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Take it all.jpg Welcome to the Whores Portal


Danielle (Danny) Anita Pitts is your basic, all around retarded, High School drop-out, pot-head, Thai Lady/Boy that has a judgement that can only be described as being worse than that of a 13-year-old AIDS infected, Nigerean prostitute eeking out a living by giving gummers at 10 cents a squirt.

Claiming that all he wanted to do was find out what Chris Chan's life was like when he released letters between him and Chris to KiwiFarms, pretended to be Chris' girlfriend for an organized joke by Super Planet Dolan, swindled $250 a month from him and along with his desire to become a part of Christory, Doopie got exactly what he wanted when he earned his very own ED article. Doopie went from thinking he was the super-cool troll that claimed that people are WAY too worried and sensitive about what other people think about them to be later transformed into a raging butthurt meltdown shell of a person when people started trolling him, Doopie, both IRL and online.

(( More Retarded Than the Retardest Retard ))


This page sorts through ED's bottomless assortment of Shitty Attack Articles on all of our dumped staff's ex-girlfriends.


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