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Abbey Road, released 26 September 1969 is the 11th album released by the Beatles. It is the last album that all the Beatles participated on before they all got sick and tired of John Lennon's villanous, Japanese, greedy souled, backstabbing Waifu Yoko Ono trying to run the show and broke up just after their final album Let It Be released. The album is mostly known for the George Harrison megahit Something and the Timothy Leary inspired song Come Together by John Lennon that is probably better known by most as a cover from Aerosmith.

Musically it is well received but it is best known for starting the pre-internet IRL meme of people visiting England and recreating the iconic album cover to send home to friends and family as a postcard when the pictures were developed. More recently it is known for all the butthurt One Direction started with Beatles fans when they copied the classic album cover in 2015 and claimed that they were "More Popular Than The Beatles".
Get it. In a March 1966 interview with The London Evening Standard John Lennon claimed "The Beatles Were More Popular Than Jesus" so by saying One Direction is more popular than the Beatles you are saying they are ultimately more popular than Jesus. Such clever word play.

You don't need to know the Beatles to know the Abbey Road Meme because the Abbey Road album cover instantly became a meme in 1969 when the Album was first released because of the simplicity and candidness of the image. Anyone could have taken it. It's another one of those images like Eddie Adams' award winning photograph Saigon Execution that has been burnt into our collective psyche.