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Pokédads, Poképarents or Pokésiblings

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A few of the Poké-varients

Probably the least funny and most newfag-oriented variation of these Forced memes that apparently originated in /rk9/. Newfags have spent countless hours naming and creating these unfunny pictures and fill threads with them on /b/ every goddamn day. If you are a newfag, and you actually think these are funny, here is what your 12 year old cohorts have decided:

  • Blastoise: Perfect dad.
  • Charizard: Abusive/Strict dad.
  • Venasaur: Loud/embarrassing unemployed dad.
  • Psyduck: Paranoid dad.
  • Lickitung: Incest dad.
  • NineMILFtails: Hot/Incestuous mom.
  • Vulpsis: Ninetail's sexually inexperienced daughter
  • Eeveebro: Male version of Vulpsis
  • Gloom: Disaffectionate/Valium mom.
  • Farfetch'd: Christian dad.
  • Golem: Vietnam vet.
  • Dragonite: Noteworthy for making /b/tards cry like fucking girls. The parent that wants to spend time with his son but is rejected/ignored.
  • Gengar: Bad influence stranger.
  • Seaking: Newfag's wet dream.
  • Pikachu: Fun dad.
  • Nidoqueen: Bitchy mom.
  • Oddish: Wise dad.
  • Voltorb: Asshole brother.
  • Slowpoke: Slow dad.
  • Koffing: Angry stepdad.
  • Honchkrow: The Godfather.
  • Missingno: Retarded dad.
  • Meowth: silly/funny uncle
  • Jynx: The nigger mom
  • Probopass: The jewish dad
  • Sudowoodo: Stepdad that wants to be friends.
  • Porygon: Techno geek dad.
  • Nidoking: Metal dad
  • Gardevoir: Wuss mom
  • Ludicolo: Mexican dad
  • Bellsprout: Stoner dad
  • Entei: Grandfather
  • Exploud: Billy Mays
  • Arbok: Teenager
  • Happiny: Little sister
  • Shedinja: Emotionless dad
  • Haunter: Sinner basically
  • Mewtwo: Dad who just got out of prison
  • Momdreavus: Shops at Hot Topic

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