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A Public Apology is usually attempted when a celebrity or public figure has seriously fucked-up in the face of the public, usually through the use of free speech on such mediums like Twatter or in actions and then try to half heartedly attempt to spin the current Libtard rage being aimed at them into something minor.

Unfortunately, most public figures or celebrities are bad at apologies, or better yet, the public is unwilling to accept them because they feel that what was said somehow affected their liberal sensibilities.

What Makes a Good Apology[edit]

Sincerity, but with the cynical nature of public opinion the liberal media will only see someone as making excuses when they say they baked Jew people cookies because they went on a blender the night before and because of a lack of sleep, they thought it was funny.

As Obama has taught us, the best apologies are the ones that are never made. By this, we mean you are in such a position that you can bully the media into letting your transgressions drop. Such examples can be seen when Obama compared his poor bowling to the special Olympics and then apologized by saying it was "retarded" of him to do.

As earlier said, the best apologies admit no wrong doing or take no responsibility for the pain caused to the emotionally injured groups.

As Obama has taught, it is best to do nothing and let your sycophants redirect the public ire in directions that are more self-serving. In other words, the best apology is no apology at all.

The Internet[edit]

The Japanese are so advanced, they don't need to to go to the ocean - it comes to them


—Gilbert Gottfried tweet on the 2011 Japanese Tsunami



—is never a good apology

As anyone who has ever used twatter or read the news they know it is a treasure trove of personal idiocy because so many people believe that it should follow "Locker Room Rules" where what was said 3 years ago should have no relevance or serve as an example to their personality, politics and racial tolerance. They feel that because they made a "Nigger Stole my bike" joke years ago and are up for a job or under public scrutiny it should stay private because the internet isn't serious business despite the majority of the internet's opinion being that "If you wouldn't say it in public, you shouldn't say it on a public media that is archived."

The internet is well known as a murder device because if something might have been said on an obscure talk show at 3 am, someone will be offended by it and post it hoping that it trends.

Undereducated and unable to digest the more complicated dealings in the world, the only politics most people care about are the slanted and biased opinions that the media assigns to these past or current transgressions. Obama compares himself to Special Olympics says there are 58 states and it is minor because the media buries it. Our great and mighty overlord shakes his hands and it means he hates autistics.

By making news, such as Kevin Hart's anti-gay tweets, it almost ensures the celebrity's destruction.

In holding people accountable for their old views — even ones they realized were wrong and apologized for — we are setting standards that nobody can meet. We cannot expect to make progress if we do not allow people the chance to grow with us.


Kevin Hart using the avoidance technique

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