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A weeb high on Pocky, sticks with fucking shit on them.

Pocky aka Cigarette for Weeaboos is the shit-dipped crap that fatty fat animu fanboys constantly shove in their mouths. It is manufactured by Japan to brainwash the non-Japanese into increasing the amount of retarded squee they produce and thus increase domestic power production. Along with its kawaii desu effects, importing mass quantities of Pocky (along with Ramen noodles) from the holy land makes you practically Japanese!! desu desu!! In addition to being nasty-ass pieces of particle board covered in Japanese shit shit, it has also found popular use as a cheap and easy sex toy.

Pocky fun facts! desu desu

  • Pocky floats (so does shit. This is no coincidence).
  • Strawberry Pocky is called ichigo but the flavor used is actually loli menstrual blood.
  • In Europe, Pocky is marketed as "Mikado" and is the staple diet of Britfag and French weeaboos.
  • Pocky rips off "Yan-Yan." However, thanks to Pocky, "Yan-Yan" will forever be stuck with the same disgusting connotations attributed to dipstick candy. Thanks a lot.
  • There is also a Korean rip off called "Pepero" that is made with higher quality ingredients and costs less. But no one will buy it because it doesn't come from Animeland and is therefore unholy.
  • It's horribly expensive, seeing as how the average otaku must devour several boxes in one sitting to satiate their massive guts.
  • Tastes better going up then down.
  • There is also giant rainbow Pocky. Twice as long and twice as thick for your pleasure.
  • Russians see the name and think it is pronounced "Rosku" (Роску) because of its similarity to the Cyrillic alphabet! I rearry rike Rosku!


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