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Gab or is another pump and dump scam set up by (((Andrew Torba))) in 2016, a former member of Y Combinator who saw the rise of the alt-right during the 2016 presidential election and realised that he had another bunch of sheep he could use to pawn off his inferior social media competitor to Twitter using only a $49 dollar social media template along with someone else's microblogging code that their CPO forked on Github along with PHP that can be 6 months+ out of date depending on who you ask. Torba realised that if you market yourself to them as a "free speech alternative" that they will buy it hook, line and sinker, so you can do whatever the fuck you want and the sheepish fanbase will do the advertising on Twitter, ironically, for you by making sure they YouTube Favicon.png change their Twitter usernames to their Gab profile URLs and spamming anyone about the latest new fad like there aren't already 300 fucking micro-blogging alternatives that are also a complete ghosttown. Of course they need your your donations while you receive nothing in return, not even a tax deduction thanks to the fact that they are a for-profit enterprise. Enjoy getting swindled.

They had a small surge in popularity because Twitter is run by a bunch of leftist retards who will ban anybody on short notice. However their userbase is stagnant because the entire site is a giant circlejerk of Trump supporters who need a safe space, where nobody challenges them with facts. Also due to the fact that it actually isn't functionally all that better than Twitter, and in some cases much worse. This in turn has led them to have to backpedal against the fact that they pandered to the alt-right since the start and actually be just as draconian as their main competitor.


You've got to love Social Networking sites. Where else can you stalk people online while at the same time getting praised for posting pictures of your food? Where else can you find millions of other no-lifes such as yourself who collect likes, followers, and karma as if doing so will actually change the world? So here it is, a portal for websites where one can become famous by simply existing.


Adalia Rose Fb-favicon.png Amanda Todd Fb-favicon.png Ash Hilton Fb-favicon.png Bitstrips Fb-favicon.png Defriend Fb-favicon.png Dislikes Fb-favicon.png Equality Profile Pictures Fb-favicon.png Facebook Friend Culling Fb-favicon.png Facebook Groups Fb-favicon.png Facebook Login Fb-favicon.png Facebook Usernames 2009 Fb-favicon.png Farm Town Fb-favicon.png Hollie Toups Fb-favicon.png Just Be a Fucking Feminist You Shitbags Fb-favicon.png Like Fb-favicon.png Mafia Wars Fb-favicon.png Mark Zuckerberg Fb-favicon.png Memorial Page Tourism Fb-favicon.png Openbook


Black Twitter Twitter-favicon.png @CapsCop Twitter-favicon.png #cut4bieber Twitter-favicon.png Ed Balls Twitter-favicon.png Godfrey Elfwick Twitter-favicon.png @horse_ebooks Twitter-favicon.png #OpRollRedRoll Twitter-favicon.png Mila Mortice Twitter-favicon.png #SANDYLOOTCREW Twitter-favicon.png @YourAnonNews Twitter-favicon.png #ShoutYourAbortion Twitter-favicon.png #ShoutYourStatus Twitter-favicon.png Slanegirl Twitter-favicon.png TonyTigerGate Twitter-favicon.png


2012 GNAA Tumblr Ruin Tumblr-favicon.gif Blog Tumblr-favicon.gif Josh Macedo Sex Scandal Tumblr-favicon.gif Dear Cis People Tumblr-favicon.gif Dirty Disney Confessions Tumblr-favicon.gif Operation Overlord Tumblr-favicon.gif Social Justice Tumblr-favicon.gif Social Justice Sally Tumblr-favicon.gif The Great /pol/ Social Justice Raid of 2013 Tumblr-favicon.gif Trigger Warning Tumblr-favicon.gif Tumbears Tumblr-favicon.gif Tumblr panels Tumblr-favicon.gif What is air

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Megan Meier MY.gif Mitchell Henderson MY.gif Mydeathspace MY.gif MySpace Adventure MY.gif MySpace Boy MY.gif MySpace Kid MY.gif MySpace Suicide MY.gif MySpace Trackers MY.gif MySpace Trolls MY.gif Tila Tequila MY.gif Tom Anderson MY.gif /b/space Day


Aaron Swartz Reddit-favicon.gif Le Monkey Face Reddit-favicon.gif Reddit copypasta Reddit-favicon.gif Reddit Island Reddit-favicon.gif Shit Reddit Says Reddit-favicon.gif Violentacrez

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