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Logan with Jeffy.

SuperMarioLogan (Powerword: Logan Austin Thirtyacre), is a JewTube channel owned by a nasally voiced faggot that makes videos about him and some other fucktards playing with plushies of their extremely original and creative characters, such as Bowser Junior, Mario and Shrek. They also use puppets such as those from Melissa and Doug including Chef Pee Pee and Brooklyn T. Guy. Much recently, Jeffy was added into the mix which made the channel somehow "popular".

The channel's content consists of them randomly screaming and doing God knows what, while a spic whore (his gold digging "girlfriend") films and rubs her stank pussy to Logan's micro cock. Autistic 5 year olds on crack can make better quality videos than him (Also what his fanbase consists of). He actually makes a living off of this stuff, we shit you not. He has hit over 6,000,000 YT subscribers last Thursday.