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Digibrony/Digibro/DigiGALxxXXxx69 (Powerword: Conrad Collins) (as well as about a dozen other usernames) is an alcoholic pedophile and YouTube anime critic (possibly a secret tranny) who pays his parents rent to live in their house lives in his girlfriend's house who works and goes to school to pay their rent, while he rants about needlessly over-analyzed intricacies of My Little Pony and anime for a living Oops did your channel get deleted? :3c (the channel is back and worse than ever).

After being excommunicated from the MLP community for being too cringy and obnoxious even for them (how much of an autist do you have to be for that to happen?), he temporarily gained the favor of anime youtube, until he lost it all again when he started making videos talking shit about every single other anime youtuber, saying he's better than them (despite making the worst content) and blocking and trying to get anyone who criticized him banned from youtube (he once even bragged that he met another anime youtuber at a convention and started lecturing him about why his videos are better). As a result of this, Digi gained a reputation of being a thin skinned hypocrite who's constantly contradicts himself, and yet somehow manages to be guilty of literally everything he accuses other people of, even if he's attacking them for two completely opposite things.

He is currently hated by every other anime youtuber, all of whom he hates right back, and who don't want to associate with him, and his channel is dying.

His most recent endeavors revolve around manipulating a small group of retards he regularly verbally abuses into becoming financially depended on him and a bad podcast he runs and pretends he will turn into a business so that he can continue to push them around. The rest of his time is spent being trolled to death by Mumkey Jones fans for kicking him out of this autistic podcast because he wouldn't tell his fans to stop making fun of Digibro and his friend Jesse for bulling an autistic 16 year old.

Side note - Digi is famous for how badly he smells.