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Pube Muppet is a meme that was shat from the bowels of Jewgrounds.
The sexy beast himself!
Pube Muppet chillin' wit his dawgz, yo
File:Dildo 1-776973.JPG
Pube Muppet would also like a dildo, but not just any dildo, but a dildo the size of Jupiter...

Pube Muppet was originally created by a Newgrounds user who went by the moniker DrunkMagikoopa. Pube Muppet just so happens to be the embodiment of all the qualities of AIDS and fail wrapped up into one personality - Pube Muppet himself is a pedophile, sadist, masochist, murderer, rapist, killer for hire, drug addict, porn star, incest fanboi, bestiality fanboi, furry, homosexual, thief, scat fanboi, gay prostitute and Rancid fan, all at once. As you can well imagine, Pube Muppet became an instant success on Newgrounds, spawning literally hundreds upon hundreds of tributes and dozens of "Pube Muppet Collections" which essentially consist of the same overused, tired, perverted gay jokes and poop jokes in every last episode.

The Drama[edit]

Pube Muppet also drew massive amounts of butthurt from the homosexual community, as well as the .01% of the Newgrounds population that happen to not be 13 year old boys. Even Wade Fulp decided to get in on the lulz, and described Pube Muppet, quite accurately, as a "static image with a horrible text-to-speech voice". This naturally resulted in many Pube Muppet episodes where Pube Muppet whines about how much Wade Fulp hates him and threatens to rape and sodomize him and cover him in his "yummy yummy ass excrutions and yummy yummy acid solutions" as well as much lulz for the entire Newgrounds community.

After all this had transpired, the original creator of the Pube Muppet, DrunkMagikoopa, known far and wide for his tendency to make movies while hopped up on acid and cocaine, launched a lulz-infested flamewar against all the 13 year old boys on Newgrounds who continued to make Pube Muppet movies, due to the fact that he had become quite infamous for inventing the concept of Pube Muppet. In his words, he "created Pube Muppet to take a shit on Newgrounds". He obviously succeeded beyond his wildest expectations, wouldn't you say? In any event, the Pube Muppet fanbois rallied around their beloved character, and made some incredibly stupid movies in which the Pube Muppet whines for hours about how his creator, DrunkMagikoopa, doesn't love him and wishes he had never created him. These movies, needless to say, were the perfect embodiment of AIDS, epic fail, and anti-lulz.

Despite all of this, Pube Muppet was great for one reason: he had the uncanny ability to piss people off, much like Troy Riser, but on a much more massive scale. The kind of butthurt resulting from all the Pube Muppet movies only inspired the 13 year old boys who made them to continue making more and more of them, which drew even more butthurt, until people finally realized, years later, that the most effective way to get people to stop making Pube Muppet movies is (*gasp*) to ignore them!

Of course, Pube Muppet movies still abound in the darkest and most retarded corners of YouTube and many other places on the internets. The fact that this old meme hasn't died yet is a sure sign that humanity is destined for complete destruction, and deservedly so.

Sample Pube Muppet Episode[edit]

PUBE MUPPET: Hello there my sexy, sexy man. I am the Pube Muppet. I have come to this most wonderful establishment because I wish to perform many pleasurable activities and purchase a few items. First, I would like to cut off your penises with red hot pliers and then grill them with some delicious onions and eat them with some of my homosexual brother's jizz. I will then stick my hands up your ass and rip out your prostate, and then eat it with a knife and fork. After this has happened, I will require you to spank me until my ass is as red as a stoplight. You will then tell me I am a naughty little boy and molest me in the anus, which will cause me to spooge approximately two thousand gallons of jizz, because that kind of shit turns me on. I will then run around the room, pissing and shitting all over everyone in this establishment, and then rape the ninety year old man sitting at table four until he dies, and continue to rape the dead corpse. I will then crawl up the corpse's anus and have a fantastic journey inside his rectum. After I have done this, I will require you to bring me at least two hundred little boys from Thailand which I will rape brutally until my semen flies out of their mouths! I will then masturbate to their delicious pain and force them to call me daddy, and then beat them with baseball bats until they are dead so I can jerk off to the sweet, sweet snuff porn. Finally, I would like some potato chips. Yes, that would be swell!

STORE CLERK: I'm sorry sir, but we don't sell potato chips here.

PUBE MUPPET: What the fuck? What kind of piece of shit establishment is this? Fuck off and let me be!

(Pube Muppet leaves)

STORE CLERK: Oh wait, I found a bag of potato chips. I left it up my ass!

Ghey Pals[edit]


  • PUBE JASON - Pube Muppet's homosexual brother.
  • PUBE PIGGY - Pube Muppet's lesbian sister that like tampons. Hangs around with her lesbian friend Pube Carla.


  • PUBE BEAKER - Pube Muppet's sex slave.
  • PUBE JAHKEN - Pube Muppet's bitch that can fart fire.
  • PUBE PUPPY - Pube Muppet's pubic little pet. Likes to eat poop.


  • PUBE CARLA - Pube Piggy's lesbian friend. Sometimes she and Pube Piggy argue over which woman is hot and would like to have hot pubic lesbian sex with, like Madonna.
  • PUBE NERD - Pube Muppet's gay friend that likes to jack off to goatse porn. His name was originally Pube Hugo from his first appearance until they change his name.


  • PUBE COOKIE MONSTER - Pube Muppet's pimp and drug dealer.
  • PUBE FOZZY - The gay comedian.
  • PUBE SWEDISH CHEF - The world famous Pube Swedish Chef who can cook tasty meals like penis spaghetti and a shit sandwich.
  • ROBO PUBE - Pube Muppet's giant robotic dildo that can talk.

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