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The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is the next generation PS console, featuring the same problems that plagued its predecessor; no games, high initial price, shitty security, pathetic gimmicks, etc. All for the price of $299! This time around, things are a little different; all of the indie games being released for the PS4 instead of the Xbox One, as the latter was developed by monkeys. Oh, and the PlayStation Network now costs shekels to join; you have to pay 60$ / year just to be able to play multiplayer, an aspect 80% of games have nowadays. Now that enough time has passed and prices have gone down, you're better off custom building a gaming PC for $500 that will net you at least 60fps at mid settings, whilst the PS4 suffers 18~30 fps, set to 900x720 or 1280x720.


The details regarding the console were leaked sometime in 2012, by HACKERS ON STEROIDS. Just goes to show Sony security is about as secure as a bank run by seals and babies who don't like the police in their building.



Apart from over 9,000 remasters, a bunch of shitty indies *cough cough no man's sky*, and some random VR Garbage, the PS4 really has a crap list of exclusives as opposed to its PS3 counterpart. Feel free to add any of the noticeable PS4 games that aren't remasters/remakes since ps4 has too many of them to count.

  • Uncharted 4 - Arguably the only game worth considering as a good exclusive at the moment. Even then, it's just a ripoff of tomb raider :/. Known for making fanboys go batshit insane when it's MetaCritic score went down from 94 to 93.
  • Bloodborne - Dark Souls but Lovecraft. Even made by the same guy. Nothing more to say.
  • Final Fantasy 14 A realm whatever - MMO/ERP simulator that looks like a fucking PS3 game (Considering it was inteded to be a ps3 game only). Same shit as usual.
  • God of War or better known as "The last of war" or "Dad of Boy"
  • No Man's Sky (now out on PC and Xbox One)
  • The Last Guardian
  • Detroit: Become Human - Made by the same guy behind PRESS X TO JASON
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Persona 5 (also on PS3 so whatever)

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