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Pussies Fighting.gif PrincessElizabeth013 is in an internet sissy fight with JINXDROWNED.
Please dig up lulz on them both.
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Erin Anthony aka PrincessElizabeth013.jpg
Given Name(s) Erin Anthony
Born November 14th, 2000
Nationality Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Residence Crothersville, Indiana
deviantART PrincessElizabeth013

PrincessElizabeth013 is yet another 16-year-old girl asspie tartlet from Crothersfield, Indiana who just so happens to be one of the most hated people on deviantART for her intense faggotry. She is a long-term enemy of JINXDROWNED, and she even wrote several journals about how JINX is a fucking whore, and how she steals her artwork, or some shit like that. In fact, she even came to ED to write an article about her arch-enemy under the username JINXDROWNED-IS-A-WHORE. She recently disabled her dA account for unknown reasons; this is probably due to many people "cyberbulling" her, and otherwise sending her threatening messages; however, this is purely speculation and nobody really knows why her account was disabled in the first place. Did we mention that she is even Chris-chan's wife? Well yes, she is and if you ask her about it, she will sternly and heavily deny it.

Her Persona[edit]

Basic Information:
  • Name: Elizabeth
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Hedgehog
  • Age: 17
  • Weight: Secret
  • Occupation: Princess
  • Ability type: Speed
Likes: Shadow (friend, although he is protecting her), Team Dark (her team), Rouge (her friend and partner), Omega, Amy, The D.L.A, Freedom Fighters, bubble baths, Sadik (her boyfriend), Rosie the Rabbit, Silver, Blaze, :Cream, Jason the Echidna (friend), Quick the Hedgehog.
Dislikes: Eggman (some), Eclipse, Mephiles, Rouge flirting with Shadow, traitors to the crown, Scourge, Fiona Fox, Agent Topaz, SWATbots, Starfall (to a degree), Cythan (to a degree), Lyric the Snake, Black Doom, being lied to, seeing her friends wounded and/or killed.
  • Light Flash: Aims a bright gold-colored light flash that stuns an kills a nearby enemy.
  • Aerial Dash: Wipes out Buzzbombers by ramming silver-colored light in the air.
  • Beauty Blast: Makes an ally have true beauty, killing the enemy with pink-colored blasts and pink-colored light.
  • Beauty Control: Drains a female enemy's beauty (inner or outer) and is given to Elizabeth's allies.
  • Wipe Out: Destroys any enemy character with a flash of lavender-colored light.
  • Any shiny objects.
  • Handsome boys. (in her age group)
  • Her short temper.
  • Her impatience.
  • She wears out after a certain amount of time.
Author's note: She is not a Mary-Sue, a gender-bend, a recolor, a slut, or all 4!

How very contradicting About missing Pics
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Her Artwork[edit]

U better follow these rules or else BITCH
And who can forget, her Mary-Sue.

Our dearest Princess Elizabeth loves drawing art of her mary sue. She hates being criticized on how much of a rip off her character is from Shadow and Rouge, while at the same time refusing to admit that her character is, indeed a complete ripoff. Besides that, our little Princess loves to use bases and recolor Sonic X images, because we all know she lacks the patience as the Princess she claims herself to be. Now, you normally wouldn't think any individual would create a set of rules for anyone to follow when it considers fanart of her so-called ripped off character. She even has a hissy fit if you don't draw her character perfectly. She will even ban you from drawing her art if you decide to draw her character at least a tiny bit differently. Not just that, she will also consider fanart as art theft if you don't ask for our little Princess's permission, among many other things that can send her into a spiral of e-rage. Here's a video of our sweet Princess having a temper tantrum over a little criticism.

A sample of her kawaiidesusugoi amazing art gallery About missing Pics
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The Drama of it all[edit]

No Pedophile here u gais.

As our dearest Princess got someone's knickers in a twist, have gone to great heights to write up one of the those awful made internet petitions, in hopes to over throne her.

Looks like another Angelic-Catalyst.
So the truth comes out that our dear Princess didn't write this journal. She was told to copy and paste it by another user.
Claiming that she never hacked SashaG's Scratch account when Sasha and her friends did an IP track, it lead back to Crothersville Indiana. Interesting how things work out.

Our Princess's Adventures At SoFurry[edit]

Our Princess got suspended twice, by pampering her dearest guests by removing comments, blocking them, and even given them the most wisest words that any royalty can give to their loyal subjects.

How to troll Erin[edit]

Trolling Erin is easy as hell, considering that she flies of the handle over fuck all. Here are some basic ways of trolling her:

  • Be honest about her shitty "artwork".
  • Critique her precious Mary-Sue. (any form, good or bad)
  • Make gift art of her precious Mary-Sue.
  • Make gift art of her precious Mary-Sue as a lesbian.
  • Make gift art of her precious Mary-Sue as gay.
  • Make gift art of her precious Mary-Sue as both of the above.
  • Critique her shitty attitude.
  • Tell her why people hate her so much.
  • Call her out on her hypocrisy.

White Knights of the Round Table[edit]

Wow, so her apology is full of shit but this isn't the first time.

Fan Art[edit]

Special legitimate fan art for your dear Princess About missing Pics
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Erin discovers ED[edit]

When Erin discovered herself on ED, she immediately threw an enormous temper tantrum, and even started a petition to get the page taken down. What she fails to realize is that her shitty petition won't get her ED article taken down, and will only make her look like a bigger lolcow than she already is. As with most newfags on ED, she created a sockpuppet account in a futile attempt at getting the article removed and was banned within sixty seconds of blanking the page. Though she hasn't created another account since the incident, her white knights are probably lurking on ED right now under sockpuppets of their own, continuously thinking of new ways to get this article taken down.


What is the best way to get back at somebody who you absolutely hate? Go to ED and write a shitty attack article about them, of course! Well, as it turns out, that is exactly what Erin decided to do. The article was originally a couple lines long, with a couple of categories incorrectly plastered in, and the article itself was initially on deathnotice. The article has since been cleaned up and expanded, with her version of it being completely overwritten.


In this video she is portrayed by the anime desu character called Mikan.

Turn this shit off before you end up shooting yourself!

Elizabeth strikes...again!

Killing yourself over some faggot on the Internets? FUCK IT.

Where To Find The "Princess"[edit]

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