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The Face of Evil

Kero The Wolf (Powerword: Joshua Hoffman), formerly known as Yami The Wolf, is a Furfag YouTuber who decided fucking his dog would be a great idea. He was generally regarded as a respected member of the Furry community until info leaked from his Twitter account, indicating that he practised zoophilia and necrophilia as well as having a vore fetish. There has even been talk of Kero's alleged involvement in pedophilia. You do the math.

His dog Koda recently died of kidney failure, and Kero had no problem with admitting that he raped his dog on a regular basis. In the now infamous Telegram chat he expressed concern about his friends raping and dismembering his dog THEN killing it. His "friends" assured that they would never do that without his permission.

Kero was the furfag who was interviewed by the "popular" YouTuber Shane Dawson on July 6, 2017. As a result of Shane's fanbase being mostly autistic kids who watch shit like Jake Paul, Kero went from having 10,000 subscribers to 90,000 subscribers after the interview video was published. He later reached 100,000 subscribers in early 2018, but this success backfired because it meant that when his sick fuckery was suddenly exposed, far more people knew who he was than at any previous point in his excuse for a life.