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This is a disease that afflicts SJW's, Lol-cows and Attention Whores. It makes them think they have every psychological disease known to mankind. Unlike a hypochondriac, who nervously fumbles through the Physicians Desk Reference, dreading that they have every physical disease; the Psychochondriac gleefully pores through Psychology Today, on a mad quest to self-diagnose themselves with every mental disease.
Yes, they'll have a dog-eared copy of The DSM-IV in one hand and their sad excuse for genitalia in the other hand, looking for new diseases to claim they have, though most commonly Assburgers, anxiety bullshit, OCD and PTSD. These cunts also tend to love diagnosing others, as well.

Why Do They Do It?[edit]


There are many reasons -- all of them bad -- why some jism-stain would pretend to have a mental illness they don't actually have.
Such as....

but the biggest reason....

  • So they can pretend they are unique and not the insipid, middling, cookie-cutter conformist clone they actually are.


the queen of psychocondria every other week she educates people on why and how she is BPD

In order to not name names or "trigger anyone", I'm just going to refer to the Psychochondria sufferer as a Twunt.

  • Claiming to have Multiple Personality Disorder makes folks think The Twunt has at least two personalities, rather than their actual zero. Also, the Twunt can make up for their lack of friends by adding new "Headmates".
  • Claiming to have Asperger's Syndrome gives The Twunt an excuse to behave like a self-absorbed antisocial douche in public. (Also, the myth is that a high IQ is a side effect of Aspergers, which means Twunts can be as douchey as a guido fratboy, as selfish as a Republican billionaire and as curmudgeonly misanthropic as a mad scientist....while pretending this bad behavior is part of a genius brain that is 2Deep4U.)
  • Claiming to have Gender Dysphoria and being a Transtrender, gives Twunts the excuse to dress like the world's lamest fruitbasket (mostly by accident, because the Twunt has no fashion sense and doesn't know how to dress themselves). Also, what better way to turn themselves into the World's Most Speshul Snowflake? They can demand that people refer to them with new pronouns!
  • Claiming to have Borderline Personality Disorder gives them an excuse for whining when they don't get their way, and makes fake threats of suicide sound plausible all while being a voracious slut.
  • Claiming to have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder means that nobody is allowed to tell The Twunt truths they don't want to hear for fear of "triggering" them.
  • Claiming to be Schizophrenic means nobody can call The Twunt's LOLRANDOM penguin of doom waffleshit "unfunny."
  • Claiming to have OCD means that folks have to cut The Twunt a break when they spaz out about Sonic the Hedgehog having Green Eyes and Blue Arms. Also, their constant chanting of DESUDESUDESUDESUDESUDESUDESU is just something everyone is just gonna have to live with.
  • Claiming to have Epilepsy is really crass, and is almost as unglamorous as claiming to have Diabeetus. The Twunt can pretend to have a spaz-fit and nobody will think they are, y'know, just being a 'Spaz.
  • Claiming to have Depression gives the Twunt an excuse to constantly whine about how sad and alone they are, an alibi to pretend to ignore coddling from their fanbase (to draw more sympathy), and a shield from people telling them to stop fucking whining, by giving them the same excuse of "you don't understand what it's like to feel as sad as I do."

OCD - eCards - 12.png

Why It's Bullshit[edit]

If someone were as ill as these attention whores claimed to be, they wouldn't be in the mall food court demanding that innocent bystanders check their privilege. They'd be in the fetal position in a rubber room, kept in check by a straight jacket and 5 billion milligrams of Mellaril.


How To Do It[edit]

If you see a demon in the center surrounded by flowers and angels, you're a psychochondriac.
  1. ) Go ahead and look up a mental disorder on WebMD or TOW.
  2. ) Think about what kind of weird shit folks afflicted with that disorder do all the time.
  3. ) Does what they are doing sound like fun to you?
  4. ) Congrats, now you can do THAT THING and nobody can call you on it.
  5. ) Wait, nevermind- yes, they will....but if they do, you can accuse them of being insensitive ableist clods who don't understand your Special Snowflake Jeenyus!
  6. ) Write a Tumblr Blog Post about how oppressed you are. Starving, AIDS-infected child soldiers in Somalia don't have it as rough as you, amirite? (Answer: No, uarrnawtrite. U need to be recruited by Joseph Kony so U can have something real to kwy about.)
  7. ) If you're lacking in brains and imagination, you can always go on Twatter and tell them how you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder equal to a Vietnam vet because of unspoken verbal abuse at the hands of your father then brag how it gets you a marijuana card because you're so stressed all the time.

How to Troll Someone Who Is Pretending to Have Mental Disorders[edit]

1) Demand proof. That's it. If they can't produce an official medical record confirming their claim, constantly remind them that by faking it they are being politically incorrect and insensitive and problematic and an oppressor. This will make their head implode. Then they can claim to have Imploded Cranium Disorder, and not be a liar.

2) There is no Step 2. There doesn't need to be. Just call 'em on their bullshit and make 'em Kwy.

See Also[edit]

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