

Traceroute: Photo Edition

YouTube Favicon.png Einsidler

Pixelbee, an Internet Wizard, found wattagecat's DNS number and used seekrit hacker skills to attain his photo. Einsidler, a great EDiot, made an extremely win rebuttal video.

Pixelbee Partner's with ED

In a surprise move of lol-drama, pixelbee became peppermintpatti's enemy. She lobbied for the support of wattagecat by contacting him through MySpace, and even going as far as adding him as a friend.



She spoke with EDiots, going as far as giving Patti's cell phone number. When peppermintpatti started catching on to her, she was startled and tried to cover her tracks, but it was too late, all of her interaction with ED and wattage were logged and placed on this page.

Self-inflicted wound

No one is quite sure why, but PixelBee attempted to frame Wattagecat by wiping her YouTube channel and replacing it with a video of wattagecat's LJ icon with the æ. Some believe that TheMaskedAnalyst gave her advice to perform this act, in hopes that ED would desert wattagecat, leaving him powerless - most people with a fucking brain don't believe that shit though.

A Nomad

Before leaving for good she continued to go channel to channel like a female Trevor Reiger, deleting videos, then completely closing her account and moving to a new one.

Her SEX life

It hungers for automotive treats.

Of course, we all know she brought 3 human beings into the world without ANY care that such losers will live horrible lives. Her ex-bf on MySpace (link below) dumped her, but he didn't love her, lol.

Also, the dungeons and dragons nerd likes her. He wants to shove his big, fat +1 cock of power into her depthz. HERE, BEHOLD, EVIDENCE!!!11


Fatty with car crumbs and the D&D nerd engage in hardcore internet flirting on YouTube, and spend countless hours editing the videos that they lipsync to so that they appear much less ugly, although it does very little good and they still appear repulsive. Shield your eyes quickly, for soon they will be having sex through vlogging on YouTube. This is very similar to cyber sex but is over nine thousand times more repulsive.

Goodbye, YouTube

On January 8th, 2007, Pixelbee, under her newest YouTube sockpuppet LoveHateStudios, posted a video stating that she was leaving YouTube for She stated she thought was a better overall site, with the video quality being better, etc. What it all really meant was that she was sick of being trolled on YouTube. Despite the move, PixelBee is still fat, ugly, dangerous, and lusting after our cars. She also made a post on her LiveVideo Forum saying she missed the drama. Let's not leave her to her misery.

Pixelbee has caught AIDS on LiveVideo.

Pixelbee Quotes

You're sitting on the other side of your computer with your Encyclopedia Dramatica, STICK IT UP YOUR ASS!11!


—[srs RAGE]



I just got back from exercise and...


I am currently in the process of contacting my lawyer!


I have contacting Sgt. Smith of the Fucking police department...




—[lol rage]





(While giving a rendition of her reaction when wattagecat called her) What? I eat cars? Oh my god" *starts cryings*


I know how to use MySpace!


Special Edition Audio

MC Spacko lays down a chill remix of PBP's dulcet tones.‎

Be warned, PixelBee's secret longings for Wattagecat are revealed within. Also contains extreme and utter rage.

Now in neckbeardless-friendly format!

Moar PixelBee Fail

Old Responses To PixelBee

Pixelbee Returns...

In June of '08 Pixelbee returned to les tubes under a new account, YouTube Favicon.png DotGinaMurder BALEETED, releasing a series of new videos (some made private or removed - surprise, surprise) to make clear to her "haters" that she has gotten over the drama from 2 years ago. She felt the best way of doing this was by making several videos addressed to her original trolls. It is unsure what her goals are now that she's returned after closing up shop ages ago, but there were notable differences upon her return. She displayed a new emo haircut, eyebrows, teeth, and a talent for the fat girl angle shot. The following video is physical proof that trolling should be practiced by everyone, anytime the opportunity arises, because in some way it can, and will, force a fatty to improve her own life.

Pixelbee's back, bitch.


—Gina, announcing her return.


Did you know that PixelBeeProductions:

  • Has no teeth.
  • Has no eyebrows.
  • Has a lazy eye.
  • Has swollen hands that resemble Mickey Mouse's gloves.
  • Could be anywhere between 20 and 70 years old, from the looks of it.
  • Never bathes.
  • Has an account on
  • HAD a website at
  • Has been trolled by bantown.
  • Has your dns number.
  • Has 3 children, a deadbeat mother.
  • Spends her life on YouTube fighting with kids.
  • Claims to have spoken to a lawyer.
  • Claims to have spoken with a deputy.
  • No one loves her, even her boyfriend left her because she is a pathological liar.
  • Hacked herself, attempting to frame wattagecat.
    • Posted on Argent009's forum that she was going to receive a snail mail from YouTube over her account.
    • Also stated that she had their IP address, and traced it to 3 other accounts.
  • IM'ed and friended wattagecat on MySpace, asking to join forces against peppermintpatti, even going as far to come on IRC to discuss her ruination, giving her cell number out.
  • Doing it for the attention, not the lulz.
  • Will get Sgt.Smith on to you prompto.

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