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Porn Clown aka Mr. Williams

Porn Clown is a copypasta phenomenon based on Something Equally terrifying .


I am looking for a male and female couple to assist me in my suicide. I will pay the people who assist me the equivalent of $50,000.

Below is the plan of events that will proceed and follow my death. Some details have been omitted, but will be provided in full to the successful candidates.

I have booked a hotel room for the 22nd August 2008. Person A (woman) shall arrive at my hotel room at 20:00hrs. The door will be unlocked. Person A will proceed to turn on the TV and press the play button on the DVD remote located on the bed. A pornographic movie of my choosing will be displayed. Person A will then remove all clothing apart from her pantyhose/tights, before positioning themselves on their back facing away from the TV. I will then come into the room from the bathroom, tear open the pantyhose/tights and then enter the VAGINA of Person A. I will be wearing a clown mask as pictured to protect my identity.

At 20:05hrs Person B (man) shall arrive at my hotel room, lock the door behind them and then strip naked. At no point should any conversation take place. Placed on the bedside table will be the following items:

1 x pair of surgical gloves 1 x stack of cards 1 x pistol fitted with a silencer

Person B shall put on the gloves and pick up the stack of cards. A general knowledge question will be written on each card. Person B is to read out the questions in the precise order of the stack. Person A will respond to every question with an intentionally incorrect answer. This will continue until I produce a loud involuntary vocalisation which will indicate that I have achieved orgasm. I will proceed to ejaculate into the VAGINA of Person A. At this precise moment Person B shall use the silenced pistol to shoot me in the side of the head at point blank range. Person B will then place the pistol next to my corpse.

You will both use the shower to clear away any blood and brain debris, before reapplying clothing. At no point should my mask be removed. The DVD, gloves and question cards are to be disposed of. A small bag containing the cash will be in the hotel room safe. The code to unlock the safe will be written on a piece of paper hidden under the Gideon Bible in the top drawer of the bedside table. I will have left a handwritten and signed suicide note on the dining table. You are then to leave the hotel. Do not disclose any knowledge of the event to your friends or loved ones.

Serious enquiries only please.

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