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W, the President of America, was the smartest president. evar. OBAMA is the smartest president evar.
The 1970's were an interesting time to be alive.
Taft is mostly remembered for being fat and having awesome facial hair.
Andrew Jackson enjoyed exiling Indians, slaughtering British, and personally beating would-be assassins to death.
Coolidge is mostly remembered for being quiet and his contributions to sexual psychology.
In lead we trust.

A President is anyone who is in charge of lots of shit. You can usually tell if you're a president or not based on how many people kiss your ass and how big your armed escort is. Many countries, such as El Salvador and Texas, use the presidential system instead of having a queen or a dictator.

The Election Process[edit]

In a democracy or a republic, the President is chosen by the people (except in Israel and the United States, where fucking everything is chosen by Jews). A specific day is picked and everyone skips out on work to go vote, thus fulfilling their civic duty. Later on that week the election is contested by the loser and then the opponents engage in a fight to the death.

The survivor of the duel then calls his old college/drinking buddies up and invites them to help him run the country into the ground.

Presidential Powers[edit]

When you're a president, you're allowed to do whatever you want. This includes blowing shit up, kicking puppies, eating gourmet meals, and forcing your will upon the world. Some presidents have chosen to do this on their own, but others have claimed to do it in the name of God.

Examples of Presidents[edit]

  • Girlvinyl is Queen of æ Treachery, Deceit, and Anal Warts.
  • Oprah is president empress of black person.

Examples of things that are not Presidents[edit]

Examples of things that want to be President of the U.S.A.[edit]

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