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Seth Rich (Powerword: Seth Conrad Rich) is a currently dead Jew who was murdered after being the leaker who leaked Twitter-favicon.png #DNCLeaks to WikiLeaks. The patriot whistleblower was double tapped in Washington, D.C. at the ripe old age of 27 years old on July 10, 2016.

For anyone who says DNC emails were hacked by Russians, you can inform them that Seth Rich was a Jew and a Democrat and worked for the organization that plotted to nominate Hillary Clinton. The feet-dragging geniuses at the DC police department figured Rich died in a robbery, even though Rich's Jew Gold was left behind. Rich was found very much alive 3 minutes after being shot twice in the back, before becoming very much dead about 90 minutes later at a hospital. At least 3 officers were wearing bodycams, including one who went to Georgetown when John Podesta taught there in some kind of crazy coincidence.

Protip: There is a reward of at least $150,000 for information regarding the murder of Seth Rich, with a total of zero dollars offered by Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Robby Mook, John Podesta, and Tony Podesta who lives two houses down from Black Jesus.

Hillary has dedicated the rest of her life to finding the "real killer" of The Red White and Blue Jew. Seth Rich is all Hillary ever talks about.


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