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The Meme[edit]

Preved is a Russian meme which was created last thursday when some Russian decided to photoshop a shitty picture by americunt painter John Lurie. Its basically a picture of a bear in the woods shouting 'suprise' at a couple getin it on. Its propper use is when the bear is shooped into a picture with a man and his bitch.

Old Media[edit]

The preved bear was actually used to launch a suprise question on Putin, as to how he rated his puppet president. However thanks to a last minute barrel roll he was able to deflect this. Despite the fact that the question never got answered and the thread which started the whole thing was sick with fail, the Russian old media when wild, angry that the interwebz would dare question their mighty tzar, so for a few weeks a fuckload of articles upon the cancerous spread of the meme were written.


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