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Post in this thread if (x) is by far the the best of all the current 4chan trends. So you've seen the hilarious hi-jinks of post ending in (x) and have seen the chemo work its magic, but don't want the fun to end? Fear not. Using the magic of ms paint there's new awesome that anyone can do! Its simple - all you have to do is spend 3 minutes in text editor and post, then wait for the lulz to begin! Be not afraid, because at current average 1 out of every 9 threads is Post in this thread if (x), and the mods are living it up.


Note: Early estimates are that this cancer is malignant', its so easy to do any unfunny newfag can whip out 50 in an hour.

If you post in this thread you're cancer already gay.


The Great Autoban is a good sign but the mods most likely wont do shit.

Post in this thread if (x)
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the cancer that is killing /b/
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