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Hello! Dm me pictures of "Hanna" written on your forehead<3.


—How Hanna lured in desperate guys.

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Hanna a.k.a. PoisonIvy a.k.a. that girl who convinces beta males to kill themselves.

Poison Ivy, or PoisonIvyLul (real name Hanna) is one of the few heroines that this world so desperately needs. Despite being a sub-par 17-year-old Kiwi-gook, she managed to lulzily get desperate, overweight virgins to humiliate themselves on cam for her, and then proceeded to expose their idiocy to the entire world in an attempt to get them to kill themselves in an act of love for her. The guys that fell into her trap were so dumb that they actually expected a girl, who they met while playing Runescape, to somehow hook up with them, despite living on the other side of the planet from her.

Hanna's bait and kill method has caused betas, losers, and virgins from all over the world to band together and put a red alert out for her, and her efforts were so successful that she even made the internet news. This new type of social justice warrior is considered dangerous, as well as a trainer for man-haters all around the world.

I treat all men like shit because they are weak and they deserve it. I bully the weak to make them weaker as I simultaneously grow stronger. RSN : Poison Ivy


Archive today-ico.png The bio from her banned Twitter.

Suicide is Romantic!

Before she even turned 18, Hanna had discovered a creative way to get sissy men to off themselves. If sexually humiliating them didn't work first, she uses her patented "do it for love" method, which is similar to terrorists blowing themselves up in the name of Allah.

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Why would you kill yourselves for a make-believe man in the sky? Why would you kill yourselves for a voice in RuneScape?

Poison Ivy Exposed

Unfortunately for Hannah, a foreign YouTuber took it upon himself to run to the rescue of all the poor betas around the world and make an "exposed" video about what she'd been doing. In it, he describes her as a lonely Runescape player who emotionally blackmails men with the sole intention of driving them to kill themselves. The video then shows footage of some of her victims crying, and even includes recorded footage of her telling them to off themselves in the middle of a game.


Her Cuckold 'Boyfriend'

Prior to brainwashing an immensely large number of lonely basement-dwelling fucktards OTI, Poison Ivy was an attention whore for RuneScape fantards to jack off to. Whilst active in the RuneScape community, she met her current 'boyfriend', Stewart (YouTube Favicon.png OSRS Trance), a degenerate, four-eyed cuckold who claims to have been dating Poison Ivy since early 2016. No one cared about this person until he started to get involved with Hanna and act like a fuckwit, wasting his life away being a bigger slave to Poison Ivy than any ancient African-American picking from a cotton field; literally recording himself eating shit food in front of a shit webcam, and doing literally anything at Poison Ivy's request. Stewart even shaved off his whole head for her once.

Stewart also had a Twitter account which he would use to obsessively worship Hanna and create a clusterfuck of RS shitposts. It has since been deleted.

This'll be sure to win her heart...
An atrocious slideshow he probably whipped up using some freeware horseshit video editor

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