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Reddit-favicon.gif Place was an April Fools game on the cancerous site Reddit where players were able to place colored pixels on a giant grid in real time. It became major internet phenomena in spring 2017, bringing in 100,000+ autistic nerds who waged civil wars against each other in order to finish their own pixel art before some other faggot fucked it all up. Due to the nature of the website it was hosted on, it should come as no surprise as to the level of cancer and degeneracy present within. Place was notorious for giving you a 5~10 minute timeout when you place a pixel, but if the fags who made this didn't have the timeouts, the world map would have become completely chaotic- similar to the situation in Syria. A few days after April Fools, the world map was frozen, although a few new sites with the same concept emerged (notably

Final result

Troll War[edit]

Other cancerous sites plagued by neckbeards and faggot 14 year olds, such as 4chan, learned about Place and naturally formed squads to fuck with the site. Some hackers made scripts to control hordes of spam accounts to raep the site in order to bypass the bullshit timeouts. As usual, /pol/ is busy again trying to stir up chaos and lulz around the net. That said most of the trolling came from within, with many subreddits attempting to use bots to gain more territory.

Notable wars:



Around April Fools, some fags on 4chan tried to shill for people to expand a black void to divide the world map by zero. Newfags accepted the personal army request and a massive void resembling an anus quickly took Place by surprise. Reddit fags soon became aware of the assault and immediately begun attempts to repair the map. Casualties include hundreds of man hours wasted, although anyone on the internet does that to themselves already. Eventually, hackers collected thousands of accounts from before April 1st, and a guy made and used it to help serve as a botnet, automatically using troll's computers to help in for the war effort. A bunch of retards built their own botnets and shared them on discord, some of which were over taken by literal trannies and sabotaged the void from within.


... ultimately, the void had little overall impact as it was drowned in the amount of internal wars plaguing the place (although it did manage to get Mexico's flag rekt).


Faggots spammed rainbow, tranny, and asexual flags all over the map. Trolls quickly got to work to destroy this degeneracy from the land, and their work has been successful, so far. Turns out reddit is full of trannies who cucked /pol/ hard and ultimately caused the original anusvoid to be abandoned, leaving sad /b/tards to argue amongst themselves on discord [which they apparently dont know how to use] while migrating around the map committing minor vandalism.

God Hates Flags[edit]

Lots of fags created national flags, such as the EU, Germany, Switzerland, etc. It is believed that muslims are responsible for destroying these, just like they're doing to Europe- although liberals are to blame for assisting them in that effort. Notably, Germany and France brawled over territory for a significant amount of time. Germany's subreddit had over 4000 users, while France had around 1000. Germany was expanding its flag, the French flag was on its path.

Frenchfags flee to the north as their territory is being taken

The conflict ended with a peace treaty between the two countries, and the eventual creation of an EU flag (and later, a dove) at the intersection.

The Blue Corner[edit]

Place Blue 2.png

A bunch of autists want to consume and take over everything, like the moon from Majora's Mask or the USSR. They actively wage war by spamming blue pixels in an attempt to make this shitty project resemble every XP-era nerd's worst nightmare: a BSOD.

Automatically Updated Map[edit]


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