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Typical reaction to plagiarism

Plagiarism refers to the use of another's information, language, or writing, when done without proper acknowledgment of the original source. Essential to an act of plagiarism is an element of dishonesty in attempting to pass off the plagiarized work as original. Contrary to the claims of many a FurAffinity and deviantART "artists", plagiarism is not necessarily the same as copyright infringement, which occurs when one violates copyright law. Like most terms from the area of intellectual property, plagiarism is a concept of the modern age and not really applicable to medieval or ancient works. An example of plagiarism would be copying this definition and pasting straight into a report without giving any citation.[1]

pla·gia·rism n.

  1. a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work
  2. the act of plagiarizing; taking someone's words or ideas as if they were your own

[syn: plagiarization, plagiarisation, piracy]

The Consequences of getting caught Plagiarizing

  1. You lose your wife
  2. You lose your job
  3. You will go to prison as there's two cases like this. Plagiarize eulogy of murder victims and cry fake tears.
  4. We'll take your fucking house.
  5. Two words Consumer Fraud. Pacione was one of Boyer's victims in the Halloween 2010 serial plagiarism incident.
  6. SomethingAwful incident of plagiarism seen on par to pedophile. You will lose your soul if you're celebrated for this.
  7. You lose your closest friends and/or relatives
  8. You do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars
  9. You will get a 0 on your assignment and possible further action.
  10. If your name is Nick Simmons, you lose the respect of your dad and pretty much pretend, for the rest of your life, that Bleach ripped you off and get stuck doing late night, cable shows as a way to rationalize that you are still culturally relevant.

Plagiarism and Academics[edit]

this is the Consumer Fraud case in a nutshell. He got assraped by the media. Click on image for the larger version. Ray Comfort is another high profile example.
Most colleges, universities, and other institutions of learning will tell you that plagiarism is evil and will make you read handouts every semester on how they will ream you for it. However, if you ask any teacher of real science (psych and sociology students, you can ask your math/physics/chem teacher) about how they got tenure and they will let you in on this well kept secret. Plagiarism is your dumb ass's one ticket to success. So fire up Google and keep friendly tabs on your friend in another grad school's work. Here we consider an example lecture by Harvard Graduate of mathematics (M.A.) and now retired professor[2], Tom Lehrer (wherein the uploader claims a copyright over a video composed of stolen pictures and a song they didn't write). Plagiarism is something in the micropress circles, find one person who plagiarizes and end up hearing dog whistles like someone dropped the n-bomb. The thing about this is something almost akin to lying on a job application. Ranker discusses some of the high profile cases of this.


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