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Q: Has there ever been a console uglier than this?
A: Yes.

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Your average Sony fanboy

Looking for the PlayStation's son? See: PlayStation 2
Looking for the PlayStation's bulky ass Grandson? See: PlayStation 3 Looking for the PlayStation's great-grandson? See: PlayStation 4

The Sony PlayStation was Sony's first attempt at a game console, and unlike apple, they somehow managed to do it right, even without needing an overrated FPS to save it's ass in the first round like Microsoft did. It was a 32-bit console. "Hardcore" gamers often whine and complain that this console was the first game console that made video games mainstream, and turned the industry into the train wreck it is today. Sadly, they are probably right. Sony made this thing through trial and error, and massive amounts of butthurt and drama between Nintendo and Sony.

There was also that other console, but nobody gave a shit.



Did you know that the original concept for the Sony PlayStation was conceived in 1986? Back in the day, Sony and Nintendo were working on an SNES version of the Sega CD called the SNES-CD. But then Nintendo got butthurt over the contract details and delivered a blow to Sony's balls by abruptly signing a deal with Phillips and disbanding the whole project. Pissed off, Sony flipped them the middle finger and started working on a CD based console that could also play SNES games. Nintendo, seeing what they did there, filed a lawsuit. Eventually they agreed to do this, but Nintendo would get most of the profit. Probably having enough with Nintendo, they decided in 1993 to rework the system for the next gen, and thus the Sony PlayStation was born. Eventually the PlayStation became a success, and formed a following of people all over the world. Of course, this was before Sony's god awful fanbase started to form.

Crash Bandicoot

Awesome North American Cover.

This was the Mid 90's, and as we know, every video game company had their own retarded mascot back then. Sony however, was lacking in one, so they made their mascot a clinically insane furry named Crash Bandicoot. This worked out pretty well, because everyone loves furries...well, everyone who hasn't seen the kind who dress up and yiff that is. Of course since gooks are weird as fuck, Crash Bandicoots physical appearance had to be altered for the Japanese version to appeal to them, and the intro screens where changed from cool to fucking insane. Of course after Crash Bandicoot 3, Sony and Naughty Dog sold him out, and now Crash along with his old buddy Spyro is on life support with games such as Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind over Mutant.

Memorable Games

The plot of Resident Evil, envisioned by Kazuv, an emo faggot who draws nothing but creepy pictures of pregnant chicks.
This is considered the "best" ending of the game, considering you weren't pussy enough to give in to ocelot's torture.

Here are some of the more memorable games the PS1 had to offer. Feel free to add any.

  • Alundra - Genuinely difficult RPG, also lots of lulzy deaths
  • Wild Arms - Two gay cowboys and their fag-hag go collecting antiques
  • Grandia - One boy's journey for the ultimate prize
  • Vagrant Story - Ashley Riot, eh inherits the Darkness, and doesn't afraid of anything
  • Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - An original awesome game like Lemmings,but with lulz and satire
  • Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus - Another awesome game from the same series but the game had more challenging puzzles but the developers made it more eaiser with quick saving.
  • Metal Gear Solid - Eh kills robots and doesn't afraid of anything.
  • Castlevania Symphony of the Night - Bishie albino killing monsters
  • Dance Dance Revolution - Just the thought of this game is a mind fuck, as when you imagine it, you imagine basement dwelling anime nerds ACTUALLY EXERCISING on the games dance pad.
  • Gex 2 & 3 - Essentially Sony's Super Mario 64. You play as an anthropomorphic lizard that has been hired by the government, who enters several TV shows through the Media Dimension to collect remotes.
  • Ape Escape - One of the more lulzy games for the PlayStation. The objective of the game is to pwn furries with a fucking lightsaber and put them in their rightful place.
  • LSD - One of the most fucked up games in existence. Everything you touch transports you somewhere, and if you know where to go you can find some very trippy/messed up things.
  • Final Fantasy 6 - You fight some clownfag Joker wannabe called Kefka who roflstomps the entire world by, molesting some shitty statues. DIS IZ NOT AZ GOOD AZ FINL FNTESEE VII BCUZ IT NOT 3D U STUPID CUNT1!!1!1!!1!
  • Final Fantasy 7 - Possibly the most overrated video game ever made in all of existence. You play as this emo guy (possibly cloud) who is in some resistance and this chick dies and everyone BAWWS and they kill this gay looking faggot named Sephiroth. Shit, I don't know what this fucking games about. DIS IZ NOT AZ GOOD AZ FINL FNTESEE VIII BCUZ IT NOT 2D U STUPID CUNT1!!1!1!!1!
  • Final Fantasy 8 - I'M ALL ALONE! IF YOU NEVER GET UR HOPES UP ULL NEVER GET LET DOWN!!1 Nvm i have friends :3
  • Final Fantasy 9 - Gay
  • Gran Turismo - Generic racing game series
  • Resident Evil - STOP...DON'T O-PEN THAT DOOR!
  • Twisted Metal 2 - Its like a racing game, except instead of racing, you blow the shit out of the other cars (and the Eiffel tower).
  • Vigilante 8 - Some Twisted Metal rip off by Activision, same people who made the game below (although was better on the N64).
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - Some skating game that became famous.
  • Destruction Derby - A game where you go around Racing & Crushing other cars at the same time. Also had a Nintendo 64 Port.
  • Grand Theft Auto 1, London & 2 - HOW COULD WE FORGET?
  • Point Blank 1, 2 & 3 - Unless if you live under a rock, you know what this game is. DON'T SHOOT -1 LIFE PENALTY
  • Syphon Filter - Like Metal Gear Solid but with MOAR action. From the creators of Bubsy 3D.
  • Medal of Honor: Underground - Or Medal of honor : Basement-dweller
  • Parappa the Rapper - Play a dog made out of paper which raps. Yes, that's it.
  • Chrono Cross - The shitty sequel to Chrono Trigger, that being the only reason why it's on this list.
  • Suikoden II - Yet another shitty RPG, only it's thought of as the best RPG on the system next to Chrono Cross and the Final Fantasy games Final Fantasy VII, although really they're all the same generic game. Another thing notable about Suikoden II is that it's the most expensive game on the system and DEFINITELY not worth the money.
  • Army Men: Sarge's Heroes - Go around as a plastic Green Soldier from the Green Nation shooting Tan Soldiers from the Tan Nation. Oh and there's this general called Plastro who is bringing weapons of Mass Destruction through Portals from the Plastic World to the Real World to fuck the Green Nations' shit over.
  • Race Drivin' a Go! Go! - A really fucked up Japanese racing game where you can race as either cars, a family of Frogs, an Elephant, an Ostrich or a Snail.

The Controller

There has never been a controller that has evolved over the life span of a console more than the PlayStation 1 controller has. The original controller had absolutely no analog stick, which really fucked over 3D games. However, when Super Mario 64 came out and managed to take full control of an analog stick, Sony knew they had to redesign their controller to support analog, or Nintendo would get jiggy with them in no time. Thus the Sony Dual Analog controller was born. Of course, this didn't exactly stop there. Eventually, Sony upgraded the controller once again into the PlayStation "dual shock" controller to support the new rumble feature, which was praised for making a game more realistic, and sexier (if you know what I mean you sick fuck).

Influence on the Internet

Typical nauseating fanart.

While the PlayStation's prime lifespan was when the internet was still young and slightly better due to the fact that it hadn't yet become the place where every person on the face of the planet dumped their lives problems on, it did have a horrible wretched backlash of fans who enjoyed it starting somewhere around 2003. We can definitely thank the PlayStation for all the yaoi, deviant art drawings, and terrible fanfiction of Final Fantasy 7 that we unfortunately run into every day, and we can DEFINITELY thank the PlayStation for the fanbase it built up, and all the wonderful comments they leave on youtube supporting the latest PlayStation console. But most of all, we can gratefully thank the PlayStation for Sony Defense Force, a band of upstanding individuals, who shit and breath anything Sony makes, who deliver completely unbiased reports on everything PlayStation.


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